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Life Manifests, Expresses the Source Determinants of Existence, Conscious-Force, Delight.

There is an ultimate intention of the Absolute in its movement towards creation. This intention are the ultimate Determinants of existence in the cosmos. The deployment of these intensions of the Absolute that are the determinants of all existence derive from Existence (E), Conscious-Force (C), Delight (D) in the universe (through the power of Supermind (Truth Consciousness))

There are eight determinants. Three come from Existence (i.e. Sat; E of E-CF-D) -- (1) Impersonal Spirit, (2) Witness Spirit, and (3) Creator. Two come from Consciousness Force (i.e. Chit, CF of E-CF-D) -- (4) Knowledge and (5) Will. Three come from Delight (i.e. Ananda; D of E-CF-D) -- (6) Beauty, (7) Love, and (8) Delight/Joy from Delight. All existence in creation reflects one or more of these eight. Supermind is the power that enabled the deployment of these eight into creation.

All existence in the universe then reflects various combinations of any of these eight in the form of subject, object, nature of the action. E.g. the expression in the universe of the determinant Love takes the form of Lover (the subject), Loved/the Beloved (the object), Loving (the action that the subject is relating to the object.).




Source of Ignorance

Ignorance Born of Creation
Ignorance has its root in the very process of the creation of the universe. When Supermind began the process of dividing the Spirit through the division of the Force to create distinct forms and entities, Ignorance took root.

In Satchitananda there is an identity between each of the three parts (Sat-Chit-Ananda; Existence, Conscious Force, Delight) with the One (Satchitananda), and the One is identified with each of the three parts. In the evolution the identity and unity is lost; and separateness and Ignorance is complete. (Ignorance is a result of a movement away from the unity of Satchitananda, which engenders separateness.

Ignorance Expressed through Dividing Mechanism of Mind
When we as separative objects ourselves view the world we do so through the dividing mechanism of Mind, which sees the world partially and through Ignorance. Ignorance is rooted in the exclusivity and particularizing nature of mind. It is a concentration of consciousness, of Conscious Force that is absorbed in a part knowledge or action, excluding the rest from its awareness. A wall of exclusion is created, limiting itself to a single field, domain, or habituation of movement.

Also, the Ignorance, created by the exclusivity, is reinforced by the ego. When we live on the surface of life, it engenders separateness, hence ego, which reinforces the exclusivity that is the basis of Ignorance.

Mind emerged from matter, which itself carries the seeds of Ignorance in its divided nature which it inherited from the creation of distinct forms by the conscious action of Supermind. Ignorance comes when mind is separated from its spiritual and supramental basis. Mind forgets the supramental source from which it came; and loses its knowledge by identity.

At that point the wholeness between spirit and matter was lost, which are the seeds of our Ignorance. What is also interesting is that Supermind actually sanctioned this Ignorance because it knew the necessity of division to enable the atomic disaggragation of matter that makes up the universe.

Ignorance and Mind
Ignorance in terms of Mind
Mind is a product of Supermind. In Supermind all is whole is consciousness. There is Integral Knowledge. Mind which came from Supermind as a dividing mechanism has lost its association with the wholeness that Supermind its parent has, which is the source of its Ignorance. This Ignorance reaches its apex when the individual human lives mostly from his surface mind, instead of the higher and deeper mental consciousness which views the world more in its wholeness.

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Ways Ignorance Manifests in Our Being

Ways Ignorance Manifests in Us
There are various ways that the Ignorance manifests in us. The big one is the way we view the Absolute itself. The mind cannot see that the Creator (i.e. that which is outside creation) and the Creation are both part of the Absolute. Another way we see the Ignorance is to see things as positive and negative. There is no negative, only positive. We fail to see that the negatives are actually positives in disguise. (Just as we fail to see that the universe is part of the Absolute, God, Brahman. In fact, to know the negative as positive is to know the Absolute.)

The Ignorance came about through the process of Self-absorption in Creation. In creation the spirit and consciousness is absorbed. The divisions and dualities are created to enable the emergence of distinct objects in creation. Again mind is a product of that absorption of the wholeness and truth, which sees partially and separately, which is how the Ignorance is experienced by us.

