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Faith and the Soul

Faith in the Force

Faith's Accomplishment

Faith in the Result

Silence, Depths Engenders Faith



Faith and Spiritual Faith
To believe what you do not know is faith. E.g. to have faith in others is to believe in them even though you do not know the details of their actions. Spiritual faith is to have faith in the Divine.


What is Faith?

What is faith? In general, it is the giving of complete trust to someone or something else in the belief that it will produce relief or benefit. We give such trust freely, not knowing the details of what will be done, and how it will come about. All we "know," is that the other party -- a subordinate, a friend, the Divine spirit -- will do what is necessary ON ITS OWN, without the requirement of our knowledge.



-Faith is a power of Truth, a direct and spontaneous knowing which is truer than mental knowledge.

-Faith is perception of Truth that precedes knowledge.

-Faith is power of Truth from within.

-Faith is spiritual knowledge reflected in the mind.

-Inner realization of Truth without facts is the hallmark of faith.

-The secret of faith is one's inner realization, not outer proof.

-Faith is to perceive what is behind the curtain.

-Faith is strengthened through knowledge and experience, whether inner or outer in origin.

-Spiritual Faith is the knowledge of the soul reflected in the Mind.

-Connecting to soul engenders faith in Spirit.


Examples of Faith

Pride and Prejudice:

  • Mrs. Bennet had faith she could marry her daughters

  • On first hearing of Bingley's arrival at Netherfield, Mrs. Bennet had the faith he was meant for Jane.

  • Darcy went to London with the faith that he could save the situation and win Elizabeth, even without her discovering the role he played.

Around the World in 80 Days:

  • Phineas Fogg believed he could do it in spite of innumerable obstacles until the very last day. His belief was not in anything particular. It was an inner faith of his being.


Spiritual Faith
Spiritual faith is to have faith in the Divine working.


On Spiritual Faith
Faith blossoms unspoken. Faith does not discover its form in words. "Well, how can I accept without knowing what happened?" is the question. The answer is, "It is not faith that believes KNOWN facts. To believe what you do not know is faith. "When a convincing explanation is given, what does the listener accept? He accepts his own conviction or understanding. That is not faith. To accept another man without trying to know the details of the situation is Faith.

To believe in what is behind the curtain is faith. To say, "I can accept what I understand" is to believe yourself, not the other person. All great achievements in history or literature happened because of faith, especially when the achievements were new to the society. (MSS)


(Spiritual) Faith that is Truth Beyond Knowledge
Faith is a thing that precedes knowledge, not coming after knowledge. It is a glimpse of a truth which the mind has not yet seized as knowledge. (Sri Aurobindo)


Faith moves life in one's favor.



Faith is a movement of the soul deep within us, a power of Truth, a direct and spontaneous knowing which is truer than mental knowledge.

Faith is most effective when it is integral -- not only the mind, but the heart and the body should share it -- and when we do not expect or insist on a particular result, but rather give up our claims and expectations and maintain our confidence regardless of the apparent outcome.

The intuitive perception and reliance on the Divine Consciousness opens up our being to the descent and working of that power in our inner and outer lives. When a problem or opportunity arises, instead of relying on our own capacities and resources, we can shift our faith to that power and see it take charge of the issue. The surest sign of that faith is when we feel a sense of peace and satisfaction, even before the issue has been outwardly resolved. Then we can know we have put the issue in the hands of a power that never fails. When we rely on That even in apparently insignificant daily events -- then the true Consciousness behind the surface of life reveals itself. 


Signs of a Perfect Faith

Though many devotees have faith, it cannot be said that the faith that they have is total. If it has to be total it must be greater than what they have in the power of money, status and influence etc. Moreover it has to be greater than their faith in the power of reason. When such limitations are crossed, then we can confidently say that the devotee has perfect faith. Let us now see the kind of total faith required for different kinds of problems that devotees face.

1. Cured of Disease - If his faith is total, then he must believe that he can be cured of any disease he has no matter how serious or potentially fatal it is.

2. Attain any Income - He must be able to believe that he can attain any amount of income he wants and that too within any time frame that he specifies.

3. Clear Any Level of Debt -  It is a sign of total faith if he believes that he can clear any level of debt burden he has accumulated no matter how many years it remains unpaid.

4. Win Case Based on Truth - It is a sign of perfect faith if he believes that he can win a court case based upon the truth of his claim though his case lacks the necessary evidence to back it up.

5. Immune to What Affects Others - Motherís grace is fully with a person if he can believe that what affects everybody will not affect him because he is a devotee. For example, when every house in the whole street is affected by an epidemic of influenza, he believes that nobody in his house will come down with flu because of Motherís protection and that proves true also.

6.  Win Back What was Lost - It is perfect faith when a devotee believes that he can win back the property and wealth that his grandfather and father lost many years ago.

