July 09, 2002


School that is a Miniature of Future Society


(by Karmayogi)



v      Schools are miniatures of society now, but after a fashion.

v      The system of education brings to posterity the entire knowledge of the past in essence in a decade or two.

v      Education overcomes Time.

v      As the centuries passed two things happened: 1. The efficiency of education rose and 2. along with it its spread among the people increased.

v      Now that the Force that can abridge evolution of 30,000 years into one lifetime is there in the atmosphere, it is possible to raise the quality of education sky–high and spread it all over humanity.

v      As a first step, our aim is to prepare the student who leaves school at 15 to be as fit as one of 50 or 60 years.

v      This is to be done in stages starting with each child doing what the pupils in the next class do.

v      Looking at what happened in the last 50 years, it is possible NOT to raise an objection to the goal.

v      The Force that is there in the atmosphere can raise everyone in the population to be a genius. Therefore, it is not a very difficult goal. To achieve it in ONE school cannot face obstacles as we know what schools have achieved 500 years ago or even earlier.

v      Whether it is really possible for a man to become a genius?

     The Negroes who have had the same opportunity as whites have ended up poor.

     Two boys by different exercises of their choice end up low and high.

     It is true no one a hundred years ago had the social opportunities we now have.

     It is equally true that there are quite a number of people now by virtue of their attitudes expressed in their daily choices who have made only the same progress as a hundred years ago.

v      This is so because any advantage entering man's circumstances is at once ulilised by his own personality of old values. This is the key that pulls down the vertical growth to a pyramid.

v      The school helps the child to use the incoming energy and information in the best possible way.

v      If only we see the enormous opportunities around us, it may not be difficult to see that all of us or each one of us has now the same psychological energy which created the geniuses in this birth and in the previous births. I should say the atmosphere now carries the Golden Force which was not there before 1956.

v      Whether a genius can be created – I am more than sure all of us can become geniuses – or not, we can do more than what we are doing now for the children as our schools are better than other schools.

v      Suppose this truth is perceived, the existence of the Golden Force is seen or assumed, how to accomplish the most.

     Release the energy in the child, teach him to direct it for full use, let him organise it into a power of achievement. Let us give him the skills to turn it into results.

     Energy is released by interest, attention, freedom. Negatively it may release wild energy.

     The interest, attention, freedom can rise in the scale of physical, vital, mental, spiritual, supramental, Mother.

     Infinite energy can be released from the child with the limit fixed by wildness.

     As in releasing energy, so there is the above INFINITE scope in giving it direction, organisation and skills.

     The truth here is the practical concept of infinity. It is possible to explain each of  these steps in minute detail, but it will be theoretical and lose its value. Once someone starts experimenting, it will be real. The infinite scope is seen in Nirupama.

     Even the perception at this stage of such energy available is a great step forward.

v      Assuming a band of teachers comes forward to learn it and have it, what is the next step?

v      The education given to children all over the world up to this point is based on the belief that it is good for the child to learn. What should they learn? In the absence of any clear concept, the original answer was the three Rs. Later whatever the adult felt meaningful was added. At the stage of higher education, it branched off into a million branches of specialisation. It is humanity's first unorganised unconscious attempt dynamically pursued. Man does not know what he has learnt, how he has learnt, how his learning was useful to him, why he is learning, etc. These are all philosophical questions which no philosophy can handle today for the simple reason the process of education is the process of creation, which is still not only not known to the world but the world has not raised that question yet or formulated it.

v      If these questions are ever raised unthinkingly, superstitious answers will emanate such as 'Man should fit himself into the society', 'He should survive', 'He must be happy'. This is not the society in which anyone need fit, nor is happiness a real goal.  Social survival is ruled out when you do not accept the society. If some one or many people raise these questions – I have not heard of any yet – it will be refreshing to frame answers to them. First of all, we must arrive at the right questions.

v      I am taking the issue at a fairly low level where there will be no controversy. An education that equips the child to avoid failures in life as much as possible is desirable. Whether he fits into this society or not, he must live. He must successfully live in good health, if possible avoiding sorrow and depression. It is Life education based on health education. As we do not raise fundamental issues, let us continue to teach what we are now teaching and within that scope try to develop in the child good health, mastery of circumstances as well as mastery of his lower emotions.

v      As this approach gives a framework to teaching within the 'No framework' we are now based on, you will see the endless social resources coming to your rescue, infinite psychological resources that rise in the teacher and pupil quickly convincing her that resources are truly limitless.

