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Here we present the detailed explanation of our Theory of Creation in terms of the Involution.


There are two movements in the process of  creation: that of involution of consciousness from an omnipresent Reality* to a universe of forms, and an evolution from matter in creation forward.

The process by which the Energy of creation emerged from a timeless, spaceless, ineffable, immutable Reality, is the Involution. In that process the Reality extended itself to Being/Existence (Sat), Consciousness (that generated a Force) - Chit; and Delight (Ananda)-- self enjoyment in existing and being conscious. Through the action of a fourth dimension, Supermind (i.e. Truth Consciousness), the Force (Chit) of Sat-Chit-Ananda was divided into Knowledge and Will, eventually formulating as an invisible Energy that would become the source of creation. Through its own willful self-absorption of consciousness, the universe would begin as Inconscient material existence.

(*The Reality is also referred to as Brahman in the East and The Absolute in the West.)




Why Creation?
What then was the purpose of creation? Why did a universe of forms emerge from a Divine Source? It was for the purpose of Delight.


Purpose of Creation is Delight
The Reality sought to extend its Delight of Being to objects. That is the reason for creation.
The Absolute created the universe for the purpose of Delight. That delight occurs in the created universe when humans discover that which they did not know, their higher nature, including the spirit, which is the Divine. At that moment humans fulfill the purpose for which the Absolute emanated and created the universe, the cosmos in the first place.

-The Absolute hides its aspect in the creation so that the universe, humanity will discover it. Discovery of that which is hidden creates the greatest delight. In our evolution we discover that which was fully hidden, which we did not formerly know, creating the greatest intensity of experience and realization of Delight. 

-Delight of Being (i.e. the Spirit) moving to Delight of Becoming (i.e. in time, in life) is the root reason of creation. (Paraphrase of Sri Aurobindo)

The universe was created because of the urge of the Absolute to become myriad variations of Itself; to create the greatest multiplicity and diversity of its divine attributes in the forms of creation so that the greatest delight can be known by the forms of creation.


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Sub Processes of Self-Conception, Self-Limitation, and Self-Absorption
There are three essential processes that enabled the universe to emerge from a Divine source; self-conception, self-limitation, and self-absorption.

-The process of self-conception means that the Absolute had a concept of what it wished to create, in essence, a "plan."

-The process of self-limitation means that the Absolute intended to limit itself in terms of consciousness in creation to create distinct forms.

-The process of self-absorption is the way that the Absolute hid its consciousness, causing the forms of force in the universe to emerge as inconscient matter, and later ignorant, divided beings.


Self-Absorption and Delight
-Why would the reality mask its consciousness in creation, creating an unconscious universe, including the emergence of divided, ignorant living beings?

-Life began as inconscient matter so that when those forms discovered its higher nature, it would have the Joy of self-discovery.

-For Man it means that when he comes about in the evolution, he will come to experience Delight of Being when he discovers his higher nature, including the Spirit. That will enable him to experience the same Joy as the Infinite consciousness out of which a universe of forms came to be.

-Man thus fulfills the intention of the Reality, Brahman, Absolute.

-The more full and complete the hiding of Himself/Spirit, then the greater the intensity of discovery in the cosmos through man of the Spirit, and thus Delight. [If we were to correlate these processes to the individual human perhaps we could say that the greater I focus myself on my chosen path or direction, the greater the delight in the discovery of success and higher consciousness along the way.]

-To make self-absorption (i.e. the complete hiding of Himself on the road to creation) possible, the Absolute limits its possibilities to act, which is an act of self-limitation, whose conception is an act of self-conception.

-The act of hiding (self-Absorption) requires the processes that enable division and duality that extend as such divisions as subjectivity and objectivity, time and timelessness, Ignorance and Knowledge, etc.



Creation in the Many from the One
In order to begin the process of creating the universe, the Absolute, the Omnipresent Reality, needed/needs to extend itself from its status of the One to a status of the Many in creation. A theory of creation can be viewed as both how the One became the Many, and the nature of the One and the Many. (From that perspective a theory of personal evolution can be said to include how the individuals in the universe learn to see the unity of the One and the Many.)


