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The Highest Value: Commitment To People

by Roy Posner

Perhaps the highest value of all is a company's commitment to its people. It can be at the level of fair compensation and job recognition all the way to the concern for the well-being and growth of its people.

At the most basic level we can compensate our employees with better pay, or otherwise "share the wealth." You could review wage and salary scales and insure that the compensation for every position is not only fair, but perceived as fair. You could also link compensation directly with performance for every job.

At the next level we can insure that the staffers are well trained, and have the skills and knowledge to perfectly carry out their jobs. How much or how often should you train your people? As much and as often as possible, and keep on training them. There is no more powerful way to energize your people and your company for nonstop growth.

The fundamental principle of education is that it is possible to teach the next generation in a few years the essence of what the entire society or world has learned about a subject over many centuries. The fundamental principle of formal training is that it is possible to teach any capable person in a relatively short period of time the knowledge and skills for a job which others have acquired through long years of work experience.

Make the effort then to develop the physical and technical skills of your people through formal training programs.

Social Recognition
The individual is more than just an animated and intelligent machine functioning independent of others. Each person has a social personality that responds to attention and recognition from others. Companies that recognize the social needs of their people and create opportunities for their fulfillment of those needs release powerful energies in their people. The simplest way to tap these energies is to create standards by which people can evaluate their own performance. Then give people the recognition they deserve for achievement of these levels.

Specifically establish formal and informal programs to give social recognition to high performers in every department, not just in sales. Every day make it a pint to go out and find someone doing something right and recognize it.

Career Paths
At the next level the company can create opportunities for continuous promotion and career development. Develop clear paths for career development in the company and put in place an effective appraisal system to evaluate people's performance and help them acquire higher level abilities.

An even greater way to show commitment to people is to simply give them maximum attention. If you look closely at companies that continue to perform at high levels year after year, you will find that these are companies that knowingly or unknowingly believe in the power of attention and encourage their managers to shower it on their people for their growth and the growth of the company. Certainly managers can learn these skills if they don't have these in full. Also, it should be pointed out that there is also a subtle and important distinction that should be made between taking interest in employees for the sake of accomplishing work and taking interest in them for their own sake as individuals.

Personal Growth
Perhaps the greatest way to commit to your people is to care about the personal growth of your people. This is an emotional concern for your people that is at the level of a parent's concern for the well-being of a child. If a company shows in specific ways how it is concerned for the personal growth of its people, success for the company can be infinite.
(You can also refer your people to the personal growth area of this site which has many fresh, innovative ideas on personal growth.)

-Does your company show a real commitment to people? 

-If you are not sure, ask around; do a survey to find out.  Use the areas above as a general guideline.

-Which of the above areas should you focus on to show more commitment to people?


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