Seven Forms of Ignorance Replaced by Seven Forms of Knowledge
Actually there are many forms that the Ignorance take. There are seven distinct forms. There are in fact seven levels of Self-absorption in the involution which create these seven Ignorances. The seven Ignorances which he describes are: Practical Ignorance, Constitutional Ignorance, Psychological Ignorance, Temporal Ignorance, Egoistic Ignorance, Cosmic Ignorance and Original Ignorance. He explains each in considerable detail.

We will never get out of our Practical Ignorance until the Original Ignorance born of the involution dissolves. This means that the human individual has to rise not only to his highest individual consciousness, but must also embrace his highest universal and transcendent consciousness to overcome these varying levels of Ignorance.

Each of the Seven Ignorances must be replaced with a corresponding Knowledge; The original Ignorance with the original truth; the cosmic ignorance with the cosmic truth; the egoistic ignorance with the truth of oneness; the temporal ignorance replaced with the truth of timelessness of the inner being; the psychological ignorance with the truth of the depths within; the constitutional ignorance with the constitutional truth; and the practical ignorance with the truth of development.

Here is a list of the Seven Ignorances to be replaced by the Seven Knowledges:


The 7-Fold Ignorance 

Replaced with 7-Fold Knowledge


The original Ignorance
We are ignorant of the truth of the Absolute, which is the source of the spiritual being and the becoming of the universe we live in

The original Truth; which is the knowledge of the Absolute of all things, which is the source of the spiritual being and the becoming of the universe we live in.


The cosmic ignorance
We are ignorant of the true spirit, the Being; the immutable Self; and how to enable the Being to enter into the Becoming of life.

The cosmic truth; which is (1) the knowledge of the spaceless, timeless, immutable Self, the Being and (2) and how to enable the Being to enter into the Becoming of life, rather than just the knowledge of our becoming without Being in space and time.


The egoistic ignorance
We are ignorant of the fact that we are on with the universe, that we are a universal Self. Instead we experience our separate, egoistic self.

The truth of oneness; which is the knowledge of our universal self, the cosmic existence and consciousness, the world as one with us in consciousness of our true self, canceling our division from it by the separative idea and physical, vital, and mental life of ego. 


The temporal ignorance
We are ignorant of the fact that our psychic being, our personal evolving soul is immortal that exists beyond death and earthly existence.

The truth of timelessness of inner being; which is the knowledge of our psychic entity and immortal persistence in Time beyond death and earth-existence, rather than our perception of our little life bound up in time and space.


The psychological ignorance
We are ignorant of the planes of our greater and inner existence, including the superconscient, subconscient, intraconscient, and circumconscient

The truth of the depths; which is the knowledge of our greater and inner existence behind the surface, of that which is superconscient, subconscient, intraconscient, and circumconscient of our surface becoming.


The constitutional ignorance
We are ignorant of the physical, vital, and mental parts in relation to their corresponding inner parts, and their relation to spiritual mind and supermind above the mind.

The constitutional truth; which is the knowledge of our mind, life, and body in its true relation to the self within, and the superconscient spiritual and supramental being above them. 


The practical ignorance
We are ignorant of how we can consciously use our thought, will, an action as expression of the Divine spiritual reality to develop ourselves and act in life

The truth of development; which is the knowledge of the true harmony and true use of our thought, will, and action into a conscious expression of the Divine spiritual reality, rather than our ignorance of our thoughts, will, sensations, actions, and wrong responses in life.


Ignorance as Power of Evolution

Ignorance as Great Power
Ignorance is a power of the Infinite; that it is the greatest power of consciousness! That through the error, foolishness, falsehood, etc. of living in the Ignorance we make the most progress from our lower nature to our higher nature. This is a confounding, yet originally profound notion equal to others such as all negatives are positives, or that the universe is also Brahman/God.

The Supreme Sanction of the Ignorance
-The reason for creation was so the forms -- including us -- could experience the same bliss, the Delight that the Supreme already had. It may even be a greater Delight.
-In order to create the greatest possibility of that bliss, the greatest variety and multiplicity of those forms and qualities needed to be created.

-Greater variety and multiplicity includes everything and its opposite. Night and day, time and timelessness, ignorance and knowledge, good and evil, etc. etc.

