To be involved in life, but not to be egotistically desirous or attached to the object or subject involved -- whether physical, vital/emotional, or mental in nature -- is (spiritual) detachment. It comes from a poise of equality arrived at by living in the depths to the Soul

Detachment is a capacity to function in a plane without itself being part of it.

-Only the Soul is capable of functioning in the mental, vital, physical planes like that.

-Detachment is a status of consciousness beyond the scope of mind. Those who function with the mind as the central instrument cannot hope to grow detached.

-Detachment comes when equality is established. (The process is to constantly try to lift vital, mental acts to the plane of the Soul till one comes to function from the Soul centre, rather soul begins to function in one through the silent mind, quiet heart and calm nerves.)

-Mental attachment is shown in either pride or vanity over doing a thing apart from its use value. Emotional attachment is sentiment. Physical attachment can be illustrated when one is not able to sleep in a new place or write with a pen other than the one he is used to. (MSS Compilation)

Equality of Being vs. Detachment
Equality of being is the same or similar to detachment. However, we could say that detachment is a general state of being unattached and needful or desirous when it comes to any act, undertaking, or aspect of life. Equality of Being is to remain calm in the face of difficult circumstance.

Also see Equality of Being


Detachment and Life Response: Contribution to a Critical Project
Last week I made a large contribution to a project I was working on. I also wondered if my efforts would be utilized. I shifted from concern to non-attachment. In fact, I forgot about the entire matter. The next business day, virtually all that I had provided was used as the very foundation of the application.

Analysis: Non-attachment to an item one has focused on attracts positive conditions, fulfilling one's intent.


Detachment that Overcomes Delay
One of my favorite strategies to take when things appear to be in limbo -- such as when an order is pending, or an important shipment is on its way, or an invoice is not yet paid -- is to shift my attention away from it and bury myself in something else, particularly when it involves hard work. Invariably, when I do, the thing delayed or held in suspension is suddenly unleashed. In fact, not only does it manifest as a sudden positive response, but just before it happened, it had all but been forgotten!

That is precisely what occurred the other day when I was waiting on a payment so I could send a link to a client to start using our web-based software application. Rather than worry about the matter, I simply lost myself in an important research project. When I had tried several times to find out the status of the payment, there was no tracking information available. But after I buried myself in the research work, and then later casually checked the status again, I learned that it was moving to fruition.

Now I saw that as a result of my inattention to the problem, by focusing on another matter, I was able to attract the payment that previously had been in limbo. Then there was a further development. Though the payment was now clearly in transit, would it actually arrive? After all, there was reason to be skeptical since it had been delayed several times, and anything could still happen. However, once again, rather than worry about the important payment, I buried myself in another work. This time it wasn't the research work, but the cleaning of my bathroom floor! And so I cleared out the room, gathered together the best cleaning utensils and materials, and scraped and scrubbed in ways I had not done in that room in years. Specifically, my goal was to clean out the accumulated grit that had gathered in the recesses of the bathroom tiles, requiring considerable physical effort on my part.

After completing the strenuous task, I collapsed back onto my couch, feeling both exhaustion and a sense of accomplishment. Then a few moments later, I heard a knock at the door. I knew just who it was. It was the FedEx delivery person with the longed for, often delayed payment. And yet when I examined the time, I realized that it had came an hour earlier than expected, indicating that the physical effort of cleaning the bathroom not only attracted the payments' arrival, but caused it to come earlier than what was indicated on the online tracking system. That struck me as a further indicator of luck.

When we shift our focus away from worrying about an issue or matter, and instead put our energies elsewhere -- e.g. by making a full, even exhaustive effort in another direction -- positive conditions quickly move in our direction. More often than not, the thing we had hoped for but then put aside is suddenly realized.

Just as focusing on an illness can intensify it, so too worrying about a matter tends to delay it. Yet focusing on something very much the opposite, such as hard work in an entirely different domain not only overcome our negative emotions, but attract positive conditions.  For years, I have used this approach to overcome anxiety, worry, and delay about a matter; and in nearly every instance, it has worked its magic!


On Detachment

Detachment is to be engaged with life, while simultaneously not be attached to, emotionally involved in the circumstance or outcome. It is a spiritual movement of balance between engagement and non-dependence and possession.