7. The Estranged Return  - It is a sign of great faith when he believes that relatives who have not come to his house for years due to estrangement will pay him a visit when he releases vibrations of harmony towards them.

8. Evoke New Law Power - When there is no law to support his initiative, if he can believe that the government will enact the necessary law then that is a perfect sign of faith.

9. Overcomes Long-Passing of Time -- If he believes that he can get his daughter married no matter how old she is, if he can believe that his loan will be returned no matter for how many years it is pending and that he will get justice no matter how many years the case is dragging on in the court, then he has full faith.

10. Overcomes Unfavorable Environment -- If he can believe that he can win in a court against an unfavourable government order then that is a classic sign of perfect faith. For example, if the government takes over his lands paying him a paltry sum, he must be able to get a much bigger amount by moving the court.

(N. Asokan, MSS; with item titles added by RP)


Spirit is More Powerful than Mind
As the mind is more powerful than the body, the Spirit is more powerful than the mind. Once you believe, intensify that belief into faith by comprehending the superior nature of Spirit as you have witnessed in your life. (MSS)


Thoughts On Faith

-Faith is trust in the Higher Power to set right the conditions of our lives.

-Faith gives us access to a power that ordinary life cannot possibly offer.

-Faith brings peace as we are sure that the Divine will work on our behalf.

-The highest faith is not just trust in the Higher Power to set right the conditions of our lives, but the joy in opening to and surrendering to the Will of the Infinite divine.


Difficulties and Faith

Every difficulty we encounter is an opportunity to raise out level of faith.


Difficulties Breed Faith

Difficulties are opportunities to develop greater faith.


Problems Force Us Deeper for Solutions and Faith

Every problem that arises in your life is an occasion to go deeper within; to both contemplate and find the necessary solution, and develop more faith in the Higher Power to resolve it.


Success through the Force and Increasing Faith

Every difficulty overcome by offering to and through the action of the spiritual Force gives you that much more Faith, which in turn compels you to use  the Spirit the next time a problem arises, no matter the size, scope, or intensity. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of trust, power, success and wonder.


Faith, Knowledge, and Experience

Faith is the strength of Knowledge and Experience, whether inner or outer in origin.

The spiritual-oriented individual increasingly moves from faith in himself and in life to faith in the Divine.


Strengthen Faith in Hard Economic Times

Outer severe economic conditions afford us an opportunity to strengthen our faith.


Spiritual Relationship of Devotion & Freedom Between Two Parties

There can be a powerful relationship between two parties where the 2nd is fully devoted and has full faith in the 1st, which compels the first to give ultimate full freedom to the 2nd. It also works the other way; as the 1st gives full freedom to the 2nd, compelling the second to have full devotion and faith in the 1st. This is an evolved, spiritual relationship.

We see this between two individuals, in business between management and staff (Google comes to mind); even between two spiritual personalities. E.g. all through The Mother's 30 year long association with Sri Aurobindo, She never questioned anything he did. At the same time, He gave Her total freedom and never questioned anything She did.


Your Level of Trust in Life 

As we carry on our lives, do we ever stop to consider what it is we truly believe in; i.e. where we place our faith in our pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment? Let's consider a gradation of possibility.

The unconscious individual is simply ruled by life. He does not consider the forces affecting him -- secular or divine -- but merely goes about his business in his habitual, "though-less" manner. This is what we call a  person of physical consciousness; devoid of emotion and thought; ruled by of habit and repetition; a mere husk of a man.

Then there are people who have a certain faith in life; a hope that it will bring us that which we aspire for in our lives. Most of us fall into this category. We hope against hope for the best, though we cannot really be sure of the outcomes of life.

At a higher level still is the person who has a positive outlook on life, having faith that it will continually produce beneficial results. Even if the outcomes do not seem favorable, they are still perceived as helpful in the greater scheme of things. This is a more conscious person, who has some inability to see into life's workings, living just on the edge of spirit.

The spiritual individual places his faith not in life alone, but in the Spirit, the Divine. His actions in life are in fact self-offered to the Higher Power so that It will hopefully bring about the very best results in that person's existence, which it invariably does. You could say that this individual has great faith in Life through the workings and direction of Spirit.

A gradation higher of this view is the individual who has frequently experienced and seen the spiritual Force, the Higher Power to set right life's conditions on a regular basis. He not only has positive faith in the divine, but has begun to master the principles of life, including the nature and action of the evoked Spirit. (This individual like the previous sees all outcomes as positive. Negatives are simply positives in disguise. Yet the constant inner orientation and consecration of life's activities tend to create more of the positive.)