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The Absolute

-There is an ultimate conception of existence, Brahman, the Absolute. It exists in the Unmanifest and in the Manifest universe.

-Brahman, the Absolute, the Reality was there before a universe of forms existed; before the Manifest emerged from the Unmanifest.

-Brahman in its Unmanifest state developed several aspects to enable a Manifest universe of forms of force. These are Existence, Conscious-Force, and Delight (Sat-chit-ananda)


Emergence of Existence, Consciousness Force, Delight from the Absolute
How then did the Reality through Sat-Chit-Ananda extend itself to manifest a universe of forms?

-(See diagram above) The Absolute began to manifest a universe by dividing itself into three consecutive aspects: (1) Existence (also called Being, which is experienced as Spirit or Truth), (2) Conscious-Force, and (3) Delight. (In the East Existence (i.e. Being) is called "Sat"; Consciousness-Force is "Chit"; and Delight is "Ananda"; i.e. Sat-Chit-Ananda. We can also refer to it as "E,C-F,D.")


Emergence of Existence
-The Absolute's first extension is Existence (E).
 It is pure existence, eternal, infinite, indefinable; not affected by the succession of time, not involved in the extensions of space; beyond form, quantity and quality. It is immutable, inexhaustible and unexpended, not acting though containing all this action, not energy, but pure existence. (It is the Stability behind the infinite energy that pours into space and time.)

-The objective state of this Existence, this Pure Existent, this Being is Truth; and the subjective experience of it by humans is Being, which is Spirit. So we can say that Existence indicates that the Absolute now exists, and that its objective status is Truth and its subjective status is what we know as Being or Spirit.


Emergence of Consciousness-Force
The next stage in the involution is that Existence (the Being/Spirit) extends to become Consciousness-Force. That is, the Existent/Being is conscious of Its own existence, and that Self-consciousness has become a Force. (It is a conscious-force that becomes a will and intention that formulate into an essential energy out of which forms of the original Force will take shape in the evolution -- from matter to animated life to mind and above.)


Emergence of Delight
In the third extension, the Existence/Being as a result of becoming conscious (Consciousness-Force) Delights in that consciousness. That then is the Absolute's third aspect and extension of Delight.


Summary of Triple Extension of Absolute
The Absolute has now extended itself to Existence (Being), Consciousness-Force, and Delight in the involution, on the way to manifesting a universe where it will extend its own Delight to the forms of creation.


How to Create Forms?
But how to create forms, even distinct forms, i.e. a universe, i.e. the Many from the One which is now Existence (Being), Consciousness-Force, and Delight (E,C-F,D)?


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PART 1. The Emergence of Energy which Becomes the Substance of Creation


E,C-F,D (i.e. Sat-Chit-Ananda) Extends to Supermind to Enable the Creation of the Universe
(See diagram above) The Absolute extended itself through its Self-Conception to Existence, Consciousness-Force, Delight (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Now in order to enable the process of form creation there is a further extension to a fourth entity that will enable the development of energy that will be the basis for the distinct forms in the universe. This entity is called "Supermind;" i.e. Truth Consciousness. Supermind will first draw out the distinctiveness of each of E,C-F,D, while retaining their essential unity. It will then enable E,C-F,D -- particularly Consciousness-Force (C-F) -- to become the manifest universe.