Detachment to Result Attracts Object of Intention

This law says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn't mean you give up the intention to create your desire. You give up your attachment to the result. This is a very powerful thing to do. The moment you relinquish your attachment to the result, combining one-pointed intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire. (Deepak Chopra)  


Detachment from Problem Dissipates It

If you give up your attachment when a problem arises, it tends to dissipate on its own. E.g. you have difficulty with your computer, and you do what is necessary without emotion and then forget the matter, circumstance conspire to cancel the problem.


Not Dwelling On a Problem Overcomes It

When we are afflicted with a problem we cannot solve, we tend keep worrying about it. Yet that only energizes it, giving it greater strength. However, if we forget the problem, we build up psychological strength, which causes life to cancel the difficulty. Thus, if instead of dwelling on the fact that we are poor, or are in debt, or a failure, or are ill, we ignore it, we attract conditions that are its opposite. This might seem counterintuitive to a rational mind, but is a proven spiritual principle of life that works unfailingly.


Giving Up Attachment to a Failed Undertaking Evokes It

If something important is not working out and there is nothing you can do about it, and you release your attachment or anguish about it, taking up some other important or pressing matter instead, the original problem can instantly resolve itself on its own.

Today when I shifted away from a very critical problem I was having in a major undertaking (which was blocked from all sides), and took up another important work instead, life responded overwhelmingly, when within 10 seconds of completing the alternate task I received excellent news about the problematic project. The result was that the entire project had now reversed from failure and was back on track for great success. In addition, another seemingly unrelated matter also resolved itself at that very same moment!

When we turn down the heat of our emotions in such situations, and practice detachment, withdrawing our intensity toward the issue, our negative energies dissolve, enabling higher Forces to spring into action and work in our favor.  


Life Response Power of Giving Up Insistence

When you give up a provoking insistence that something should occur at a certain time, it tends to actually occur at just the right time.


Balancing Self-Giving and Non-Attachment on the Razor's Edge

It is said that to live a conscious life is to be on the Razor's Edge. It is at once to be self-giving and not taking, while not being emotionally demanding and attached. One is Harmony and Love, the other Separativeness and Ego. Maintaining that Balance is the great challenge of life, which when successfully engaged brings great achievement, deep fulfillment, and boundless joy.


Higher Harmony through Detachment and Spiritual Force

Detaching from the contradiction and conflict we have with others, life, and ourselves, and then engaging the spiritual Force, will quickly reveal the way out -- i.e. the resolution into a higher harmony. This is the conscious method of personal progress.


The Law of Detachment

By Deepak Chopra

The Law of Detachment: In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

I will put the Law of Detachment into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1. Today I will commit myself to detachment. I will allow myself and those around me the freedom to be as they are. I will not rigidly impose my idea of how things should be. I will not force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems. I will participate in everything with detached involvement.

2. Today I will factor in uncertainty as an essential ingredient of my experience. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, out of the confusion, order and chaos. The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel, because uncertainty is my path to freedom. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.

3. I will step into the field of all possibilities and anticipate the excitement that can occur when I remain open to an infinity of choices. When I step into the field of all possibilities, I will experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.


Beingness and Life Response

There are powerful behaviors that attract sudden good fortune. Among them are having an intense aspiration for something to come about, moving to a higher level of psychological strength, increasing one's personal level of cleanliness and orderliness, and eliminating negative attitudes toward life, work, and others. When you take to any of these in a higher order, positive conditions quickly present themselves.

Here I will focus on some of the more spiritual-oriented techniques that have equal if not greater power to attract the miraculous. In particular, I will target those psychological approaches that issue from Beingness: that state of stillness where we are silent observers of the world, not compelled to action or reaction.

Don't React -- From a cosmic perspective, Beingness is the Stability and Calm behind all things: the Stillness out of which Energy emerged to manifest a universe of forms. We too have access to Beingness in our own lives. One approach is to practice the technique of "non-reaction." I.e. when any form of intensity comes our way -- whether from another person or from the conditions of life -- we simply do not respond. That not only brings a level of peace to the atmosphere, but attracts positive conditions.

