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On Confusion

-There are different forms of confusion, not just mental.

-In mental confusion there is the knot of indecisiveness, lack of clarity. In vital/emotional man, it is in sorrow, depression and fear. In physical man, it is in the disease or in pain.

-Confusion -- at the mental, vital and physical levels -- is a loosening of its incapacities to get the capacity to rise above the level of his life. (It is thus a needed and necessary stage.)

-Confusion can thus be thought of as a great state of advancement from what was before, which is unconsciousness.

-Confusion is the stage before clarity is born and after the present comprehension and its structure are dissolved.

-Confusion is an ability to grasp onto something higher when the lower is in disarray.

-Confusion can therefore be considered a level of knowledge.

-Even a stupid mind can evolve by passing through confusion.

-Thus through confusion you arrive at a certain complete order.

-Confusion ends with certainty.

-Conscious comprehension is to move to the higher knowledge without passing through confusion.

-A problem at the level of mind is confusion and an opportunity at the mental level is a new idea. If one brings down Mother's Force by calling, all confusion in the mind will vanish and new ideas will emerge.

(Paraphrases of Sri Karmayogi)


Cause of, Ending Confusion

A problem at the level of mind is confusion and an opportunity at the mental level is a new idea. If one brings down Mother's Force by calling, all confusion in the mind will vanish and new ideas will emerge.


What will Finally Overcomes Life's Confusion

If our self-knowledge is thus made complete in all its essentials, our practical ignorance which in its extreme figures itself as wrong-doing, suffering, falsehood, error and is the cause of all life's confusions and discords, will yield its place to the right ... right consciousness, right action and right being. (Paraphraseof Sri Aurobindo in The Life Divine.)


Out of Inclarity to Clarity

At the point of reversal [out of inclarity], there will be a grotesque irrationality, a violent injustice or inconceivable stupidity. (Sri Karmayogi)


On Confusion
Problems arising out of physical inability give pain to the body. Mental agony arises when one refuses to do physically what he can out of a value. Confusion is mental inability.


On Confusion

Confusion that powerfully enters at any level has nothing to do with intelligence or capacity or even experience. Man going off the track often confuses himself. Not to be confused is an ability unconnected with our other endowments. It is called the clarity of the personality. (Sri Karmayogi)

Definition of Confusion
Confusion is the energy of the unformed intelligence. (Sri Karmayogi)

On Dealing with Confusion
When confused about the best course for your life, do not battle that confusion. Make no attempt to clear your mind by making impulsive choices or by seeking allies for the battle. That is like fighting fog with your fists. Nothing good can happen... When remaining quiet, still, not battling, the disorder disappears. Why? Because confusion comes from habitual and mechanical thinking. When mechanical thought stops it can no longer create confusion. In that quiet space is clarity." (The Daily Guru)

Overcoming Confusion and Life Response
"Financial confusions arise from inner confusions, which can be cured with clear, spiritual thinking." THE DAILY GURU [i.e. of spiritual mind beginning with rationality, and upward to thinking in peace, and further to knowledge through descents of light, illumination, and ultimately by identity.]

"When there is an inner confusion in one's self, the outer does not respond positively in kind. It waits for the confusion to abate.

The best condition for life to respond abundantly and positively on its own, without even an outer effort, is a state of cheerfulness, positive outlook, and clarity of thought, whether it be for the individual, the family, or a social entity. Spiritual mind and a deep inner poise can take the response to infinity."

Confusion in Pride and Prejudice
-Eliza at various points about Darcy vs. Wickham

-Mrs. Bennet on and off

-Most during elopement

MSS Article on Confusion


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