The highest perception of life is to see it as an unfolding of the Divine Will; as a Marvel of positive and negative interacting to enable life's further progress, evolution, and transformation. It is to see Life as the playing field of the Divine; of the unfolding of the Infinite consciousness in the finite, so it too can express the Divinity of the Source. It is to have faith in the Divine Unfolding in Life. Thus, it is to participate in that process. It is the highest possibility, action, vision, experience given to Man.

Where then do you fit into this scheme of faith? At what point in your psychological makeup do you put your belief, trust, and dependence? Is it possible to take it up one notch, to the next level higher? If so, how would you begin?

The power over life is always in your hands. It just depends on what, in whom, at what level you put your trust.


Taking Our Faith to the Next Level

Real faith is not just to place one's trust in the Higher Power, but to accept the results in whatever shape and form it comes.

I had a recent experience that demonstrates this principle. In this episode, I was owed considerable money by a client. I originally assumed they would pay in 30 days, but then found out it would be more like 45-60. Though initially slightly bothered, I soon accepted the fact in my mind and emotions for the most part. Then a series of very strange incidents occurred.

On the 5th of the month, the client informed me that the check would be issued soon in a week or so. 10 days or so after, I inquired again since I had received nothing till that point. The client then told me that the check had in fact been sent the week before, and yet I had not received it in the mail. We agreed to see if it would arrive in the next few days, but still there was the same result.

Now it appeared that it had somehow had gotten lost in the mail. When I mentioned to the building complex manager that I may have lost an important check, she noted that there had recently been problems with the mail, likely because we now had a new post delivery person. At each point in these proceedings, I consecrated the effort, offering the matter to the Divine, as did my housemate, and made the effort to put it out of my mind, putting my focus elsewhere.

And yet after a number of more days, the check still did not arrive. I then told the client via email of the situation and she mentioned that she could do a stop payment and issue another check instead. But then she hesitated and said why not wait till the end of the work week to see if it would arrive by post. I agreed. All along, I subtly understood that the Divine has Its ways. I felt the resolution would occur on Its terms, not mine.

When the check still did not come, I emailed the client to tell her to do the stop payment as and issue the new check she earlier suggested. However I got a response instead that she was out of the office for several days. It had somehow fit the pattern! I then called the office to let others know that I had emailed this person about the missing check, and I assumed that she would now send the new check.

Several days later, I had pretty much given up on anything particular occurring. Also, if a new check had been issued by her, it would still nor arrive for several days. But when I checked the mail on this particular day, there it was! (It turns out I arrived there just as the new mailman had placed the letter in my box.)

But then I suddenly realized that I had asked the client to do a stop payment on this check, so it was essentially worthless! I then decided to call her on the phone and tell her that the old check had finally arrived. She then told me that she never did the stop payment, meaning that the check I received was actually a good one. Moreover, she also told me that ANOTHER check for an ever bigger amount (that I suspected might also be somehow delayed) had arrived and would be sent to me that day!

Somehow, this all made perfect sense to me. In fact, I sensed all along that this confluence of the two checks might happen. I.e. I would receive the Net 30 check at the same time as the Net 60 one. I felt it was the Divine logic that transcended my own.

A little background: For several years I had worked with this client in developing a variety of proposals. Each time the jobs were about to start, they were cancelled at the last moment. In other words, all dealings with the client had worked out wrong in the past. Therefore, the current problems with the check -- it being on long term terms and it being lost/delayed -- did not surprise me. (I understand the principle that how things originate indicate what is to come.)

At each step along the way I had offered the matter to the Divine; having faith that It was in control, transcending my own limited perspective of space and time. I understood that the Higher Power not only knows the Big Picture -- including the nature of the client, my inner relationship with them, my own financial pressures, attitudes etc. -- but resolves matters through the logic of Its Infinite consciousness; which to our surface mind seems incomprehensible, even absurd.

It is one type of faith to ask the Divine to work on our behalf and resolve a problem. It takes an even greater faith to accept every movement and result that follows as a reflection of Its Will. It is thus this type of incident that pushes one's faith to the next highest level.


Thoughts on Faith

Fear and faith are opposite of one another. Holding down one and building the other is a sign of spiritual growth.

The intensity of a difficulty is often a sign of the need to take to greater faith; that the individual is capable of more of it, i.e. at a greater level.

Intensity in faith is a sure sign of a positive outcome. Life relents to such intensity. Satisfaction will come.

Cheerfulness, positive attitude, and patience are the best foundation when difficulties arise, giving support for greater faith that attracts the right conditions.

Knowing that there is a power in the universe that can move life gives us faith. The more experience we have, the greater the faith.

Experiences of successful workings of the Higher Power nurture faith.

But often new situations demand new formulations of faith. Then faith moves to true Faith, where mind stops, emotions give way, and there is true surrender to the Higher Power.

