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How We Can Grow through Spirit:
by Roy Posner

In addition to the mental, emotional, psychological, and physical parts of our being, there is also a spiritual element. This part of our being is least familiar to us, and remains distant or subconscious to our daily existence. Very few individuals live from this poise, even though it has a vast power to enable the infinite possibilities of existence to enter our lives.

It is at this spiritual plane that we transcends the limitations of our emotions, feelings, and thoughts, and instead gains a new unified perception of life. The spiritual plane can be reflected in our lives at first as silence, light, and intuition. At more advanced levels it is expressed as a unitary consciousness, where all conflicting thoughts, ideas, events, and life circumstances are reconciled into a greater harmony. Further still one has the experience of a greater spiritual force that can be called and utilized at will to affect life.

Down through history individuals who have had deep spiritual experiences and feeling have noted some common qualities to their spiritual experiences, such as a deep peace insider, or a sense of oneness with others and the surroundings, or a profound universal love, or a power or force, or a light of illumination and knowledge. In the final analysis these experiences and realizations come down to us in two fundamental ways, as consciousness and as force.

Spirit as Consciousness


By consciousness we mean our level of perception about ourselves and the world around us. The higher the perception, the greater the consciousness. Those who have had the spiritual experience have noted that their state of awareness, i.e. their consciousness, has been elevated beyond the norm, enabling that person to experience existence from a whole new perspective.


One of the most common experiences of this spiritual consciousness is feeling of "oneness." Oneness is often experienced as a feeling that everything is part of a whole, or that we all from one common source and share a common spirit. Let's then consider some ways that the spiritual beholder might experiences oneness.

To our ordinary perceptions, the world is a mass of individual life forms each seeking its own destiny. Behind this appearance is the essential nature of existence, the One Divine consciousness. This consciousness expresses itself in the universe in many forms, each with its own will to be. But in fact each form is an expression of the One seeking its infinite joy of existence. All true spiritual realization begins with this new perception of the essential Oneness of all beings and things.

The spiritual experience of Oneness often expresses by the feeling or understanding that we are of one essence or spirit. We experience that the same soul force that we fell in ourselves is there in each person we encounter. This deep perception has the effect of reducing the barriers we feel between ourselves and the people around us. That in turn leads to the realization that other people's interests and concerns are no different and no less important than our own. If we carry this experience into our daily lives, then we cannot but have a deep and abiding respect for every person we meet along the way. Living our lives this way inevitably leads to increased energy, happiness, and good fortune for ourselves and those around us.

By the way, many of the common personal values we share in our lives can be said to emanate from this inner experience of oneness. Examples of these personal values are -- concern for others, trust, tolerance, openness, respect for the individual, and teamwork.

Also we can say that the greatest foundation for any collective, including our society as a whole, is one rooted in this experience and realization that the spirit in me resides in every other person in that community. This spiritual oneness may be in fact the central attribute of an ultimate future society.

-The next time you meet someone else remind yourself that the same spirit that is in yourself is in them. In other words, they, in one sense, are you.

-Whenever you speak with someone else focus completely on their interest, needs, and opinions, and accept them as your own.
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Beyond Good and Bad

A second way that the spiritual experience of oneness expresses is by the perception that there is a level of consciousness that transcends our normal experience of what is good and what is bad. A person normally accepts good things that happen in life as "the good" and bad things that happen as "the bad." Through the unitary spiritual experience of oneness we rise to a higher level of knowledge and insight, and come to understand that the difference between the two are not what we normally perceive. We understand that "the bad" in fact serves a very important purpose; that it is there to help us and the world around us evolve. In that sense it is just as good as "the good!"  Conversely through the experience of spiritual consciousness we begin to perceive that many things we perceive as "good" may not be truly good, and may just be expressions of our desires, attachments, and preferences.

How many of us have looked back over the course of our lives and have seen that the difficult experiences we have gone through (that at the time we perceived of as bad) was often the doorway to a new beginning or opportunity. If we can carry into our daily lives the consciousness of a plane beyond good and bad, we will be able to operate from a more centered poise, enabling us to make better decisions since we see the world from a greater depth and deeper truth. This in effect can only lead to greater success and happiness in life.

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Overcoming Limitations of the Mind

Having spiritual experiences such as oneness helps us recognize that the source of our thinking process, our mind, is a very limited instrument. Before the spiritual consciousness our minds seem puny and limited, filled with our own prejudices and justifications; limited in its awareness, perspective, and knowledge in life's situations and circumstances. On closer scrutiny we discover that the mind and its thoughts tends to pick out one truth out of a larger truth, one piece of the puzzle, discarding the rest. Or it divides things into pieces or sections, not able to hold a wider truth or know the big picture.