Plane of Mind as Deputy of Supermind Divides the Conscious Force Enabling Energy & Distinct Forms
(See diagram above) Supermind (Truth Consciousness) will not create the universe directly. It will need a mechanism that can enable division that creates separate objects. As a result Supermind creates the plane of Mind. The plane of mind as deputy of Supermind begins this process by splitting the Consciousness-Force, enabling the emergence of two new entities, Knowledge and Will. Knowledge then acts on, i.e. provides the Knowledge to the Will, which releases Energy from the Will, which in essence enables the plane of Life from which all forms in creation will emanate. The plane of Mind then withdraws. When that Knowledge is absorbed into Will, and the Knowledge dissipates, the plane of Life dissipates, and there emerges the plane of Matter. (Life in the universe begins when the energy at rest begins to move, and through a process of disaggragation coagulates and fuses into forms of matter.) At the point at which the energy is formulating into forms of matter, the involution is ending and the evolution is beginning


How Supermind Enabled the Universe  [more detailed explanation]
To begin the process of creating the universe, the Absolute, the Original Principle, the Omnipresent Reality has the Real Idea of creation. It's conception is to create a manifest universe for the purpose of extending its own Delight into infinite multiplicity of forms. By creating a manifest universe of infinite variation of forms, infinite discovery is made potential through those forms. When they (i.e. us) discover the spirit in ourselves, in life, we experience the joy of the discovery, the Delight of Being, the very reason the Absolute wished for a universe of forms from out of itself.  Our delight of Being would then matches and even exceeds the delight of the Creator.

To that Goal the Absolute divides or extends itself into three aspects of itself in preparation for the creation -- as Existence, as Consciousness, and as Delight (i.e. Sat-chit-ananda). The Absolute further extends itself to further enable a manifest creation and universe it wishes to bring about. To that end it extends another plane, the plane of Truth Consciousness, or Supermind. Supermind coordinates the rendering of the Absolute, expressed as Real Ideas, into a created universe. Supermind is thus the great ordering mechanism and instrument of creation. It has the supreme Vision and Unity of Understanding of all of all attributes and will of the Supreme from "above" to order the creation in its potential of multiplicity as a universe "below." Supermind is both a Knowledge and a Power. It has the Knowledge of the Real Ideas and the intent of the Absolute to render a universe, and it has the Power to carry it out.

To that end Supermind creates the planes of (Cosmic) Mind to begin the process of objectifying the spirit of the Absolute into a manifestation, a universe. Creation must express the Timeless in the plane of Time in order to exist; i.e. to objectify itself, which requires division. To that end Supermind created the plane of (Cosmic) Mind to divide the Consciousness-Force. When the Consciousness-Force is split by Mind, as agent of Supermind, Knowledge and Will are created. When the Knowledge is exhausted in the Will, the plane of Life emerges, initially as Energy at rest. When energy moves, then the energy coagulates and then forms distinct elements of matter. The distinct forms are thus the divisions required if there is to be objectification out of the Absolute.  This is what Supermind has enabled. Up to the point where energy is about to move is, in essence, the Involution.

When the energy moves, the Evolution begins as this energy coagulates into the forms of creation -- beginning initially as matter (which then evolves as animus of life and mind in the universe). All forms in the universe are forms of energy. This energy is in essence the Force of Consciousness-Force, separated from its Knowledge & Consciousness.

Supermind is then the ordering extension of the Absolute that enabled the Force to be divided from the Consciousness-Force to form energy which moved and coagulated into forms. 


PART 2. Supermind Creates Forms from Real Ideas that It Comprehends and Apprehends

In addition to enabling the Energy (out of Conscious Force), which becomes the substance of creation, there is also a process by which Supermind creates distinct forms and forces in a particular way. It is done through the rendering of Its own Real Ideas in Space and Time through the creation of subject, object, method of eight essential determining aspects.

What are cosmic determinants? There is an ultimate intention of the Absolute in its movement towards creation. This intention are the ultimate Determinants of existence in the cosmos. These determinants derive from sat-Chit-Ananda, i.e. from Existence (E), Conscious-Force (C), Delight (D).

There are eight determinants. Three come from Existence (i.e. Sat; E of E-CF-D) -- (1) Impersonal Spirit, (2) Witness Spirit, and (3) Creator. Two come from Consciousness Force (i.e. Chit, CF of E-CF-D) -- (4) Knowledge and (5) Will. Three come from Delight (i.e. Ananda; D of E-CF-D) -- (6) Beauty, (7) Love, and (8) Delight/Joy from Delight. All existence in creation reflects one or more of these eight. Supermind is the power that enabled the deployment of these eight into creation.