THY Will Be Done, rather than MY Will be Done in a consecrated effort is an indication of greater Faith.

An intensity of the self-offering in difficult times, and then backing off and giving way to THY will is the right approach.

To have deep faith in everyday life, not just when there are difficulties, shows true sincerity and dedication to the Spirit. It is an indicator of a Spiritual individual.



Faith and the Soul

Definition of (Spiritual) Faith
Faith is the knowledge of the soul reflected in the Mind. (MSS)


Spiritual Faith
Spiritual Faith is the Knowledge of the Soul.


Faith in Divine as Knowledge of Soul
Having faith that the Divine will work things out for us is a knowledge of the Soul, Spirit within.


Soul Experience and Spiritual Faith
When we have experience of the presence of the Soul within, we develop greater faith in the Spiritual Reality.


Faith as Truth Power
Spiritual Faith is power of Truth from within.

Spiritual Faith Engendered by Soul Experience
What is faith? In general it is the giving of complete trust to someone or something else in the belief that it will produce relief or benefit. We give such trust freely, not knowing the details of what will be done and how it will come about. All we "know," is that the other party -- a subordinate, a friend, the Divine spirit -- will do what is necessary ON ITS OWN, without the requirement of our knowledge.

Let me focus on Faith in the Spirit. Normally we take to it because it is our last hope, or because we have seen its working in the past, which engenders confidence that surrendering to it will work again. However, for there to be true, ongoing faith in the Divine -- whether in times of need or reliance on it to succeed -- we will need to have experience of the spirit, of Soul within. The feeling of the Presence within will gives us a great faith in the wider Spiritual Reality. Then, when challenging situations arise in our lives, we will be able to defer to that wider Reality to bring us good fortune. Thus the basis of ongoing faith is ongoing Soul experience within.


Spiritual Faith is a Movement of Soul Within

Faith is a movement of the soul deep within us, a power of Truth. It is a direct and spontaneous knowing that can be equal to or supersede mental knowledge. E.g. I may mentally know that if I do such and such things, a work will be accomplished; yet I can also have a faith in the Spirit that all things will resolve themselves at a far higher order, even as I perform the necessary tasks. It is the trust in the Spirit that life will respond in our favor beyond the normal cause and effect unfolding due to rational-based activity.

Faith is most effective when it is integral -- not only in the mind, but also in the emotions; even in the very fiber of our physical being. Faith also has its maximum effect when we do not expect or insist on a particular result, but instead give up our claims and expectations, maintain a steady confidence, despite any and all obstacles.

The surest sign of that faith is when we feel a sense of peace even before the issue has been outwardly resolved. It is a true indicator that we have put the issue in the hands of a Higher power that we believe will never fail. On the other hand, if it does "fail," it is only because we do not yet understand what the outcome it precipitated is suggesting.

When we have deep, abiding Faith in That, then life will progressively reveal its most profound secrets, even as it cooperates with us at every turn.


Spiritual Faith and Soul
Faith is the knowledge and experience of the soul. Therefore, when you discover your personal evolving soul at some point along the path, faith will be ever-present and ever-lasting.


Spiritual Faith that Comes through Soul-Connection
Faith in the Divine comes as knowledge of one's soul. When we connect to our personal evolving soul (the psychic being), faith increases. In that way we come to faith in Joy, instead of coming to it by being tested through the despair of serious problems. We must learn to move from faith in life's institutions; e.g. law if we are involved in a law case, medicines if we are sick, etc.; even to the miraculousness of life response itself for faith in the working of the divine Force, the divine Mother. This is the true faith. (Paraphrase of MSS)


Faith as Experience of the Power of the Spirit to Solve
When one has experience the power of the Spirit to rectify a problem or support positive results before, one develops a faith in It as new situations arise. In that sense faith is knowledge of the effective power of the Spirit of the Soul.
-If one does not have this power of faith, one can move within toward the Soul to discover it.


Return to Faith of Soul Status to Make Life Move
When everything stops, and nothing moves in our lives, it is time to learn patience, and discover faith by returning to our soul status.


Thoughts on Moving to the Depths Within

Thoughts on the Evolving Soul Within



Faith in the Force

Faith in the Spiritual Force
One can have faith in the Divine reality, or perhaps better yet in the Spiritual Force that is the instrument of the reality.


Faith in Divine Force, Not Life in A Spirit-Oriented Enterprise

When undertaking an enterprise from the spiritual point of view, one should not place one's faith in the product, the state of the market, or one's personal skill, capacities, and knowledge, but in the Divine. Powerful response from life will invariably follow. It is the difference between our normal faith in life, and a super-normal faith in the power of the infinite Divine.  