From this discovery of the limitations of mind we can make the effort to break our attachments to our own attitudes, opinions, and habits. This effort can help us become more tolerant, energized, and open to the possibility of the full truth, not the limited truth that our own minds present us. This can only lead to greater knowledge, awareness, achievement, success, and happiness in life.


Inner/Outer Correspondence

The spiritual experience often leads to an awareness that the things that occur outside of ourselves and the things within us have a direct correlation and relationship. The mind says they are divided, are of two different worlds, and cannot possibly have a direct relationship. For example, how could changing an attitude possibly relate to a positive circumstance happening to you a few moments after be related in any way. Our minds suggest that such a relationship lies beyond the normal bounds of causality, space and time. Yet, that is precisely what occurs.

Our conclusion is that everything that is happening around you is a reflection of innermost thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. If something is wrong on the outside, you find the corresponding negative inner perception, change it, and watch life respond positively in kind. This in turn leads us to the understanding that we can and should take responsibility for everything that is happening around us, and can make inner changes to effect the world around us.

Interestingly, we have witnessed that if people take this approach, they can bring about an instant outer response from life. For example an individual changes an attitude about someone at work, and instantly gets a call thereafter that a new project has been agreed upon that that person is to lead; or a man cleans something he was reluctant to clean before and instantly finds out that he has run into some expected money. This is called a Life Response.

If your attitudes and opinions are reflected by the circumstances around you, then we can make an effort to change the world on the outside by making a change on the inside; by changing our attitudes, opinions, and habits, or taking a specific action. Under certain circumstances life on the outside can instantly respond to your inner effort. If you can look at every positive and negative circumstance and match it to a corresponding attitude, value, or habit inside yourself, you will be well on your way to understanding the character of life, and gain the ability to master life. There is no faster way to change the world around us than by acting from a positive inner poise.

-Whenever you are bothered by something outside yourself in your life, try to see the corresponding limited habit, opinion, or attitude. Then make an effort to change it at that moment. Better yet develop an action plan to change it in all aspects of your life!
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Openness to the Natural Unfolding

When we are connected to spirit we see that everything that unfolds in the course of time has its own purpose and justification. Normally we want this particular thing to happen and not that, or are expecting one thing to occur over another. However, when we experience the spiritual consciousness, one perceives that each moment has its purpose, that there is a natural unfolding beyond our desires and limited perceptions. This realization enables us to interact with life more joyously and much more successfully as we follow life's thread of unfolding, rather than our ego sense. This can lead to increased energy, reduced stress, an increasingly positive outlook, and increased possibility for great accomplishment, success, and joy in life.



All of these perceptions of oneness can lead one to understand that all of existence is moving towards greater and greater degrees of reconciliation, unity, and harmony. The spiritual aspirant often takes with him into the world the inner perception that all life is moving toward higher levels of reconciliation; between his inner existence and his outer circumstance, between his limited thoughts and the real truth, between the "good" and the "bad" that occurs, even between his own destiny and the destiny of the world around him, including his spiritual destiny. Harmony is perhaps the greatest spiritual value one can have, and if brought into our daily lives can lead to unlimited reconciliation, unity, and truth, which can serve to open us to the very highest possibilities for achievement and happiness in life.

In fact, all problems of life are essentially problems of harmony. In essence we are all one, but since we live in our limited divided consciousness, we do not see and understand the underlying harmony between all things; between ourselves with others, ourselves with the environment, ourselves with the Divine spirit.  

Harmony does not mean to compromise. It means to use a higher understanding to find a true reconciliation between the opposites we encounter, for all opposites are portions of a Oneness that seeks expression through the diverse play of their opposition. Constantly strive to find the widest and most encompassing harmony in all that you do. 


Spirit as Force


Another phenomenon that has been felt by people who have had the spiritual experience is one of having felt some sort of spiritual energy or force, perhaps even a kind of pleasure or bliss. This force of the spiritual plane is experienced as a current, or energy, or something radiating within that has a substance and a power. Some have learned to marshal this power to effect the outcome of events and circumstance. Here are a few ways that the force of spirit functions, and can be utilized to change our lives.


Another way force acts is as Peace. Peace is a state of utter calm and stillness from which all successful outcomes in life must begin. 