-Now infinite variations can experience the bliss in infinite variety.

-Though the Supreme intended a Divine life on earth without contradictions, including the experience of spiritual qualities like Delight, Love, Beauty, Truth, et al , which are generally qualities without their opposite, It sanctioned all the aspects that we consider the negative side, as necessary steps on the way to the Divine Perfection.

-In several chapters in The Life Divine Sri Aurobindo describes the necessity of the Ignorance as a way to the Knowledge. Thus, Ignorance is sanctioned by the Supreme as something to be passed through along the way. He also speaks of the Supreme's sanction of Nature (Prakriti; of contradiction and conflict in life's evolution) in the course of Man's existence, even though it is a lesser power than the method of Purusha, i.e. progress by Soul. 

-Interestingly Sri Aurobindo says that when we reach the highest consciousness, we see that there is no division, no pain, no contradictions -- even perhaps, I might assume, at this point in the creation! This is the vision of Brahman that sees the Oneness of the Creator and the Creation. And yet at the lower plane of ego sees life not in its inherent perfection that someone who has risen to Supermind can see.

-This seems to be a conundrum in of itself for how can everything be perfect and not be so at the same time (as perceived by two different planes - Supermind and ego). My answer is that the more we move to the Supreme consciousness, to the Supramental, Truth Awareness, the more such conundrums are resolved through a higher understanding and cosmic perception.

Every philosopher must address the issue of evil. Ignorance reaches its logical conclusion of evil when the simple contrary party or notion of the Ignorance turns perversely into evil. The simple contrary by a perverse joy turns into complex perversion. Therefore evil in that sense does not really exist as an inherent entity, but is simply a perversion of one's Ignorance.

Overcoming Ignorance in Our Nature

The Way Out of Ignorance
Let's discuss the details of how we enable the evolution, turn Ignorance to Knowledge, including the Seven Ignorances into the seven Knowledges, enabling us to discover our true nature, including our the unity of triune Individual, Universal, and Transcendent nature.

Here's how we do this: The first step is to move beyond the sense-based mind and its preoccupation with material existence experienced through the senses, which is the cause of our Ignorance. To move beyond the focus on the desires of the body and the vital. We break out of ego, separateness, open to the cosmic forces, consciousness, and open finally to the transcendent Absolute.

In this process we also break out of lower mind into the higher spiritual domains of mind. We enable a greater power and light, the revelatory, the inspirational, the intuitive. On these mental heights we would receive the something of the direct power of the Spirit, something even of the Supermind as a first expression. After this our evolution could rise by a sublimer ascent and get beyond the mental into the supramental and the supreme spiritual nature.

As a result: "The true individual, the spiritual being, emerges, individual yet universal, universal yet self-transcendent; life no longer appears as a formation of things and an action of being created by the separative Ignorance."

The Movement Within that Overcomes Ignorance

Let's discuss this movement within in a little more detail.

Sri Aurobindo describes the way we can dissociate from the outer sense mind so that we can begin to know the truer nature of things around us at any point in time; so that we see things more in their wholeness instead of the part we falsely believe is that whole. It is a step out of the Ignorance. It enables us to see the truer things that are emerging in the atmosphere around us at any time. It enables us to be more one with the environment and others around us in our daily existence. Thus we are more able to perceive more of the parts of the whole of any object of inquiry, as we are also better able to see the parts in their essential relationship to the whole of the thing.

Further still, beyond moving from away from the surface where our minds our overwhelmingly impacted by the input of the five senses, preventing us from seeing the true truth of things, and keeping us at the level of our separateness from things, in our separate ego-sense, we can go down to the very depths of our being within where we can discover our subliminal mental nature and its positive subtle mental perceptions of life streaming up in our waking consciousness. Further still we can discover our ultimate springboard of consciousness, our evolving souls within. As a result of our connection to this Inner Being, we can move toward our evolutionary nature. From there we can further seal off the Ignorance in Mind, and the perceptions of division and duality, of suffering and pain, of negative and positive of the surface consciousness.

In the evolving soul we discover the Spirit within, the True Self and Guide within, and we begin to open to the transcendent spiritual powers of the Divine in life. We experience the purpose of things around us. We shed the ego sense that separates ourselves form others and the environment. We see the complementary nature of contradictory opposites. We see the higher harmonies and unities emerging.