Consecration and Soul Connection that Engenders Faith in, Surrender to the Spiritual Force
The more we consecrate activates, i.e. offer them to the spiritual Force before commencing, and see its miraculous-like results hereafter, the more faith we develop. The deepest, ongoing faith however develops through experiences of the Spiritual presence within; i.e. of the Soul. The combination of the two engenders infinite faith in and a  willingness and need to surrender to the workings of the Divine Force to solve any problem, achieve any result, and to discover our purpose in life.


The Power of the Hopeless Moment to Use the Force
This is really a hopeless MOMENT. [The] Mother says a hopeless moment is the best occasion to call Her as She can act most powerfully. At such moments, we believe in nothing. Our beliefs that stand in the way of the Force working effectively have now deserted us. (MSS)


Faith Beyond Belief in the Power of the Spirit
We believe in the power of Spirit, but belief must rise to pure Faith to accomplish in life. (Paraphrase of MSS)


Two Determinants of Faith that Accomplish
There are two parts to faith that cures, solves, etc. One is the Force that grants, the other is the faith of the person who prays. (Paraphrase of MSS)


'THY Will Be Done' in Troubled Times
In these times when life challenges us from so many directions, one is left with one ultimate solution -- THY Will Be done. If your job is at risk, you discover that your physical problems have gotten worse, and you are slipping into mild depression, it is then best to offer the entire matter to the Higher Power, asking that Its Will be done.

Better yet offer one's entire life and being to the Divine, not asking to solve this or that. With intensity, an almost desperate prayer, ask the Divine to take one's life in the direction It seeks for you. It is thus THY will be done, not My. That aspiration and prayer will surely be answered as life gives way, slowly or rapidly, and you are catapulted upward in a new direction.

Only then will it be revealed real purpose of all your troubles: That life was directing you into the next phase of your life, and giving you greater faith in the Spirit to direct and guide your life in the future.



Faith's Accomplishment

Faith moves life in one's favor.


Levels of Faith Producing Various Levels of Accomplishment
Faith of any description yields results. A superior faith brings superior results. A boy having superstitious faith passes his M.A. in second class and becomes a lecturer in the university. One whose faith is based on understanding becomes an educationist of national eminence. He who has the simple pure faith in the Divine, disregarding his crystal clear understanding that is precise, rises to become an original thinker who contributes to his subject attaining international eminence winning the Noble Prize. (MSS)


Faith in Divine that Creates Greatest Results, Resolves Any Problem
Often we take a greater interest in a work, put all our passionate energy into it. In such a case, our whole energy of the temperament goes into it. We call him dynamic. Philosophy rates it as the second level of energy. The first is the ordinary human energy. The second is the higher human energy.

Man shifts himself from the human centre to the divine centre in him. Then his energy becomes divine energy. People like Nehru and Gandhi exhibited such divine energy in their patriotic service. To them, the Divine Mother was the Divine. That is a third level of human functioning.

So far, man took the initiative. Hereafter man allows the Divine to take initiative in him. Beyond this, Man acquires the knowledge that it is not he who acts but it is Nature that acts in him, acts through him.

He allows things to happen on their own accord, i.e. he withdraws the egoistic insistence and initiative of the ego. What acts then is his FAITH. That faith cures, unfailingly.

The cancer is cured overnight, stone dissolves. The scan that showed the stone five days earlier, discloses that there is no stone. The doctor who called the patient mad before the scan issues the discharge notice. (MSS, slightly paraphrased)


Consecrating our Aspiration and Faith
When we aspire to achieve a thing, we need to have faith in the result. If we consecrate our aspiration that we have faith that the Divine power will bring us what It deems he best and right result.


'THY Will Be Done' in Troubled Times
In these times when life challenges us from so many directions, one is left with one ultimate solution -- THY Will Be done. If your job is at risk, you discover that your physical problems have gotten worse, and you are slipping into mild depression, it is then best to offer the entire matter to the Higher Power, asking that Its Will be done.

Better yet offer one's entire life and being to the Divine, not asking to solve this or that. With intensity, an almost desperate prayer, ask the Divine to take one's life in the direction It seeks for you. It is thus THY will be done, not My. That aspiration and prayer will surely be answered as life gives way, slowly or rapidly, and you are catapulted upward in a new direction.

Only then will it be revealed real purpose of all your troubles: That life was directing you into the next phase of your life, and giving you greater faith in the Spirit to direct and guide your life in the future.



Faith in the Result

Faith in What Comes, Not What We Want, is to Have Faith in Faith
Faith in the Divine does not always bring what we wish for. It can bring another thing. To accept the rightness of what is actually brought is to have faith in Faith in the result.


Consecrating our Aspiration and Faith
When we aspire to achieve a thing, we need to have faith in the result. If we consecrate our aspiration that we have faith that the Divine power will bring us what It deems he best and right result.