One of the first steps on the journey is to establish Peace in our physical nature. We must quiet the body and the nerves to seek that which is beyond our surface being. Spiritual peace comes by self-discipline and calling down the higher vibration into the body, whose nature vacillates between dullness an action. This is an essential first step in any spiritual path. Once physical Peace is established we must learn to free ourselves from the influence of our mind whose lower nature is one of analysis and division and establish the abiding mental Peace to augment the physical Peace.

Calling Peace
Here's one technique: Take any situation in which there is turmoil, confusion, or other negative circumstance. Try to find a point within yourself where there is calm and peace. If you are unable to find that point call peace into the situation. When you feel you are at the point of calm and peace resume your activities. Our research indicates that by calling peace you can calm your thoughts, decrease pain, and attract positive circumstances around you. You can even help stop a negative incident around, such as a riot.

Calling peace into yourself is also a way to reduce physical pain. When a pain occurs, quiet your mind, and don't let it give sanction to the pain (i.e. don't give in to such thoughts and feelings as "Oh no not again" or "Now I have to go to the doctor"). Then call in Peace into yourself for a few moments. Relax. Then watch the pain ease or even disappear. This is also a great technique for reducing stress.

-Whenever you are unbalanced, mentally or emotionally, do not try to solve a problem. First become calm, and peaceful. One technique is to call Peace into your being for a few moments.

-Whenever you feel a physical pain, do not react to the sensation with any mental or emotional feelings. Keep calm, and then begin to ignore the pain completely. Don't mention it to someone else, especially a doctor.
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-Before going to bed aspire for a restful, calm sleep. Also call Peace into your being before you drift off into asleep. You are more likely to have a restful, calm, refreshing sleep.

Notes: Calling down Peace disperses a quarreling crowd, as well as calms down a nation troubled by war.

Spiritual Joy

Yet another way you can experience spirit as force is as the joy and delight of existence. 

In our daily life, we experience alternating periods of pleasure and pain. The world appears to be full of suffering and pain. But if we look behind the surface actions, we discover that all life is moved by the Divine's Joy of self-discovery. This same process of self-discovery occurs in ourselves. As we come out of our ignorance through our experience of the spirit, we come into the light of knowledge, which helps us uncover the spiritual Joy and delight in existence and in our own lives. 

Through prayer, meditation, contemplation, or feelings of devotion one can learn to move beyond our surface awareness and ignorance, and perceive the inner Divine plan, workings, and unfolding. when we understand this in our own lives, there is released in us a deep feeling of spiritual Joy in our delight of existence.

The Great Secret: Opening to Higher Source To Create Positive Circumstance

Spiritual consciousness has been felt from time immemorial as a force or current that uplift our spirits. In addition, that force can also be utilized to improve our daily lives.

Normally we create positive outcomes in our lives by having the right skills and knowledge, the proper level of organization, the right attitudes, and taking the necessary effort, amongst other. If we optimize our capacities, we are sure to meet with success and happiness in any activity or circumstance. Yet to move to a level of perfection in any situation or circumstance, we need one thing more; the cooperation of life.

In life we don't normally have any real control over external circumstance surrounding the event or circumstance we engage in, such as the occurrence of a sudden fire drill in the middle of a meeting we are conducting, or a key person arriving late to the meeting because of a traffic incident. We don't have the ability to effect or prevent such things. Likewise, if we don't know the answer to a problem that we are suddenly confronted with, we don't know where to turn. The only thing we really seem to have control of is our own current capacities.

Then how can we truly become the master of any action, project, circumstance, or situation we partake in? How do we overcome any barrier that appears beyond our control?

Our research indicates that you can gain this control by developing the simple discipline of remembering or deferring to the spiritual consciousness before the activity or event commences. By making this smallest of efforts you will experience that somehow life responds in a positive way. For example, an engineer deferring to the spirit before beginning his work can have breakthrough discoveries or insights that he or she could never have been able to have based only on one's own knowledge, skills, and efforts. An instructor who opens to the force before his class commences watches as everything during the day seems to dovetail perfectly into place, and anticipated problems just vanish.

Deferring to the higher consciousness, the spirit, the Divine, if you will, opens us up to unlimited, even infinite possibilities, transcending the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and other capacities we bring to the situation. Opening to this higher force before commencing an act has the power to evoke positive responses from life. Actions are completed much better than expected, people respond more positively, events move more quickly, and life "cooperates." This power solves problems, resolves conflicts, dissolves dead habits and unwanted traits, opens up new opportunities, generates freshness and enjoyment in everything we do, widens the personality, deepens our awareness, and reveals one's true inner self. To experience this effect just once in one's life is to set one onto a new course in life.

