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Greater Effort, Hard Work,
Persistence, Determination, Endurance

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by Roy Posner and MSS

ARTICLE on the Importance of Personal Effort in Life

Harder Work Dissolves Problems
If you work harder, a pressing problem(s) that is present will dissolve on its own. In addition, the current work one is engaged in will be enhanced for the better, well beyond its earlier scope and possibility for success.

Make the Full Effort
We normally believe that putting out a certain amount of physical effort will produce a commensurate result. Though, this is of course true, there is also another perspective. It is that if we give in to life and make the necessary full effort -- expending all of our energies -- life will take over and complete the work in no time. For example, when a consultant overcame his hesitation and fully took up a difficult and challenging work, he realized half way through that the remainder had already been completed! There is yet another dimension to making a full, determined effort. Whenever you work hard, more work, more money, and new opportunities are likely to fly your way in the days that follow -- often arriving from the most unexpected sources. Action Plan: As situations arise, consider where you can make a greater effort. Then take up that work in full. Thereafter, notice if life supports your effort with sudden good fortune.

Sabrina's Father's Hard Work
In the film Sabrina Sabrina's father's sacrifice of hard work and purity of not fawning for money, attracts/enables her to accomplish greatly through her relationship with the very good and very wealthy Linus.

Erin's Effort Attracts Vast Result
Erin Brockovich makes one final great physical effort to gather together hundreds of signatures in her legal case which attracts the missing piece of the puzzle that enables her clients to win a $300 million settlement. It is a true story.

One's Great Efforts/Hard Work are Fulfilled by Life, Attracts Positive Life Response
-By making the full effort and expending all of one's energy, life takes over and fulfills what one could not fulfill on one's own. In other words, life supports your extra effort and takes up where you left off. 

-If you work harder, a pressing problem(s) that is already there will dissolve on its own; plus the current work will be enhanced well beyond its earlier scope.

-A salesperson at a computer center was relatively new to the sales force, and in his first few months his sales were modest compared to the veterans who were already there awhile. Each month when sales were tallied he seemed to come up just short of the veterans results (for example, they would get $50000 in sales; he would get $40000). A few times he was asked to come in on weekends to work, which he did.   During one period just after the end of year holiday rush he was asked to come in a weekend after he had already worked five days straight during the week. In the past he wouldn't have agreed to such a request for need of rest, and other reasons.

Reluctantly, he accepted the invitation to come in on that weekend.  After five minutes in the store a customer walked in and ordered $30000 in sales, nearly equal to a months worth of sales for him in the past.  In addition, in the next few weeks even higher than usual sales accumulated for the remainder of that month. At the end of the month most of the veterans sales tallied around $50-60000.  Our salesperson, however, accumulated $110000 in sales, the highest total monthly sales in the computer center's history.  He ended up making more money in that month than in any month previous in his life. He created immediate prosperity in life by changing an attitude.  He also had more energy than before because just because he made the extra effort. In addition, as a result of that effort he became more confident, prosperous, and happy,  which in of itself made him feel even more energetic.

-A man who was reluctant to clean a swimming pool made the decision to over come his reluctance, and began to make the mental effort to figure out what compounds would be needed to clean the pool. As a result of this a professional pool cleaner suddenly appears on the scene to take up where he left off.


Hard Work that Overcame Humiliation, Attractting a Revolution in World Finance

In Dee Hock's book Birth of the Chaordic Age, he describes an extraordinary situation where many years ago, he was trying to get a new concept -- the credit card -- established. At one point things apparently were not going well in his life, as he was reduced to learning franchise banking at a mere branch office. One time while working in the bank, he and his assistant were unable to balance the books at the end of the day. The brusque assistant suggested that the missing deposit was likely in the basement in the garbage. Dee was now utterly humiliated by this turn of fortune in his life, considering his previous position as a major BofA executive; but shakes that off as pride, and goes through 10 barrels of garbage to find the missing slip! At one point his co-worker arrives on the scene and indicates that she has found it, solving the problem.  Hock then narrates that only a few days later an official contacted and informed him that Bank of America had decided to go ahead and franchise the BankAmericard credit card scheme he had worked so hard to develop, and his help was also needed in the implementation. This was a great moment in Dee's life, and in the history of the credit card. Essentially on that day the VISA credit card and corporation were formed.

It was Dee's willingness to put out the last bit of effort in going through the garbage that led to this great positive response from life.


Hard Work Attracts

Hard work doesn't just attract expected results for extra effort, but also attracts life response results. You see this especially for those who are lazy or less likely to make the extra effort.