Silence, Depths Engenders Faith

Silence that Engenders Spiritual Faith
When the mind falls silent, the vital withdraws its urges. And the body surrenders. There is developed faith. (Paraphrase of MSS)


Silence and Spiritual Faith
The first step for reaching the soul, is for the Mind to fall silent. The mind and vital are then settled; the body surre
nders, which engenders faith in the Divine Reality.


Moving within and Spiritual Faith
Moving to the depths engenders faith.



Faith in Another's Faith
Faith works, always works. Man has a way of looking for someone on whose faith he can live. That too yields a miraculous result ONCE. It is the faith in another's faith, a vicarious human effort. (MSS)

Withdrawal of Thought that Generates New Thought
A certain type of trust or faith is involved when one withdraws thought with the gentle expectation that new, dynamic creative, understanding will rise on its own.


ARTICLE on Having Faith in Life

MSS Article on Faith


(entries from Thoughts 2012 through 2015 1st qtr.)


Faith Instead of Certainty of the Now

We want knowledge of the truth of the now; i.e. certainty. But life does not always afford it. So instead we are offered Faith, which is certainty that all that is occurring serves a higher purpose.


Faith in Mother

Faith in the Mother conquers all.


Strength and Faith

Inner strength builds up through ever-increasing Faith.


Consecration as Act of Self-Givingness and Self-Forgetfulness

Consecration is to shift from one's preferences to Faith in the Mother. It is an act of self-givingness (to the Divine) and self-forgetfulness (of self and self-want), surrendering to Its/Her Will and Intent. It is a movement away from Ego and toward Faith. It is captured in truly feeling "Thy Will Be Done" in the consecration process, and then forgetting the matter, fully trusting in Mother. It is Faith.


Changing Fear to Faith

Wherever there is fear, turn it into Faith.

Q: can you please explain how exactly one can do this? A process would be very helpful.

A: Let's say you are about to have an important interview. There may be a moment you feel afraid you may not secure the desired result. At that moment you can instantly shift to faith in the Mother, which will create the more positive energies for success. This can be applied to any fear or worry that suddenly rises. It also can be applied generally to an ongoing attitude of fear, worry, and the like. Also consecrating each shift to Faith would support spontaneous outpourings and feelings of Faith in future.


Faith, Knowledge, Power

Faith converts knowledge into power. (Sri Karmayogi)

Interpretation: I may know what I want; even know how to achieve it. But that does not guarantee success. It still remains as Knowledge. Even acting through that knowledge guarantees nothing. But Faith in the spiritual Force, the divine Mother, causes life to move, fulfilling our heart's desire. The knowledge has thus been converted into Power by our aspiration for and trust in the Divine.


Peak of Faith and Mother

At the peak of Faith is the Mother crystalline.


Faith in Mother's Force and the New World

In this New Divine Existence, Faith in the Mother's Force is what ultimately matters, and where our attention should be focused. By surrendering to Her supramental power, we will progressively be carried into the New World.


True Security

In one sense hankering for Security is of the lower, physical consciousness. True Security is based on Pure Faith. When one can hang by a fingernail at the edge of a mountaintop and smile because of Faith, then one has moved from physical to spiritual Security. We devotees live somewhere in between, hoping for physical, vital, and mental security in various shadings. E.g. vital security is created by the Trust and Faith that all life circumstance we engage in will work out well. It's a psychological state of well-being based on life's cooperation. The Mother's Force enables such Security, as she does all the other kinds.

Naturally physical security comes first - money, house, career, possession etc. It is something humans have hungered for since the dawn of time. Mother will provide these of course. But that surely cannot be enough for Her Life, for Supramental Living. When we stop looking for physical security (even that which She can provide) and instead perform our work to perfection, are self-giving to others, and live for the joy of astonishing moments, then we have the Security of Life; secure that spiritual Magic is always afoot, which is to experience the Ananda of Living.


Problems and Faith

All problems are opportunities to increase Faith.


Complete Divine Faith and Embracing the Future !

Its only when we have complete faith in the Divine that we no longer are afraid of the future. (Salona Surjoo)


Ultimate Faith Required in Sri Aurobindo and Mother's Path

It is said that in practicing Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's path that one has to be metaphorically willing to be hanging over a cliff on the edge of a mountain by one's fingernails, and still have the faith that the Divine will save one. And of course it does, ALWAYS. This is when Faith is profoundly deep ... with corresponding overwhelming to be hanging over a cliff on the edge of a mountain by one's fingernails, and still have the faith that the Divine will save one. And of course it does, ALWAYS. This is when Faith is profoundly deep ... with corresponding overwhelming positive results for one's self and the world around us.