All existence in the universe reflects various combinations of any of these eight in the form of subject, object, method of the action. E.g. the expression in the universe of the determinant Love (which comes from Ananda/Delight) takes the form of Lover (the subject), Loved/the Beloved (the object), Loving (the action that the subject is relating to the object).

Now we will discuss how the Real Ideas, expressing through the cosmic determinants are rendered into real forces and powers in the universe through the action of the plane of Supermind.

Comprehending and Apprehending Supermind
-If Supermind is able to divide to create forms out of its Being, what is its mechanism of doing so? Supermind renders the Conscious-Force into forms of force of creation through two powers; its comprehending and its apprehending power.

Comprehending Supermind

-Comprehending Supermind enables differentiation in potential of each of the eight cosmic determinants (witness, love, knowledge, etc.) into three aspect -- of subject (that which is viewing), object (the object of what which is being viewed), and experience (the viewing itself). E.g. the determinant of "love" formulates into the subject who is doing the loving (the lover), the object of that love (the beloved), which occurs through the experience and act of loving. Again, this differentiation is established (through Real-Ideas) as potential only.

Analogy: When I am thinking, I am the subject, thinking about an object through a method. Thus the process is Subject (me doing the thinking), Object (what I am thinking about; in this case how to explain Creation), and Method (thinking). Supermind rendered each of the essential eight cosmic determinants into Subject, Object, and Method. e.g. Lover, Beloved, Loving.

Without this triplet movement, there would be nothing to life. It would be a static zero. It is the rendering of the undifferentiated into the differentiated object to the subject through a method that life has any substance. Imagine if I could not think because I had nothing to think about, or something to think about without something thinking about it, etc. supermind renders the undifferentiated into the triune power of object, subject, method. without it nothing would happen in life.

Apprehending Supermind

-While Comprehending Supermind imagines the Real Ideas via the cosmic determinants rendered in their triplicity in creation, Apprehending Supermind moves it to manifestation; i.e. make the imagined real.

Supermind then establishes distinct individual centres of consciousness for each of the eight determinants (witness, love, knowledge, delight, beauty, etc.), and draws out the three aspect of subject, object, experience in creation for each in space and time.

Comprehending Supermind is analogous to a person imagining all of the things he can be (e.g. husband, father, businessperson, etc.), whereas Apprehending Supermind is analogous to actually becoming them.

Rendering Real Ideas and Cosmic Determinants in the Creation Process

Let's go back and consider how Supermind the Creator relates to the Real Ideas and the Cosmic Determents in the creation process.

Supermind is Truth Consciousness. It knows the integral truth of all contained in Satchitananda.  Supermind has contained in it Real Ideas, which is in essence the Truth Knowledge; which is also the intended ways that the Divine wishes to deploy the energy of the Conscious Force into living realities in the universe. Those Real Ideas are the determinants, the "cosmic genetic code" source knowledge and intention of the Creator. It is the various way that the Divine wishes to create a universe out of the Conscious Force. Real Ideas are infinite, but we can recognize eight aspects and general determinants in creation that all existence manifests out of and are indicators of -- self, witness, creator, love, knowledge, delight, beauty, and others.

There thus will be eight essential aspects of creation -- the cosmic determinants -- which life will consist of through their triune form. Everything in life will be a rendering of these essential Real Idea.

In a practical way we can say that the eight determinants will actually form into ~12 spiritual aspects, which include Oneness, Peace, Knowledge, Power, Love, Beauty, Delight, Infinity and Eternity. Everything in life are these in potential, including us.