As a result of going within to the depths of our evolving soul, we eventually see the essential Ignorance melt away, and the Knowledge take its place. We begin to overcome our perceptions of the dualities and divisions of life. We begin to see all in its oneness and its complementary nature. We even have the perception of the oneness of Brahman; that the Creator and the Creation are one, and are dependent on one another.

As a result of overcoming the Ignorance of Mind through the movement to within which also overcomes our ego-sense which is the main support of Ignorance and surface living, we begin to perceive the Spirit in all things.

In various places in the earlier Book I Sri Aurobindo suggests that we have an ultimate destiny in the evolution, and an infinite spiritual potential. Well now that we have broken beyond surface living, ego, and Ignorance by going within to the personal evolving soul where we discover the Being, the Spirit, we can move well on our way toward our ultimate potential and nature for which we were put on this earth.

All of this -- this breaking down of the Ignorance to our True Knowledge through our higher consciousness born of living within to the depths of our personal evolving soul -- he describes in the first part of Book II. If in Book I he describes the involution that enabled creation, the evolution of the planes from mind to animus of life to mind, including their limitations, the divisions and dualities that arose which we perceive as we live in these lower planes, in Part 1 of Book II he suggest that the way out of this conundrum is through the understanding of and the overcoming of our essential Ignorance in Mind.

As we move within to the depths of our evolving soul, our Psychic being, we break these shackles of Ignorance and perceptions of division and duality, and enable the Integral Knowledge of the Mind. Interestingly, by breaking out of the Ignorance of Mind by going within to our evolving souls, we also discover the spirit, the original Being in all things.

Further Movements that Culminate in Man's Ultimate Transformation

-The breaking of the Ignorance is accomplished by moving away from surface living; i.e. the domination of the inputs on mind  from the five senses. We first move to the silence in the depths within, and then connect with the Inner Being, including the subliminal realms, culminating in discovering the Psychic Being, the personal evolving soul.

As a result of the movement, ego is overcome which is the support of Ignorance. Without this support, the exclusivity of Mind begins to break down, as we begin to see all in their Whole aspect, see all details in their integral oneness and relationship, rather than only the part which leads to Ignorance and falsehood.  (We also become unseperated from, one with others and the environment.) 

Centered in these deepest depths also enables us to break through to the universal consciousness  and planes . Light, illuminations, visions, revelations, and intuitions of thoughts and knowledge begin to descend into our minds from the universal planes. Thus, as a result of going within  ourselves to the depths in the “horizontal plane,” we rise into higher planes above mind, called spiritual Mind in the vertical plane (that goes from matter to spirit). This understanding  of objects of inquiry descend into our minds through light, intuition, et al. At this point we are well on our way to replacing our fundamental Ignorance with an ever-accumulating Integral Knowledge.  Beyond this is knowledge by identity, where we have the supramental truth consciousness. Here the object of knowledge enters us without even thought. I fact, the knowledge never existed before anywhere in the universe. Supramental knowledge is the full truth of something, whether or not it has ever existed in the earthly plane before. 

All of this is only the first stage of Sri Aurobindo's triple transformation. The first stage is this Psychic transformation, which is what has just been explained. In the second stage light comes in and starts transforming the individual planes of the individual -- mental, the vital, and the physical. This is the Spiritual Transformation.

Upon completion of this begins the ultimate gnostic and supramental transformation, where the supramental Force descends into all planes of our being uplifting them to their highest potential and transforming them into ultimate spiritual substance enabling our ultimate possibility. Now it is not just Integral Knowledge that we have, but we completely transformed in all our parts  of our being  -- mental, vital, and mental. All of these parts are spiritualized and transformed into a new status. We become the next species beyond the human; or perhaps we can call it a supra-human being. This is the Gnostic being; the supramental individual.  It is at the ends of the frontiers of human evolution. 

-This new type of human is the final point. We are barely at the beginning point !  Man is fundamentally vital, let alone mental, let alone rationally mental, let alone the discoverer of his subtle subliminal mental parts within, let alone touching upon one’s personal evolving soul deeper within beyond the subliminal, let alone rising as a result to the higher planes of  knowledge through spiritual mind, let along opening to the Force that transforms each plane - mental, vital, and physical of his being -- let alone becoming ultimate evolutionary beings. Thus, he is barely on  the first rung.