Extra Effort Attracts Infinity in the Matter

Going the extra mile -- whether for a customer or someone else -- attracts the Infinite potential hidden within it.


Consultant's Effort of Perfection Rewarded In an Unexpected Way   

A management consultant and businessman was putting the finishing touches on a proposal that was to be sent out to a number of prospective decision makers. He had made a great effort in developing the proposal and accompanying brochure, gathering information from various sources, and doing everything he could to make things just right; in other words, to perfect it.

Now the moment arrived when he was going to email this proposal in which he sought backing for a very innovative software system his associate had developed. He then clicked his computer mouse and out went the message along with the detailed proposal document to a host of important decision makers.

Interestingly, at the very INSTANT he clicked the mouse, he also received an email message from a client. When he reviewed the contents he realized that he had been contracted to do consulting work at a considerable fee every month with that organization. It was an incredible moment, as he needed the funding to sustain himself, plus it was an opportunity to engage in some interesting management consulting work.

Though the click of the mouse did not to garner the specific results he hoped for from the intended audience (the decision makers for the software program), it did simultaneously attract an overwhelmingly positive result from an entirely different area.

What was the underlying cause of this synchronistic outcome? Because the consultant made the full effort to perfect the proposal and brochure, life responded instantaneously with a great opportunity and result.

This episode indicates that when you make the full, persevering, relenting effort to make a thing perfect, life responds out of all proportion. And often in the most extraordinary ways!


Effort in One Area Attracts in Another

One powerful principle of life is that when we make a full effort in one area, it may fail or modestly succeed, yet produce great results in another.

A perfect example of this recently occurred with US President Obama at the Copenhagen conference. There he tried very hard to get the nations of the world to agree on a global environmental strategy. And yet the results he elicited were modest for all the effort he put in.

And yet something else happened. When he arrived back in Washington, he unexpectedly received word that he had secured the vote of the US senator that would insure that his health care legislation would pass without a filibuster.

As we see, an effort in one area that produces modest results can manifest in another with startling outcomes. It is actually a common dynamic of life that goes unnoticed. And yet if we look around, we can see the correspondence between our inner and outer efforts, and the changes that suddenly spring forward from the most unexpected quarters.  


Effort in Challenging Situations Causes Life to Open Up

Each time you make the full effort and push through a difficult or challenging work, life opens up quickly thereafter -- especially when it was accomplished through a positive, cheerful attitude, and an adventurous, open-to-all spirit.


Life Takes Over When You Make the Exhaustive Effort

When you make the full effort to complete a project of considerable value, life responds and brings good fortune in closely related areas. It is as if life took up the exhaustive effort and swept you towards benefit that the project was undertaken for in the first place.


Effort to Attract Money when Funds are Low

If funds, money are low, a 1% increase in work effort will attract much more of it.

Willingness to Work Attracts
If you are currently unemployed, having an overflowing interest in working - not just wanting a job that gives a salary - gets anyone employment. I.e. life will respond on its own, often from seemingly from out of nowhere, to this urge. This rule has no exceptions.

The same is true of those who seek promotions. In spite of the atmosphere of politics, intrigues, and corruption in some offices, he who has acquired the knowledge of the higher post and is a willing worker, will readily get promoted. Those who are denied promotions are those who crave for the higher post with higher remuneration but are averse to work.

Invocation of Spirit readily gets one a job or longed for promotion because it energises his faculties. (MSS, slightly modified)


A Quiet Endurance to Success
A quiet endurance is the sure way to success. (The Mother)

Work Started, Delayed Will Come Back
What cannot be done today will surely be done later on. No effort for progress has ever been made in vain. (The Mother)  [E.g.. we have seen that a real effort taken up that cannot be completed due to other circumstances, will come back with a vengeance at another time in the future. -editor] 

Persistent Honesty Prevails
In human affairs, resort to righteousness ends up as the delusion of self-righteousness, because he who carries the day is not the righteous one but the person who is stronger in the given circumstance. In that way life is amoral; i.e. it rewards the more organised, not the more honest. However, persistence in this righteous course over a long period of time can prevail, can bring the result. As the I Ching says: "Persistence in the Righteous Course Brings Reward''. In that strength of persistence, honesty will prevail. (Paraphrase of MSS)

Work Attracts More Work, Money
As a consultant, I am dependent on securing clients for my work. My living is thus dependent on having a steady flow of customers. One of the interesting phenomena of life I have observed repeatedly is that as soon as I perform a service for a client, other clients or potential clients suddenly start contacting me requesting more work. Until I perform that original job, all is silent; but as soon as I do that first work, calls start coming in from all directions unsolicited! The principle is that when we do a work it tends to attract more work. I have seen the same phenomenon at work when it comes to money. Before doing a work with a client, money due does not readily come in. However, as soon as I do a work (in this case with the client), receivables suddenly appear in my mailbox that or the next day. Again, the principle is that when we do a work, it attracts money; until then, receivables due are held in suspension.