The Utility of Doubt

The enemy of faith is doubt, and yet doubt too is an utility and necessity, because man in his ignorance and in his progressive labour towards knowledge needs to be visited by doubt, otherwise he would remain obstinate in an ignorant belief and limited knowledge and unable to escape from his errors. This utility and necessity of doubt does not altogether disappear when we enter on the path of Yoga. (Sri Aurobindo)



The more Faith you have in the Force's power, the more it becomes a conscious choice to evoke it.


Purpose, Will, Values, Faith and Ultimate Accomplishment

What can surpass unity of purpose, intensity of will, highest of values, and faith in the spiritual Force (consecrated effort) in accomplishing a goal among a group of individuals?


Fear to Faith

Fear converted to Faith is one of spiritual life's great transitions.


Faith in Mother Accomplish When We Withdraw Faith On Capacities

The secret of highest accomplishment is to withdraw our faith in our capacities.

Shifting from activity to Silence is the basis for highest accomplishment. (from The Book by Garry Jacobs)

Reader: Yes! That why Sri Karmayogi says,í even in life, many of our success is more so by our character, attitude, motives -not by our capacity. If we analyze we can see, often it is in spite of our capacity. When we withdraw our faith from our capacity, grace becomes Super grace. A very simple spiritual truth, which is equally true in life, is that our capacity stands in our way as much as our incapacity does.


The Hidden Purpose of Problem: Faith

Problems come to us to test our current level of Faith.


Faith in Mother in Human and Spiritual Life

Human life is to have faith in the Mother in the worst or most pressing of situations. Spiritual life is to actively court and have faith in Mother on every occasion.


Fear Turns to Faith By Motherís Force

Fear is fear of the unknown; an acute feeling of powerlessness in the face of perceived negatives. It is an intense expression in the nerves that can be controlled through higher mental and spiritual consciousness. If the Mother's spiritual force is called into fear, it can disappear in an instant, and even turn to faith. Positive conditions, often unanticipated, are bound to follow.


The Mother on Faith

-An absolute faith and trust in the Grace is, in the last analysis, the Supreme Wisdom.

-It is when all seems lost that all can be saved. When you have lost confidence in your personal power, then you should have faith in the Divine Grace.

-Have faith and unshaken confidence. The Divine Grace will do the rest.

-Keep good faith in the Grace. She is the doer of all miracles.

-It is only by remaining perfectly peaceful and calm with an unshakable confidence and faith in the Divine Grace that you will allow circumstances to be as good as they can be. The very best happens always to those who have put their entire trust in the Divine and in the Divine alone.

-And this faith--sincere and constant--is at once our help and protection.

-Continue to have full faith in the Divine's Grace, Will and Action and all will be all right.

-The Grace and the help are always there for all who aspire for them and their power is limitless when received with faith and confidence.

-At the very moment when everything seems to go from bad to worse, it is then that we must make a supreme act of faith and know that the Grace will never fail us.


Integral Faith

We can have trust in the Divine, in Mother in the outcome of a challenging situation in our thoughts, but still be disturbed by this reality in our emotions, our vital being. When that is calmed and smoothed over and we feel emotionally confident there through our association with the Higher Power, we have gone from mental trust to mento-vital Faith. One stage further is where the certainty of a positive outcome to the challenging condition via Higher Consciousness moves to the substance of our body. It is where faith springs forth spontaneously as it is integrated into the very fiber of our being. This we may call Integral Faith.


Increasing Aspiration & Faith

Day after day our aspiration will grow and our faith will intensify. (The Mother)

Thanks to NR


Faith in Mother, When Lose It In Ourselves

Faith in Mother arises when we lose faith in ourselves. It is the voluntary giving up of oneís faith in oneís capacities that generates Faith in the Mother. (Sri Karmayogi)



Have faith in Life's outcome, whatever form that takes shape.


Common Sense vs. Faith

-Even when common sense appears to work, it is faith that moves the affairs.

-To willfully choose common sense instead of faith, will be an eternal block.

-Common sense can solve problems, but cannot raise consciousness.

-Faith solves the problems raising the consciousness.

-Common sense or rationality is what Man knows to be valid social experience.

-Faith is the belief of the Individual in the Divine, something higher than himself.

-According to these definitions one is the best of the past and the other is the endless potential of the future.

-Obviously one is severely limited and the other is limitless. (Sri Karmayogi)

RK: Insight by experience Ė> commonsense by knowledge -> Faith->Trust->Shift->Transformation->Evolution.


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Faith & Trust in anything including on our capacity, skill, goal, ideal plays maximum role in an accomplishment.



Patience with Divine is FAITH.


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Consecration is shifting your faith from your capacities to Mother's.



COMPLETE FAITH will change even the most negative conditions, to be FAVOURABLE

What helps us transcend from this ordinary Life to the Supramental Life is THIS INTEGRAL FAITH.