But we must start from where we are. He asks us to start by moving away from the surface, finding silence within, and  by calling to the Force  when we begin any endeavor. Everything else ; i.e. all other stages, will follow. We should also make every effort to overcome all of our false psychological movements, and  other false movements of  our being. Discover all elements in us that are false – bad attitudes, poor values, bad habits, etc.; and rid our selves of all of these things. (To change even one out of a dozen or two of these is a major challenge, let alone all.) If we do not begin that process as a minimum, it will be difficult to go very far in the other spiritual stages beginning with the movement to the depths , because our lower nature will block any possibility. Know thyself, overcome a few of our worst aspects, go to the depths, open to the Force are the best way to begin. All else will follow.


Ignorance, Nature, and Soul

Evolution through Ignorance of Nature or by Soul
[a dialogue between a reader and myself:]

Q: I found your website last night and was very impressed with the 14 pages on creation and how you tied it to ignorance. A: This is Sri Aurobindo’s basic tenet.

Q: Also how you explained that without ignorance oneness could not express itself as many souls. A: Yes, the multiplicity and diversity of forms is another of SA’s precepts. Very, very profound.

Q: It appears so few in the world have knowledge of the creation aspect to the necessity of ignorance. A: This is a knowledge of life hundreds of years in advance.

Q: I found with some internet research that most Buddhist monks don't see this necessity of ignorance for oneness to become many aspects of itself. A: One does not have to have ignorance, if one develops right consciousness. One can believe in and do the most positive without creating the negative side. Normally, life does not evolve this way. It evolved through the slow, difficult, and contradictory method of Nature (Prakriti), not of Soul (Purusha). As we rise in consciousness however, things can evolve through the Light of Soul, which creates no dark side. The scientist creates a new invention. It is very useful to society, but it also has its dark side (e.g. pollution, nuclear annihilation, etc.) This is the way of Nature. To create something that is perfectly pure and Good is the way of Soul. Sri Aurobindo and Karmayogi (my teacher, and disciple of SA) says that we need to open to the spiritual Force, aka the supramental power that is in the atmosphere that when it moves only quickly evokes the positive, without the negative side.




Beyond Good & Evil, Positive & Negative; Division & Duality

Man Sees Unity of Existence in Spiritual Mind -- When man emerges in the evolution he exists as matter, vital/life, and somewhat in mind. As a result of living in these lower planes he does not see the unity of all existence. It is only when he begins to emerge in rational mind, higher mind, and spiritual and supramental mind that he rises to the vast consciousness that enables him to be and see the oneness of all aspects of his existence with the Absolute, the creator, the Spirit.

Man Sees in Division and Duality -- Because man in the evolution lives in the lower planes of matter, life, and mind he perceives things in division and duality. In the involution the Plane of Mind split the Consciousness-Force to eventually enable separate objects so that the delight of the Absolute could dwell there. We also remember that the Absolute hid its Spiritual nature through the process of Self-Absorption. We humans living in these lower planes perceive the world from division that the plane of Mind enabled. We do not see the world from the plane of Supermind (that enables the plane of Mind) where all is inextricably One. Thus, all we see is as divided, separate forms. We see the world through the divided vision of mind, which causes us to perceive divisions and dualities, such as pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness, positive and negative, and all other dual views of existence. When we live in these lower planes this is how we see the world. When we rise through our growth, development, evolution, and transformation above to the higher planes of spiritual mind and supermind we begin to see all with the unitarian view of the Supermind and Satchitananda.

Multiplicity of Forms Seems Dualistic in Lower Consciousness -- The never ending diversity and multiplicity of forms is what the Absolute conceived to enable the greatest multiplicity and diversity by which Delight could enter. To the lower consciousness of man these diversities appear as divisions, dualities, and contradictions, whereas as he rises to higher consciousness he sees all apparent contradiction, (e.g. good and bad, positive and negative, pleasure and pain, etc.) in their complementary unity.

