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Selfless Prayer with Required Insight Attracts Universal Results
We know that the power of prayer is real; i.e. it invokes a response from the Divine. It is no myth. For example, when there is a problem in the community or collective, such as lack of rain, we pray for the solution so that our own personal situation will be eased. There may be some result. A better way is when our prayer is issued for the sake of the whole community or collective, of which we too are an individual. That prayer will be even more powerful if we study and understand the problem from its myriad of angles, consider every way that the solution will benefit the society, and overcome a related personal deficiency, such as the wasting of water. Such a universal prayer will organize the energy into a spiritual power that will result in a universal life response solution to the problem. (Inspired by MSS insight)

Forgetting Prayers that Have Been Answered
We ask for a result through an intensity of prayer. When we receive its results later on, it may strike us as a negative event or results, even though its precisely what we asked for! We forgot our past intent, lost in the present attachments.

Answer to Prayers
-Prayers will be answered according to our level of selfishness.
-Our prayer should not be made known to anybody. Then there will be no room for selfishness. (MSS)

Answers to Prayer Beyond the Level Through Which We Believe
The Divine
grants our prayer through what we believe in. One who believes in influence to get a government job will get it through his influential contacts. Suppose one can use money, has VIP contacts, status, etc., but disregards them and relies ONLY on the Divine, She grants his prayer by a procedure not in the department or life.

That is pure Grace. Devotees have received orders from the government in defiance of the rules to the contrary. (MSS, slightly modified)

Prayers to the Force are Always Answered
When you pray, your prayer touches this world. That is why prayers so far unanswered are now answered. Prayers to the Supramental Force never fail. All prayers, without fail, are answered. (MSS)

Answers to our Prayers
As long as our needs are genuine, sincere, what we need, what we have aspired for long, our prayers all get sanctioned. There are occasions when we assert our ego, or are self-opinionated, or ask for something the Divine has not approved of. That prayer never is answered, unless we shed our ego first, remove the inner obstacles or realise our prayer is directly against the Divine's expressed wishes.

The very first condition is that the Grace acts on its own conditions, conditions of truth, not according to the demands of the human Mind which is false. To us our falsehood appears as Truth. We take our desires as our wants. Duties go before rights, we simply ignore then. It never strikes us. Only that we know our prayer is not answered. Surely it will be answered when you cease to be irrational and do not assert your ego. (MSS, somewhat modified)

Conditions for Our Prayer to be Answered
There are honest prayers sometimes not answered by the Spirit. Are we to understand that the Spirit also has its own limitations? No, the Spirit has no such limitations.

Why, then, is the prayer not answered? That is a wider philosophical question which I shall not attempt to answer here. Let me confine myself to saying how the Spirit can be made to respond. As a mantra yields its full power to perfect pronunciation, the Spirit moves into action when TRUTH in the prayer is utterly truthful. The medium for spiritual power to act in life answering our right prayers that are sincere is truthfulness in word and deed. Such a truthfulness is sometimes called SINCERITY, sometimes PURITY. The Spirit never fails. Its power is unfailing. How can God fail, especially when He is coming towards you, anxious to relate to you? Still, for God to act, the conditions must be fulfilled. God acts unconditionally in the lives of those who have surrendered unconditionally. (MSS, slightly modified)

Rules for Prayer to Overcome an Affliction
If someone suffers from an affliction and the suggestion for prayer to the Force to remedy it is scorned, it will cancel the possibility of the cure. If you pray for the end of another's affliction, and it has been scorned by others around him, then you may suffer the same affliction thereafter.

Some Prayers are Answered; Others are Not
As for prayer, no hard and fast rule can be laid down. Some prayers are answered, all are not. You may ask, why should not then all prayers be answered? But why should they be? it is not a machinery: put a prayer in the slot and get your asking. Besides, considering all the contradictory things mankind is praying for at the same moment, God would be in a rather awkward hole if he had to grant all of them; it wouldn't do. (Sri Aurobindo)

Birth of the Universal Being
A universal prayer with the requisite knowledge enables one to begin to become a universal being.

Supports for One's Inner Method
Prayer, consecration and surrender are central methods. Once one is adopted, there are many things that can be done to augment the result. Implementing values like physical cleanliness, vital calmness, social harmony, psychological goodwill, absolute truthfulness, purity of motive, etc. all create conditions for the Force to descend in greater measure when you call. (MSS)

Consecrated Problem without Thought Enables Vast Response from Life
An intense call or consecration to the Higher Power of a very difficult or separate situation will almost always bring results. Here the mind and heart knows what it wishes to overcome. Sometimes however, such an intense prayer without any thought can bring an even greater response. E.g. an individual can have several straining issues simultaneously, and is so overwhelmed by problems, that he prays for help, though he cannot think individually or collectively what the problems are. In no time he receives a great response to his consecration. What has happened in such a case is that mind's interference has been removed, enabling the Spirit to act largely on the whole of the issue. The meddling mind is rendered powerless to interfere, leaving the entire field free for the Spirit to act, which it does in overwhelming abundance. (Paraphrase of MSS)

The Power of the Hopeless Moment to Use the Force
This is really a hopeless MOMENT. Mother says a hopeless moment is the best occasion to call Her as She can act most powerfully. At such moments, we believe in nothing. Our beliefs that stand in the way of the Force working effectively have now deserted us. (MSS)

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