Our Evolution and Our Making Real Ideas Real in Creation -- All forms and forces in the universe are manifestations of Real Ideas of Supermind through the cosmic determinant/spiritual aspects deployed in space and time through the differentiation of subject-object-method. All forms of force and energy in the universe will have behind it these powers, even if they are involved and hidden. The coming to the surface is the intention of creation, meaning that we become the method by which the Real Ideas, the cosmic determinants/spiritual aspects become real in creation. It is our spiritual destiny to bring these involved, hidden aspects in our being to the surface so they can manifest in their fullness. It is the method of our spiritual and supramental evolution and transformation.

Essay: How the One Became the Many; and Space and Time Emerged

From time immemorial, individuals have asked themselves how this world came to be, and what was the process that enabled it to happen. Here is one perspective:

To begin with, there was/is an infinite, divine Source of all things; a timeless, spaceless, immutable, ineffable Being. We can think of it as the "One," since there were not yet distinct forces and forms in a manifest universe. I.e. there was not yet a “Many.” Due to some inner compulsion, the One extended Itself to become the Many, which is in essence the distinct, unique forces and forms that will become the basis of Creation.

How then did the Many emerge from the One; i.e. the Creation from the Creator?

In the Source/Infinite consciousness are Real Ideas, which are possibilities It seeks to render as living realities; i.e. cosmic determinants that the Spirit seeks to make real in creation. Among them are spiritual aspects or qualities, including Oneness, Knowledge, Creativity, Beauty, Love, and Delight. There are also variations, combination, and subsets of these that the Divine seeks in its extension from the One to then Many.

Then how were/are the Real Ideas made real in the cosmos as unique forces and forms?

The Truth Consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo calls "Supermind" rendered through its own Comprehending capacity images of those Real Ideas. Or to put it another way, Comprehending Supermind imagined and envisioned distinct forces and forms that would embody these cosmic ideas and determinants.

At this point however, these imaginations have not been rendered real; as they are only a conception of separate formations. (We can compare this to the writer who has established characters, values and meaning, and plot in his mind, but has not yet committed them to paper.) However, through Supermind’s Apprehending capacity these envisioned formations are rendered real as distinct entries in an emerging cosmos. I.e. Oneness, Knowledge, Creativity, Beauty, Love, Delight, et al become distinct forces and forms at the unseen universal plane.

How then did these imagined forms become real?

To become separate, distinct objects, Apprehending Supermind divided each of the previously envisioned attributes of Knowledge, Oneness, Creativity, Love, Delight, etc. and their infinite variations into triplicities in the form of subject - subject/object experience - object. E.g. the distinct possibility of the spiritual aspect of "Knowledge" is rendered into Knower – Knowing – Known. E.g., as a knowing being one knows that which is known. (Or to put it in words of our own experience. I as knower am knowing what is known.) Similarly, there is the triplicity of the lover (the subject) loving (experience) the beloved (object). And so forth for the myriad of cosmic determinates/spiritual qualities of the Infinite Divine. In essence, the One reality has now divided itself in various ways so that each subject can experience itself as object, thereby becoming the Many.

It should be noted that at this point there is no physical universe. Before that can come about, there needs to be a foundation for it's occurrence; which is in essence what we know of as space and time. Though the Infinite Source is beyond space and time -- it is spaceless and timeless -- a potential universe requires these as underpinning. How does that happen?  

When the triplicities of the cosmic determinates are established through Supermind's comprehending action, which is, in essence, how the spiritual aspects/determinants are made real as distinct forces and forms, space and time are created.

But why does this happen? To answer that we need to know more about the nature of space and time.

Sri Aurobindo and Sri Karmayogi tell us that space is created at the point where a form is able, from its own unique vantage point, to perceive other forces and forms. Space then is perceived as a sense of extension from one form's perspective to another's.

Then there is time, which can be thought of as an outgrowth of space. Time is created at the point where a form perceives one form, then another one, etc. in sequence, which generates the sense of movement in extension. The perception of movement in the extension of space is what we call time.