The approach is simple enough: when someone expresses a thought or emotion, particularly when it touches our sensibilities, appearing negative in thought or feeling, we should not react. The same for any other intensity or disturbance that comes our way. For example, if your spouse returns home irritated and directs those energies towards you, remain still, despite the onslaught. Do not react with emotion, which will only intensity and further disturb the atmosphere, (and elicit further negative response). Likewise, if your boss abuses you, a provocative news story appears on TV, or your children cloyingly demand your attention, do not react with commensurate intensity. Each time you take that higher tact, not only will the sense of balance be maintained, but sudden good fortune can follow. E.g., your spouse may suddenly surprise you with good news, a boss may withdraw all vitriol for weeks on end from that point forward, a negative news event will suddenly turn positive, and so forth. If you can also repress your reactive thoughts and feelings, then positive conditions are likely to follow.

Don't Assert, Initiate -- Beingness is the ability to look out on the world as "Silent Witness," observing all that occurs through calm detachment. You care about what is before you; you consider it mindfully; but you remain stationed within as silent witness to all. In that state, you do not initiate or assert, but wait for life to take the initiative. You can then respond as necessary. Practically speaking this method of non-assertion can be practiced from the mental to physical levels.

At the mental level, try to refrain from expressing a thought or opinion, allowing others to speak first. This will enable the flow of events to take their right course. Similarly, if you are in a discussion or communication, try to withhold what is on your mind. What may very well happen is that soon after the other person will express the very idea you wanted to convey. This is to practice a form of restraint known as "Silent Will."

We can also practice non-assertion and restraint at the physical plane -- i.e. at the level of action. For example, in the course of our day, we can take a moment to consider the utility of sending out an email, or making a call, or otherwise communicating with someone. When we do, we might find that much of it is trivial, or egotistic and self-serving, or a way to stimulate ourselves through social contact, or is simply unnecessary in the wider scheme of things. At least 50% of our actions are of this kind. For the spiritual individual, such initiatives tend to deplete one's energies, while producing little utilitarian result. Moreover, each time we restrain ourselves this way, positive conditions tend to present themselves.

Don't Complain -- Beingness also implies not taking to the negative. One is stationed within as witness to the world, avoiding wrong action. One example is to view a problem or challenge outside one's self and not complain about it.  Complaining is a sign of a wanting attitude, psychological weakness, and wrong response. A spirit-oriented individual on the other hand gains power from right attitude, inner strength, and positive response, not complaint or grievance. Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to blame someone for something, restrain yourself. Not only will you create a more harmonious atmosphere, but powerful positive conditions will present themselves.

For example, one man stopped complaining about his spouse's lack of organization in dealing with her finances -- a problem that had persisted for years. Several days later, he was startled to learn that she suddenly found a financial institution to handle all of her financial arrangements, while substantially reducing her debt. It was a Godsend, ending years of disorganization and frustration.

Accept All -- Finally, the spirit-oriented individual expresses Beingness -- i.e. of the Being, or "Sat" in Sanskrit -- by accepting and embracing everything that comes his way. If a boss asks him to come in and work on a weekend in addition to the normal workweek, he simply accepts without challenge. In fact, one man did this very thing while working at a retail outlet, attracting the biggest sale of his life. At each point that we embrace the given conditions of life, we move to a higher plane and open to the infinite potentials of life.

There is a nice example of this in the film The Devil Wears Prada. There a young aspiring journalist accepts the fact that she has to work temporarily in a different field to sustain herself on the way to achieving her career goals. As a result, life responds and she secures a job as a secretary for a world famous fashion mogul. Moreover, at each point the young heroine embraces the demands of her powerful, often ruthless boss, she rises up further still. Even when the young woman's sensitivities are challenged -- e.g., she is asked to change her personal wardrobe and reduce her physical weight, a humiliating request indeed -- she embraces it, catapulting her to the very top of her profession. That is the power of embracing the all, reflecting the spiritual dimension of Beingness.

To accept all that comes is to embrace the universe of possibilities. It is to move from one's limited domain to a wider sphere where our hopes and dreams are realized. It is to shift from the turbulence of life to the stillness and stability within. It is to express the spiritual dimension of Being in our everyday lives, attracting extraordinary circumstance from the world around us.


The Power of Restraint in Small Moments
In the course of the day, there are countless opportunities to rail against those things we do not agree with or like. It could be another's behavior, a report in the newspaper, a comment from a tv reporter, or a remark by a friend, relative, or spouse. At each point we refrain from reacting, we take a powerful step in consciousness. Through non-reaction, we block the release of negative energies, and set loose positive ones that attract good fortune.