The Response that Changed My Life
Life Response is the phenomenon that occurs when an individual alters his consciousness in some way, and as a result, sudden good fortune descends on that person. E.g., as a result of overcoming a negative attitude, an ongoing problem suddenly disappears, or a golden opportunity suddenly and most unexpectedly presents itself. It occurs quite often in people's lives, though we are normally unaware of its occurrence. The key however is to invoke it consciously so that we are able to elicit these miraculous-like results on demand. We can evoke life response in this way by first developing an understanding of its subtle workings, and then by applying the right inner and outer behaviors that tend to attract these miraculous-like results. Sometimes the response that comes alters the very course of our lives, as I believe the following incident will attest to.  

By December 1974, I had graduated Syracuse University and was living with my parents in New York City. After working as part of a group of four house painters, who also happened to be close friends, I headed west to California by van. When I settled into the San Francisco Bay area, I was free, but as yet unable to sustain myself due to lack of work. The truth is I made little effort to secure that work, since I was enjoying my freedom too much!

Soon thereafter, I met a woman there with whom I got involved. I drove back to New York, and from there flew to Brussels, Belgium where I met up with her. Together we then went on a wild bus excursion across the continent, from Amsterdam to Athens. After enjoying Athens and having a mystical experience at the Acropolis, my friend informed me that she planned to continue on to the Middle East in order to visit Egypt and Israel. However, realizing that I had strayed too far off the path, I informed her that I could go no further. And so in a dramatic scene worthy of a romantic film, we said our tearful goodbyes and separated at the Athens airport. From there I flew on to Geneva, Switzerland and then across the Atlantic to New York.

A year earlier, I had intended to go to the Graduate School of Journalism in Berkeley when I first ventured to California months earlier, but on arrival there, I decided not to attend. Nor, did I take to working in order to support myself, as mentioned before.  Therefore, I floundered on my first stay in California. This time, however, as I mulled over my future from my parents home in New York, I was determined that if I returned to California, I would make a serious go of it -- i.e. I would seriously seek out and secure work to sustain myself.

As it turned out, a friend of my family had moved to California years before, and now was a very wealthy businessman in Southern California. From New York, I called this gentleman by phone, and he offered me a job at one of his giant Lumber City retail outlets in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. And so once again, I headed across country, this time by Greyhound bus, and arrived once more in California. (I accumulated a lot of road mileage during these years!)

Before I headed south to Los Angeles, I met up with old friends in San Francisco, and stayed at their home for several months. During that time, I painted the large house we all lived in, and then I used the money I earned to purchase a used car. With a means of transportation, I then drove down to Los Angeles with a friend to work at one of the Lumber City outlets run by the (previously alluded to) wealthy friend of my parents. After several months, I settled in and worked every day -- driving from my Santa Monica beach home to the inland valley suburb where my outdoor retail job was located.

One day I decided to drive to an area not far from downtown LA, and visit the ''East West Center", a sort of mini ashram dedicated to a blending of eastern and western spirituality and culture. That day I met a woman there who told me of people living in the nearby San Fernando Valley who were importing gift items from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry India. I had a keen interest in the sage and seer's teachings for several years and was looking to find an outlet to pursue them in the LA area. I hoped that the East-West Center would serve that purpose, which was the reason I visited that place that day. However, I was also looking to blend my spiritual interests with real work experience. I.e. I wanted my work to be an application of -- an extension of -- the spiritual knowledge I had begun to embrace. Thus, when I learned of the potential opportunity of working with the devotees who lived in the Valley, I was eager to meet them.  

Shortly thereafter, I set up an appointment and visited their home. It did not take but a few moments to see that there was a powerful connection between us. Realizing our great mutual interest, we quickly arranged that I would begin selling their products by going door to door at appropriate retail outlets in the LA region. It was not only fun and invigorating being outdoors in the warm, golden sunshine during the winter months, but financially and spiritually rewarding as well. Most importantly, I had now established an entirely new direction in my life.

As it turned out, I would continue selling and working with these same individuals in a variety of capacities for the next 30 years. In fact, Growth Online itself began as a collaborative effort that was a direct outgrowth of that relationship.