With the triplicities of subject – functioning – object occurring though the comprehending action of the Truth Consciousness, distinct forces and forms take shape. Though these are initially at the idea of force, power and knowledge, they eventually begin to take on properties of substance through the creation and dispersion of an essential Energy. As forms take on properties of substance, they more readily perceive other forms, creating the sense of extension which is space, as well as the sense of movement within the extension, which is time.

In essence, this is the process by which the One extends Itself and is rendered into the Many. The process begins with the rendering of Real Ideas/Cosmic Determinants of the Source Being into forces and forms as triplicities of subject, experience, object, through the comprehending and apprehending action of Truth Consciousness. This becomes the basis of space and time, as well as the further involution of the cosmos that will culminate in the material-based universe that we live in.

Supermind as Creator, and Instrument of Sat

In the end we can say that through these processes Supermind -- through its Comprehending and then its Apprehending capacities is The Creator; the creator of all things in the universe.

(The source of that creation is the Intent of the Divine Being of Sat (of SatChitAnanda). Supermind is carrying out the Intent of Sat (Existence).

All of the planes that emerge from energy -- i.e. matter, animated life forms, and the mentality they possess originate in the process by which Real Ideas are rendered as cosmic determinants/spiritual aspects in their triplicity of subject, object, method in space and time through the organizational power of supermind.

-The table below sums up this process.

Supermind Renders Real Ideas, Determinants
Powers of Forms
in Creation

Comprehending Supermind
(envisioning various forms)
-Envisions Eight Cosmic Determinants
whose roots are in Sat-Chit-Ananda
(creation, knowledge, love, creativity, etc.)


Apprehending Supermind
(rendering forms)

-Renders Eight Cosmic Determinants
whose roots are in Sat-Chit-Ananda
(creation, knowledge, love, creativity, etc.)
-Each are rendered as Subject - Method - Object
(e.g. Knower Knows Knowledge)

Supermind Renders Possibilities While Maintaining Its Essential Unity
-Imagine an individual who perceive all of the things he can become in life -- e.g. lover, father, husband, worker, worker, etc. Then he becomes those things by making real the objects of his vision and intent. He is still a person overall with an individuality, but he is also each of the others things. Likewise Supermind has a vision of the essential things it wishes to render in creation (via its Real Ideas), yet they are each unified into a Oneness. At this point, everything is unique and yet One with one another. (In life, i.e. non supramental consciousness, things are unique, but are not One with one another, hence the cause of seperative divided, pain-filled nature.)

-In the plane of Supermind all things imagined and created are in a state of essential unity. I.e. each item imagined and created is one with all other items. It has that essential power of diversity held together in an essential unity. Life for us in the universe is nearly the opposite. We are not in unity with others. The various part of our nature -- physical, vital, and mental -- are not in unity with one another. Our knowledge is limited and separated from other knowledge, and therefore truth, causing us to live in an essential Ignorance. If we rise in consciousness to Supermind, we will experience that unity in our being and with life.


The Involution is Not One Time, but Continuous
The Involution -- i.e. the Process of Creation -- is not a one time thing, but is continually occurring.


Process of Creation Similar to How We Create in Life
The process by which the universe emerged from Conscious Force through the action of Supermind is similar or analogous to the process by which all things are created in life, including how we as individuals create in life.


See Article on the Process of Creation of the Individual


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The One and the Many
The Absolute as a result of creation is now both the One and the Many. Brahman (which is another name for the Absolute) is now both the One and the Many. It is E,C-F,D (Sat-Chit-Ananda) and the manifest universe. [They are also more than this since they are integrally related and One. In our minds we can comprehend the One or the Many, but not their integral relatedness and oneness. For us to perceive this we have to rise in consciousness above mind to see their Integral Wholeness and Relatedness.]


Oneness Lost in Mind Regained in our Evolution
It should be noted that in Supermind it has the complete Knowledge of the perfect unity and Oneness of E,C-F,D (Sat-Chit-Ananda), even as it creates the plane of Mind in which this Oneness of being is broken down and lost in the objects of matter which it will enable; i.e. the knowledge of Oneness is lost. But as we humans emerge and evolve in creation, and discover our higher nature and spirit in our lives, we recover the lost Oneness, and in this discovery we have the Delight of being for which the Absolute extended itself to a created universe.