Supergrace That Transcends Our Capacities

Our past is collected in us as our present capacities. Our past is our karma. As long as we believe in karma, Grace cannot act. The moment we move away from our karma, our being is no longer occupied in any fashion. It is fresh. Grace acts at once and allows us to reap the rewards of our own endowments unhindered by the past or karma.

There is a further progress open to Man. It is his ability to give up his faith in his own endowments. Man is not constituted to withdraw from his endowments because he is his own endowment. His identification with his endowments is total. Should he do that, grace at that moment turns into Super Grace. Grace permits you to work unhindered by karma. Super Grace brings the end results in the beginning, as it is not our own endowments that are at work, but Her endowments that do the work. (Sri Karmayogi)

Further comment: An example of Supergrace: You are assembling an important piece of new furniture for your home. You have consecrated the entire effort. Now you are at a critical point, and you are relying on your strength and skill to accomplish the work. However, things go a bit roughly and as a result your remember and decide not to depend on your capacities, but on Her. When you make the smallest effort to go further, all of a sudden the particular difficult action starts working out, which in turn leads to similar successful actions, leading to near perfect execution of the entire undertaking. You have cleared an important milestone in your new home by forgetting your capacity, in exchange for Her life response Power.


To Be Titled

Karmayogi says that when we shift from faith in our own skills and capacities to Mother we attract Super Grace



 Faith in disease, medicine, doctor, lack of faith in Mother, unwillingness to give up disease-creating gunam (qualities of your nature).


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Every difficulty is another opportunity to engage in, put our faith in Mother.

Reader: Like when I am facing a disciplinary hearing

Response: Yes


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For any problem you have, intensely ask Mother to resolve it. Then let go, offer it up, and say "let Thy will be done." Have Faith in the answer, in what She brings, yet without expectation or demand.


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When the devotee's affairs are caught in a tangle and are spoiled and news comes to him after the loss is incurred, if he can bring himself to pray to Mother to save the situation that was already lost, Mother will act in a unique way. She does save the situation. The faith of the devotee to pray to her after the work has been spoiled, is no ordinary faith. It is extraordinary. (Sri Karmayogi)

An example: Once Sri Karmayogi had a visitor who told him that something bad had occurred in the town. This fact had been passed around and many recognized it as so. However, Sri Karmayogi did not believe it to be true. Perhaps he consecrated the circumstance at that point. I do not know. Soon after, it was discovered that the bad thing had actually not taken place, just as Appa had believed!


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Hope comes from faith in the Infinite; hopelessness in faith of the finite. (paraphrase of Karmayogi)

Additional comment: When we arrive at very difficult moments, where we seem to have no power or control, the human way is to be overwhelmed by circumstance which leads to feelings of hopelessness. It is in those key moments when we can draw on our faith; faith in the Infinite power of Mother, which will give us hope ... plus it will normally lead to enormous life response results, which will further enhance our faith in the Infinite.


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Difficulties test our balance and faith. But if we see them as opportunities, as intense positives that widen the scope of possibilities, then we are no longer at the mercy of life, but are engaged in a great learning experience; an adventure of consciousness and joy.



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Trust in Life vs. the Force

Taking to Life or Spiritual Force

When you depend on Life, you receive a Mixture: pleasure and pain, success and failure, knowledge and ignorance, positive and negative, etc. When you depend on the spiritual Force you receive that which is Self-Existent; i.e. the true Good comes without its dark shadow. Your experience persistent Silence, Peace, Harmony, Truth, Wisdom, Perfection, Goodness, Love, Delight, Timelessness, and Infinity. The Choice between the two is ours for the making every single moment of the day.


Having Faith When You are Not Sure if the Divine is Responding to Your Aspiration

Q: It is really an art to know when to nurture 'something you deeply want' or just accept that if it's not happening it must mean that this desire is not equal to Mother's will and is better to just accept, surrender and let go. I find that a knotty subject. It's difficult to generate sufficient 'positive inner conditions' if one is unsure if it's a desire in keep with the Divine's designs. Don't you find that problematic?

A: I find this is a test of faith, or an opportunity to have more faith that what is given or is not given (or presented us) is the Divine will. Transfer the doubt to Faith. It's an opportunity for more faith. It is an indicator that we don't engage our faith as much as we should, given our character and nature.

-Beyond that it we move into a realm that is beyond mental understanding.
-Patience is another factor that can always be increased.
-Bottom line: do your best, try to become as conscious as you can. Be sincere about it. Constantly offer your life circumstance and your aspirations to the Force; to the Mother. Have Faith no matter what.


On Faith

-Faith is trust in life that certain things will occur as one believes.

-Faith is belief in the outcome of certain circumstance without having certainty of fact.

-Spiritual faith is trust in the Divine without access to knowledge or fact.

-Faith is belief in "inner fact," without their outer form.




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