Mind's Partial View vs Supramental View of the Whole -- Man's best instrument, mind, is partial, and he needs to raise himself to an instrument of full vision, the Supermind to see the Truth, the Whole. Mind sees partially, and believes what he knows to be the whole truth. It takes the part for the whole. The Supermind knows the whole (truth). By gaining the full Knowledge, Unity, Truth, et al. we open ourselves to its infinite possibilities. 

Supramental, Unitarian View -- When we rise to the plane of Supermind we have the unitarian vision of the Absolute, i.e. the perfect vision of Brahman. We know that the Absolute, Brahman is not just the Divine above, but it is the creation below. Both are the Absolute, Brahman, God. The Divine and the creation are together, are both God. Also to have the vision of Brahman is to know, experience, and live the interrelatedness and unity of this One "above" and the Many "below" here in the creation. It is to live a life of utter wonder; and peace and power and light and love and beauty and wisdom and knowledge and truth.

Supramental Perception of the One and the Many -- The Absolute includes the One and the Many (the creation). Mind can know the One or the Many, but not both simultaneously or in relationship to one another. Supermind knows the Absolute, and therefore it simultaneously knows the One and the Many in relation to each other. That knowledge which integrates the whole and the parts is the character of the Supermind.

Truth is the Object State of the Being that exists independent of mind's ability to know it. These objects of truth also lie beyond mind's ability to contain it. Truth is however fully knowable through and contained in Supermind.

Enabling the Vision of Brahman by Connecting to Our Evolving Souls -- When we connect to our evolving soul, and when we rise to the planes of spiritual mind and supermind we experience the vision of the unity of Brahman. and can utilize the spirit in the activities of life. We bring the infinite possibilities of the spirit above (which is also involved in creation) to all aspects of life, enabling the infinite possibilities to emerge in what we formally perceived as finite, and we enable the timelessness of the Being above to enter the time of the Becoming of life. We can thus enable ultimate accomplishment, success, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, beauty, joy, delight, peace, power, etc.

Experiencing Brahman, the Absolute
Brahman (aka The Absolute, the Omnipresent Reality) is more than the sum of its parts; more than the one and the many; more than the involution and the evolution; more than what our minds can perceive. In that sense it is indefinable. And yet we can have a vision of It, as we move to the highest spiritual consciousness, where we see spirit of the upper hemisphere in the matter, life, and mind of the lower hemisphere of the universe. The vision of Brahman is to see these as one thing, and something even more.

When we can sense Brahman in each moment, in each thing, in each act, we sense the infinite in the finite, the timeless in time, the indefinable in the definable; enabling a new synthesis of awareness. We become a new type of being. As we rise among the planes of spiritual consciousness we approach this vision. 



See our Overview of the Makeup and the Evolution of the Individual Human




Purpose of Human Evolution
As human evolve, they continue the Evolution. The goal and purpose of the evolution is the rediscovery of the Divine aspects of the Absolute (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss) that were hidden in the creation to create the greatest possibility of delight through discovery. The purpose of human life is to find the Divine in life, fulfilling the original purpose of creation.

Our Purpose in Life
What is our purpose in life? Our role is to overcome all of the divisions and dualities of creation; to find our whole nature, which enables us to experience the delight of being in the discovery. That is our purpose of our existence, as individuals, and as part of the race of humanity. Our role is to reestablish the perfect harmony, infinite possibility, timelessness, oneness, and bliss and delight that is there in the Creator, in our own being, fulfilling our evolutionary purpose and potential. In that way, we are here to reestablish the attributes of the Divine that created us in our own lives as we move on a path toward our own divine nature.

Ultimate Purpose of Our Existence
The ultimate purpose in life is to discover the delight of being through our higher consciousness; thus fulfilling the purpose for which the Divine manifest a universe of forms; further diffusion and dissemination of the Original Delight into the universe.

Our ultimate mission then can be to rise to our highest level of consciousness, where we not only experience this delight, not only experience the spiritual attributes of love, truth, knowledge, bliss, and power, but where overcome the divisions and dualities of existence, enabling higher harmonies of progress to emerge in the world. In that way we become the instruments of universe's progress and delight of being.

Bringing the Being into the Becoming
The purpose of the evolution is to enable the Being (Existence), the Spirit of the Absolute to enter the Becoming of life. Bringing the Being in the Becoming is our missioned purpose.