When individuals rise in the evolution to have the supra-mental, i.e. above mind unitarian consciousness we see the perfect relationship between the One and the Many. Currently humans live at the lower planes of Matter in our bodies, Life/Vital, and Mind where we do not perceive the Spirit. We do not perceive the relationship between our existence in matter and the One from which all came. When we rise to the Supramental consciousness we perceive the unity of the One and the Many. In all life activities we perceive the relationship between each particular and the whole, between the objects in the universe and the spirit, between our actions and the Divine Will.)



The Absolute is Greater than the One and the Many
The whole is the indivisible One (Self-Conscious Being), the parts are the Many. Both are partial truths. The Absolute is the infinite potential which is greater than either the whole or the parts but contains and exceeds both, since it also includes that which is beyond manifestation. (MSS)
[They are also more than this since they are integrally related and One. In our minds we can comprehend the One or the Many, but not their integral relatedness and oneness. For us to perceive this we have to rise in consciousness above mind to see their Integral Wholeness and Relatedness.]

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In the process of creation, as a result of the Absolute following a process of self-conception, self-limitation, and self-absorption, the Existence (of E, C-F-D) above inverts to Non-Existence in creation, and then will evolve back in the evolution through the dualities of life and death on its way back to Existence; Consciousness above inverts into Inconscience in the creation, which will evolve back in the evolution through the dualities of Truth and Falsehood, and Knowledge and Error until it reaches Consciousness; and Delight above inverts into Insensibility in the creation and journeys back in the evolution through Pleasure and Pain back to Delight. These dualities will be the basis for (and the opportunities and methods out of) the Problems of life.


Greater Contradictions Between Above and Below Existence (Being) Consciousness-Force Delight
How Greater Reflect as Lesser Contradictions in the Below Life and Death Truth and Falsehood
(and knowledge & error)
Pleasure and Pain
The resolutions of the greater contradictions between the Above and the Below, as well as the lesser contradictions in the Below that reflect the greater contradictions occur through the workings of Nature, or better, faster through our invocation of Spirit in life.

Why would the Absolute create such Problems? To enable the greatest Delight in the future created universe the Absolute followed a process of self-absorption to negate all of its Divine attributes, so that we in creation could have the greatest intensity in their rediscovery. Also, through the dualities that emerge there can be the greatest quantity and quality of forms that can be vehicles for the discovery of the Delight.




Energy Emerges from Splitting of Consciousness, and the Emergence of Matter from Energy
As a result of the splitting of the Consciousness-Force, Energy is created in the involution. As that Energy gathers, moves, and formulates matter emerges. (The splitting of the Consciousness-Force created Knowledge and Will. The Knowledge acting on the Will releases the plane of Life and Energy. When Knowledge is completely absorbed and evaporated into the Will, the Energy dissipates and turns into Matter. Matter has no Knowledge or Consciousness and is thus Inconscient.)


Origins of Energy is Energy at Rest 1
he origin of the energy is energy at rest, energy held in silent, motionless potential. The origin of all energy is Being


Origins of Energy is Energy at Rest 2
The Absolute manifests as Being
/Existence, which at this stage has not yet become Consciousness-Force. Therefore all energy is held in potential. When Being/Existence expresses itself as Consciousness-Force, through the power of Supermind it manifests as energy and forms. Therefore, the foundation, basis and origin of all energy is energy at rest held in potential. (MSS)


Consciousness Leads to Subjectivity and Objectivity; Force to Energy and Form
Being [Existence] manifests itself as the universe through an act of Self-conception which is at once Consciousness (knowledge) and Force (will). The consciousness gives rise to subjectivity and objectivity. The Force gives rise to all energy and form, including material energy and form. All forms (physical, vital, mental and supramental) are nothing but formations of force. (MSS)


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