And so it was on that day so long ago in Los Angeles that I made the connection with the people at Mother's Service Society that changed the course of my life. That relationship not only aided me in my spiritual pursuits, but also provided me with a practical outlet by which I could apply these inner principles. In that way, I had finally melded together two cornerstones of my life -- spirit and work -- creating a new unity of purpose.  

However, none of this would have happened if I hadn't made one critical decision. It was when I decided to seriously work. When in New York and later in San Francisco I committed to working at my parents friend's Lumber City outlet in Los Angeles, I set in motion events that changed the course of my life. It created the vast opening that allowed me to come in contact with the Aurobindo followers in the San Fernando Valley. That inner and outer commitment to hard work attracted the fulfillment of my heart's desire. Or to put it another way, overcoming my poor attitude toward work brought me my very life's purpose.

In fact, everything that has happened to me over the next 30 years -- the sales company I built in the San Francisco Bay Area, the computer training and consulting company I founded there (GuruSoftware), the birth and development of Growth Online, the books I have written on Life Response and other subjects -- all emerged from that fateful time in December 1975 when I gave direction to my existence by deciding to seriously work, which attracted the individuals who would shape my life.

The Missing Life Response Book
I am having a preliminary version of my book 'The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response' published through Lulu Press, an online system. The end user can obtain a copy of the book directly on demand at the Lulu web site. Recently, I uploaded two consecutive upgrades of the book, about five days apart. I also ordered a copy of the finished product that would be generated for each. Normally it takes around three weeks to get the book so that I can ascertain its quality. The first one however arrived surprisingly within a week. I then expected the second one to arrive similarly. However, after 2 or 3 weeks, there was no sign of the second version of the book. Concerned about it had been lost, I contacted Lulu's technical support, but alas, they told me that I should just be patient and it will come in the normally allotted 2-3 week period. However, a week later, I still hadn't received the package, and I was concerned. I had after all a number of plans in the works once the book arrived.

As it turns out, the other day I went into the back area of my home and noticed that the vertical drain was clogged with leaves and mud. Workers had been doing some construction around that area which blocked me from noticing the problem for a number of weeks. However, now that they were finished, I saw the clogging and I was now very concerned because rains were on their way. I was alarmed that if the drain remained stopped up, the water would back up on the roof and then seep through the ceiling of the work area of my home.

At first, I was reluctant to do anything about it, but then I went down to speak to the manager. Unfortunately, she was not going to be in for a while. However, when I went to my mailbox instead, I received a most unexpected check from the State of California for some unclaimed property that was now due to me. I thought that was a nice little response to overcoming my reluctance to deal with the drain.

An hour later, I went down again and this time my manager was there. I told her about my gutter situation, and she said she would put someone on it immediately. As I was about to leave her office, she most surprisingly mentioned that she had a package for me. I thought that was odd since I had not received a notice in my mailbox of the fact. She then pulled out my parcel from the pile, and I instantly knew it was the book I had been waiting for! I also realized that it might have been sitting in that stack with the other packages for weeks. In the end, because I overcame my reluctance to act on the drain and was persistent in trying to contact the manger, I not only received a most unusual and timely check from the State of California, but I found my missing book. As a result, I was now able to resume one of the most important marketing campaigns -- to find a publisher -- of my life.

PS: As a result of finding the book, I was very energized, and that intensity enabled me to nearly instantly attract a perfect list of literary agents, something I had struggled to find since last June. It just fit the pattern of all the other things that had happened in the last several hours. It was to be the final of four consecutive mini responses that were in my mind all inextricably connected.



Effort and Accomplishment

Forcing the Body to Make the Extra Effort

Q: I know life responds to making the extra effort. But I am very lazy by nature and tend not to take to any physical exertion. What am I to do?

A: The physical body and consciousness does not want to move. It therefore needs to be "kicked" like a mule. ("You must move even though you don't want to. I command you.") It is in all of us to varying degrees. I have had a stubborn one myself. Also, extra effort has the ironic effect of creating far MORE energy than before. Once you perceive this, your mind will now be able to control your body, turning it from a stubborn mule to a cooperative swift horse.


Hard Work and Accomplishment

Mind's Expansion in Consciousness Result of Self-Givingness, Hard Work

The Mind's consciousness and power seems to accelerate right after we engage in hard work or work where there is intense effort of service through self-givingness. In this dynamic, the vital being opens, energies are set loose, enabling the mind to express itself more creatively, dynamically, unexpectedly.


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