v      Once the school and teachers see in practice these great resources at their disposal, it is a question of organising them into acquired talents of the individual in an enjoyable, accepted form.

v      Today take two men at two extremities of the society -- one who has had the fullest opportunity and encouragement to avail of any desirable social advantage and the other who religiously refused to step out of the boundaries of his village and rejected all forms of modern assets including education as an intrusion into his sacred privilege. The difference is immeasurable. Our boy leaving school around 15 years will differ from any other boy of 15 anywhere in the world as much. In potential he will excel anyone at any age vastly. Our aim of turning out a student who will have the mental age rather social age of 50 or 60 will be more than justified.

v      The world is Himalayan, but our methods equip us with the latest psychological computer making it easier.

v      Between two people at the age of 60 who end up as a retired clerk and as a rich industrialist, often the native talents are the same. Two things bring about the difference 1. His choice as a human being, 2. The support of his own social environment. Man who has the talents and makes the right choice rises continuously, but the moment the social support is not there, he levels off or falls. Only one in a thousand can replace the external support by inner support. What I call life education teaches it in which case he will not meet with any failure anymore. This seems to be a tall claim. Millions of malarial deaths were prevented by spraying kerosene on stagnant pools of water. Dozens of nations that were plagued by malaria before the war are now free of it. Kerosene is physical. The inner support is psychological. As every child already has basic qualifications, it is possible to teach it. When walking on the road, we steer clear of the crowd, do not jostle about, protect the purse. This is an endowment which most have. We see the rare few not endowed with this skill often losing their purse, running a thorn, getting hit, quarreling with people having hit them in an unconscious rush. To walk safely through a crowded street is a physical skill which is there. To walk through life unhurt is a psychological version of that skill.  A school has infinite social occasions so that teaching of that skill is not difficult.

     In a crowd, we not only watch our path, but have an eye on the movements of all others to avoid a collision. The rule in life is the same. You should not let others' movements hinder you. Presently the culprits in this regard are those who intentionally provoke others. Avoid provoking others, refuse to be provoked is the psychological rule. When this rule is taught in a class before a year is over there will be vast desirable changes noticed.

     To understand the rule, practise it ourselves, administer it to kids, modify it to the individuals, innovate for fresh situations that are complications, see the possession of that skill is permanent is a whole curriculum by itself. After some years it becomes an attitude and no time is spent on teaching it specially.

v      The foundation for life is health. This belongs to the home not the school. But, a lot can be done in the class by way of education. Health education is a necessary basis for Life Education.

v      Life education has several layers. First, it offers successful survival. Next, a freedom of mind. Third, it enables the child to have smooth relations with other children. Finally, in his human relationship with other children he can have a certain mastery that is not domination. It goes further when the child is able to have the same mastery over the events and environment. This appears miraculous, but we witness it all the time in a sporadic form. All that I am pleading for is to organise such a capacity as a permanent one. The rules are too many but the central theme is when one is right and quietly strong, life at once acts positively. When a child who wants to go with a friend to his house to fetch a book from there proposes it to his friend, instantaneously someone brings that book to his friend for some mysterious reason. This is not unknown, but to give this power to the child as a permanent possession in all his affairs is to elevate the child to such a level of life as does not exist now. The gain here is not the walk to his friend's house. The child will develop strong, quiet, innate GOODNESS.

v      By health education, I mean a certain wholesome basket of health information. In the earlier generation, especially ladies at home possessed a kind of health knowledge that presided over the culinary art and acted as a kind of first aid kit for general health. The knowledge was minimal but wholesome. Even 50, 60 years ago when the life span was 38 years – though the ladies were ignorant – those who had adhered to these norms lived beyond 60 or even 70. Today ladies are educated, the information at their disposal is enormous. It has to be organised into a usable kit of knowledge for health primarily and secondarily for the cure of minor diseases.

v      Apart from these two, for the personality of the child to benefit through social contacts, I have an elaborate programme in mind but the main principle is the active initiative of the school to bring the child into live contact with all facets of social life so that when he goes out he will not find any social situation utterly fresh. If this works successfully in the first phase, the whole life of the school can be organised as a miniature of the society outside. Should we do so, it is possible for us to bring to the benefit of the child some of the facets of life not available in his locality or his state even.

v      My programmes are elaborate. The teacher is the key. She must be paid the maximum that anyone else is paid in India for an equal capacity.

v      Should such a scheme be a success on an individual school basis, it will be possible to reduce it to a general system for wider use. Hence the TV. If there is any TRUTH in these ideas and they have any realistic force, that must bring to us on its own all the FUNDS the school or the system needs.





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