When we discover the Being within us, as the personal evolving soul we are on our ways to bringing the Existent, the Being, the Spirit into life.

Rising by Using the Supramental Force
We evolve in life by rising to higher consciousness. We cannot rise fully of our own will. We need to utilize a Force. That Force is the Supramental Force which exists beyond our planes of Mind. Supermind, the Force that created the universe in the involution, is also the plane that we can rise to help us in our evolutionary ascent.

Experiencing and Embodying Spiritual Attributes in Life
The human can open to Spirit and experience all of its attributes such as Peace, Power, Knowledge, Truth, Beauty, Love, and Delight of being.

Connecting to Psychic Being to Enable Evolution
The movement among the planes (from matter to life to mind and beyond) is due to a upward movement of consciousness that ends in something new. [There is a creative outcome.] Its drive is Consciousness-Force and the power of the Real Idea. It mostly happens on its own in Nature. Now man, the self-conscious being, can find the sprit within himself, by discovering the psychic being, the personal evolving soul within, turning Ignorance to Knowledge, enabling him to embody the spirit, which will aid in manifesting further movements of evolution upward into new and higher planes of existence. However, to do this fully, he will need to transcend his limiting Mind and open to Supermind to enable the greatest power of reversal and new emerging existence.]

Highest Instruments of Real Ideas
Real Ideas are streaming down from Spirit. By attaining our highest consciousness we become the best possible instruments for their successful unfolding into Creative New Realities in life.

Additional thoughts





The Infinite can express itself as Transcendent, Universal, and Individual.

Three Poises of Being (Self, Universal, Transcendent) and Ignorance -- The multiplicity of the three poises of being (Self, Universal, and Transcendent) allows for a division of consciousness, an Ignorance, in which the Many ceases to be aware of its essential Oneness. When man awakes to his soul he becomes aware of the Universal and Transcendent, enabling him to overcome his Ignorance.

-The individual consciousness can see itself as limited and separate (individual), but it can also know itself as universal, as well as transcendent beyond the universal.

-When we discover our souls we discover our True Self. Since we are universal beings we can also discover our Universal Self.

-The transcendent Divine is fulfilled through the ultimate status of the universe, and the universe is fulfilled through our ultimate status.

-In our and the universe's ultimate fulfillment we truly become God incarnate.

-To see every act in terms of its whole, in terms of the Being, is to experience ultimate delight of being, and bring out the Infinity of life. Our evolutionary purpose is to attain this as a permanent status. It mirrors the unitarian status of Supermind and its infinite creative capacities.

-When we have the supramental vision we experience the unity of Knowledge and Will.





How Does Life Actually Work?

 Nature's Way through Contradiction
Nature's profound method of progress is via the duality of that which is now and that which can be better in the future. In particular Nature progresses toward a higher order through the resolution of disharmonies between opposites. The greater the disharmonies of opposites, the greater the spur toward a higher order. This is the method of Nature.

Going Beyond Nature's Way to Conscious Way
And yet Nature’s Way is a slow and painful way, with growth and progress coming through contradiction, conflict, division, and duality. Instead, we can progress, grow, and evolve by becoming more conscious. We can replace Nature’s slow method of progress of contradiction and conflict to a rapid method of progress to even greater harmonies through our higher consciousness.

Connecting to Evolving Soul Enables Conscious Way
When we discover our evolving souls we begin to see the unity in all things emerging in life. We overcome Nature's approach through our conscious approach, and control of life. We are able to now see the relationship of opposites, and the higher harmonies emerging. We even overcome the ultimate duality that the lower consciousness sees between Being/Spirit and Life, and we develop the vision of the unity and oneness of Brahman; between the Being/Spirit and Matter; between the Being/Spirit and the Becoming of life.

When we have established this soul connection and surrender to the Divine Will and Force we enable life to respond causally, moving beyond the gross and subtle realms. We enter the Third Dimension where we bring timelessness into time, the Spirit/Being into the Becoming of life, and the Infinite possibilities into a once perceived Finite existence. We bring the powers of Satchitananda in life, fulfilling our evolutionary role and purpose.

In Supermind and beyond, Nature gives way fully to the movement of the Force in life.