It is at this crucial crossroads moment, when our vital being want to lash out and react, that we can practice stillness and inner restraint. It is in that moment that we can feel calm in our heart and emotions, letting the potential antagonist vibration move on. It is an indicator that we are building up inner strength and spiritual power; for the first law of spirit is stillness and being, in which we silently observe the world without reacting to alluring stimuli, particularly those that rub our sensitivities the wrong way. All progress then begins with these small moments, which we can then build upon to change the lower part of our nature.

Detachment and Integral Yoga
One can be impartial but not detached, said Laski. It is true for him and his way of thinking. Impartiality is a discipline mind accepts, whereas detachment is a status of consciousness beyond the scope of mind. Those who function with the mind as the central instrument cannot hope to grow detached.

Detachment is a capacity to function in a plane without itself being part of it. Only the Soul is capable of functioning in the mental, vital, physical planes like that. The highest reach for the mind in this direction is impartiality, for the vital forgetting the object of attachment and for the physical detachment is to move physically away from the object of attachment. These parts of being are not meant for these.

To make detachment 100% possible, attachment in every realm is to go, even the attachment to the Divine. Even on that pretext that vibration must be shed. The three successive preliminary conditions for commencing Integral Yoga are Renunciation, Equality and Oneness. Detachment comes when equality is established. The process is to constantly try to lift vital, mental acts to the plane of the Soul till one comes to function from the Soul centre, rather soul begins to function in one through the silent mind, quiet heart and calm nerves.

Mind helps this process if it acquires fuller knowledge of the processes of its present method and a stronger will to put that greater knowledge into practice. The emotional centre can similarly help if it overgrows the need of a certain event that makes for attachment as an experience. If the centre is fairly strong it can reject the experience in future in as much as it has overgrown the need for that experience. If it is weak, the centre must quickly exhaust that experience by passing through it. The physical consciousness has its own being and it primarily acts for its own preservation. As and when this preservation is in jeopardy the physical consciousness puts the mind aside and acts from its own knowledge to preserve the body. This is illustrated by people saving themselves from fire accidents, drowning etc and not knowing how they escaped. The body knows how to protect itself and does it perfectly when needed. For detachment to be possible at the physical level, the body must be penetrated by the higher consciousness and the body should know there is nothing outside from which it needs to protect itself. This is possible only when the light lodges in the physical. In short the mental, vital, physical centres must either reject or exhaust the need to go through the experiences which they now enjoy. The test for having achieved this is equality.

EXCERCISE : - It is easy for one to know most of the areas of his attachment. Mental attachment is shown in either pride or vanity over doing a thing apart from its use value. Emotional attachment is sentiment. Physical attachment can be illustrated when one is not able to sleep in a new place or write with a pen other than the one he is used to. Make a full list of all the activities to which one is strongly attached. Choose one for mental attachment another for sentiment and a third one for physical attachment.

Call Mother and establish her. Offer Her all that you are and all that you are going to do. Examine the nature, form and layers of one of the attachments. Recollect the history of its formation. Offer all that passes before your mind to Mother who has responded to you. This is the first part. The second is to examine your nature and its needs that make this attachment possible. Know this second part but do not take it up in the first stage. On examination you will find that many aspects of this attachments are silly, some are needless and nothing is indispensable. Examine them in the three aspects of mind, vital and physical.

After the examination and the understanding offer all these ingredients to Mother. If possible offer the 'examination' and the 'understanding' too. What is important in the effort is total willingness to accept the results and a readiness to shed what is discovered as unwanted. Individual attachments will give way soon but the attachment itself will show itself stronger in other similar acts. Now list all acts of attachments that can be said to be of the same strength at one given level. Concentrate your effort in a few of them that stand out in that plane. When the few you concentrate on give way ALL acts of attachment at the plane will suddenly disappear. Now is the time to move to stronger ones.