Our experiences suggest this method of deference to a higher force before commencing an activity is a scientific, provable fact, witnessed thousands of times by our researchers, with unprecedented positive results. If you try it and see the results once, it could change your life forever.

Before you commencing any important activity open yourself to a higher power for a moment. Then take the action. See if the action ends in positive results, atmosphere. (This is our most recommended strategy!)
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Many of us have resorted to prayer or meditation as a way to solve serious problems in our lives. Fewer of us however have actually adopted such a technique on a regular and ongoing basis, when things were not going particularly poorly or when things are going well. Utilizing such techniques can bring about great fortune and joy in our lives. 

For example one powerful technique is something closely related to prayer. We call it "Calling." Our experience is that if one were to take any situation and call the higher spiritual power into that situation life responds sooner or later in a very positive way. For example, you can use calling on a daily basis in your work:

The owner of a chain of audio-video stores in Canada took up the technique of calling. Whenever he went to one of his stores he called the higher presence into that location. Within a year of utilizing this technique, profits increase six fold!


-When there is a problem in your life call to the spiritual source for solution. List the specifics in your mind, and offer the problem to it. Don't have any expectations of a specific result. Have faith in the outcome, whatever it is.
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-If there is a great problem in your life, recount your problems as above, and then call for a full day. This takes a great effort, but you may see a great change in your situation in the days and weeks that follow.

One can also call inwardly to another person or object across time and space. consider this example:

I sent the computer to Micron for replacing the damaged keyboard and also for checking on defective performance of my battery since it would stop functioning when it was only 25% discharged. I sent it on a Saturday by overnight and called on Wednesday to confirm they had received it and find out the status. The tech could confirm from the computer that it had been received but their was no update information on status. Even when I was speaking to the tech, I thought I should have called the computer instead of the company. The following morning, I again had the impulse to call Micron. This time I checked the impulse and inwardly called the computer with a warm affectionate emotion for it to return. Five minutes later, the doorbell rang and UPS delivered the computer back!

On checking the computer, I found the keyboard had been fully repaired but the problem with the battery persisted, so I called Micron again and they asked me to send it back. They said under their new policy it would take 10-15 working days. I wanted the computer back in time for a conference we were conducting but it appeared very unlikely. But I had little choice except to send it, since immediately after the conference I was leaving the country for a prolonged period. So I sent it in and tried to be patient. After four or five days, I thought of calling the company to check. Then I recalled my previous experience and thought I should call the computer instead. In spite of my earlier success, the impulse was to call the company in the normal way. I restrained it and called the computer as before. One hour later UPS delivered it to the door!



The ultimate skill of the spirit is perhaps the acknowledgement that there is something beyond any skills, beyond our knowledge, beyond even our spiritual emotions that we can have ultimate trust in. That is faith. Faith is the mind's intuition of higher spiritual truth. Faith is the knowledge of the soul within us of truths we have not yet discovered.

We can have faith on occasion, when circumstances are difficult, or on an ongoing basis. Ongoing faith in the spirit, the divine  is an indication that spirit has become the foundation of our lives. From that poise anything we come to believe that anything is possible for us. It opens us up to the infinite possibilities in life, and it brings us into a closer relationship with the Divine spirit.

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When we are first in touch with the spirit, we have a desire to keep close to this force in our lives. However, that aspiration usually wanes after our experience with the spirit recedes over time. To rekindle our relationship to the spirit and its benefits of peace, joy, light, truth, and infinite possibility, we need to make a continuous effort to bring the spirit back into our lives. This effort must be constant, unending, and should embrace all parts of our nature until a flame ignites and burns inside ourselves as a constant Aspiration for union with the divine. By having aspiration for the spirit, the divine in our lives, we make it the central part of our being, the light of our existence. 


Finally, beyond al our spiritual efforts to connect to the spirit, there is the direct action of the Divine. Grace does not wait for us to connect to spirit; it occurs on it's own. Grace, a direct action of the Divine in our lives, organizes and conducts everything for us and the world around us. Our awareness of its action releases in us a deep universal Joy of existence. 

Additional Strategies

-Practice a discipline such as prayer, meditation, contemplation, or gaining of knowledge to experience and feel the richness of the spiritual plane. For example, calling the higher power into your life or your work on a regular basis can bring enormous success, achievement, and joy in your life.

-Make connecting to spirit (via prayer, consecration, calling, etc.) a regular part of your work life. Integrate it into your normal working routines. See if greater possibilities and outcomes occur as a result.

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