The whole being should be behind this effort. The effort is taken as a token at certain landmarks. The results will be rewarding if one lets Mother wash away the stain of attachment. The only danger is one is likely to grow attached to the success in shedding attachment. This means one is shedding attachment at one level and is fortifying it at the next higher level. That is the occasion to examine your nature that needs the experience of attachment. That is to be taken up later. (MSS)

Aspiration, Equanimity/Detachment
The one thing to do always is to remain firm in your aspiration to the Divine and to face with equanimity and detachment all difficulties and all oppositions. (The Mother)

Detaching from Surface Personality
[For the transformation of the individual]
Man must begin by detaching from his surface personality, time, space, ego and selfishness. (MSS, Robert Macfarlane)

Detaching Mind from the Work and Replacing It with Spirit
When we know that it is not the Mind that does the work, but it is the Spirit, that knowledge enables the Mind to detach itself from the work and direct it to the Divine inside. The knowledge that the Divine does the work and not the mind makes it possible. It is consecration. (MSS, slightly altered)

Detachment from Senses and Intellectuality
Detachment from senses and detachment from intellectuality makes one move from the subconscient to the conscient. (MSS)

Detachment from Sense Knowledge
We must detach ourselves from our sense knowledge and learn to see with parts of our mind we normally do not use. This is what Seeker had accomplished. (from "Legend of Brahman" by Robert Macfarlane)

Stopping Running Thoughts & Detachment
To stop the running thoughts is to detach oneself from the tendency to move along the identification with mind, life and matter.  The running thoughts are gross, having had their origin in the body.

Reason, Intuition, and Detachment
Reason = mind detached from physical senses.

-Intuition = mind detached from the mental sense of understanding = it directly knows (MSS)

ocate two points -- where you are now and where you are tending to move in the next minute. One's continuous non-sensual, detached inner observation suddenly gives that insight. (MSS, extracted)

Detached Thinker
One quality
when living above mind to Supermind is that of detached thinker rather than unthinking mental movement. (MSS paraphrase)

Method of Progress to Next Highest Plane
Exhaust your energies at this level to go to the next higher level.

  • Organisation exhausts each level and saturates that.
  • When energy is organised into skill, energy is exhausted.
  • The exhaustion becomes perfect when skill rises to perfect level of talents.
  • The perfection helps growth when the attachment and interest which made perfection possible becomes disinterested detachment.
  • When the disinterested detachment acquires energy of movement, it is aspiration.
  • Aspiration in this sense makes progress possible.  (MSS)

Also See Non-Reaction



Balancing Intention, Detachment, and Consecration

The balance between our deepest aspirations and not being attached to it is one of the great keys for the spiritual aspirant, or for that matter anyone; which is resolved by the attitude and feeling of self-offering to the Divine, i.e. "Thy Will Be Done" at every moment.

Constant Consecration, i.e. offering each activity to the spiritual Force, to the Divine Mother (as Sri Aurobindo advocates for devotees) makes this much easier. Personally, this is increasingly the modus operandi of my life. Everything then works out as it should, and the attitude is kept positive, as the focus is on the Divine Intent, not one's own, even as we make the effort to achieve our goal(s) in the work.


Taking Obstacles in Right Spirit and Consecrating Them

Life normally contains a steady stream of obstacles. Taken in the right spirit, we grow in consciousness. When we also offer each to the divine Force, then every challenge becomes an opportunity for infinite-like success and delight.


Forgetting a Matter to Accomplish It

When you try to accomplish a thing and it does not produce the desired results, it is often a sign to leave it be; and then Life will quickly move on its own and accomplish it for you (or not if it is not supposed to be in its current form). I call this the principle of "forgetting a matter to accomplish it." E.g. when people in India called to the Divine to bring rain and it produced no results, a yogi asked them to forget rain, which attracted it in abundance.

Further Discussion:

Q: At what point can one decide that it is best to forget or best to persist?

A: It depends on many factors: the results from life to one's effort (if any), the attitudes we bring to bear, the climate outside one's self, etc. It takes a great knowledge of all the forces to know what to do. That is the way of Life. The way forward can be discovered this way, but requires deep self-examination of one's self and aspiration, as well as ones limitations and faults. Discriminating help from others can also be helpful.

The alternate is to offer the matter to the spiritual Force, (for myself) to the divine Mother, and see what occurs. From there, you may see accomplishment results, or it might come in other forms that shed light on the situation, throwing the issue back on you and your shoulders. But now you will have a deeper insight into conditions -- inner and outer -- which will give you a much better idea what to do or not to do.

(If you have a more specific application, providing more background information, I may be able to shed more light on it. The statement above is an opening general spiritual approach.)



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