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Giving Things, Others Greater Attention
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by Roy Posner and MSS


The Power of Attention to Attract Positive Circumstance in Life 
Everything in life responds positively to attention.  People, objects, stocks of inventory, and money are but a few examples. For example, the best way to give attention to money is to account for it very accurately and promptly. Keeping accurate and up-to-date accounts of money is a powerful mechanism for attracting more of it from life. One small business owner decided to give attention to his accounts, balanced eight months of back bank statements, and miraculously received $5000 from nowhere the next day. If you bring your personal or business accounts fully and accurately up to date, you'll be able to watch the money flow to you!

Money is not the only thing that responds to attention. So do ordinary objects and things. We have often seen this phenomenon where a business owner concerned by low sales or cash made the effort to sell off remaining unsold stocks, and life responded by bringing more sales. This is a powerful example of the power of attention to objects and things.

People also, of course, respond to attention. Every person wants to be attended to and be the object of others attention. When you give deserving people attention, they can blossom in front of your eyes.

Thoughts on Attention

Attention moves us from our ego-sense and separateness to what is outside ourselves, enabling higher unity and harmony with life. This enables energy to flow between things and enables the energy to build up, which enables positive responses from life.

-Attention to details in a work is a key to perfection in that work, which attracts a great positive response from life.

-There is always a response to attention. If the person does not respond, life responds through a vibration representing the person.

It is a basic law of life that everything – whether it is a physical object or a human being -- responds to greater attention.

Money is no exception. The best way to give attention to money is to account for it accurately and in a timely manner. Keeping precise and up-to-date accounts of money is a powerful mechanism for suddenly attracting more of it.

-One small business owner balanced eight months of back bank statements in a weekend, and received $5000 from nowhere the next day. 

-An individual noticed that an idle machine had become run-down, so he decided to clean and fix it. Within a few days, a new work project suddenly sprung up where this very machine was required. The project, using that machine, became a huge new source of income for the business.

Attention vs. Adoration
One who gives attention to things or a person will see it blossom before his eyes. One who has adoration for it, will see it blossom permanently and infinitely.
(Paraphrase of MSS)

Give Objects, People Greater Attention
Everything in life -- including people, objects, stocks of inventory, and money -- respond positively to attention. For example, one manager decided to give his staff more attention by training each of them on a new physical skill. That effort not only energized his people, but caused the machinery they were working on to suddenly operate at double their rated capacity! In addition, for no apparent reason, there was suddenly a tripling of sales for their products! Action Plan: Consider which individuals and what objects around you require more attention, and then come up with a plan for improvement. When you implement your plan, not only will the objects of your attention blossom before your eyes, but the infinite potentials of life can suddenly rush to your doorstep.

The Power of Attention
If you give people and things the right amount of attention, they will respond beyond your wildest dreams, defying our normal conceptions of logic, cause and effect, and space and time.


Giving Others, Things Greater Attention in Business

No attention is thrown away. Whether it is a person or an object you receive as much attention from them as you give. It is our experience that attention to electric power raised four hour supply to fourteen hour supply. Pay attention to the market, it will come to you.

Constant thinking of market will be expectation not attention. To understand what the market wants in terms of quality, various changes in its contents, packaging, price, and real utility of the product is attention to market sachet is a real need. It made the market explode. Mineral water, cell-phone, hire purchase are a few among the myriad needs of the market. There is a difference between the psychological attention and functional attention especially to people.

One is satisfying and it alone appears to be attention. Functional attention evokes fifty times or five hundred times greater response. Ramesh Kumar, who wrote the story of ‘Token Act' in three years he rose from three thousand to ten thousand salary. He is offered 2,20,000 rupees bonus and directorship. This is functional attention. He can settle down as an employee of Rs.200,000 salary. Personal attention is pleasing. It is misleading. Pay that attention to Money. Evaluate that attention in terms of its end use, for its money value.

Try this on 1) a person, 2) a function, 3) a raw material, 4) Time, 5) Space, 6) Money, 7) a relationship, 8) customer, 9) packaging and 10) shipment, etc. You will discover full attention alone can raise a company to several hundred crores. Attention to systems is best done by using the computer FULLY. Turn attention as a problem solving instrument. Make attention to open new opportunities. Study the responses discriminating which are for the attention. (MSS)


Giving Things, People Greater Attention Attracts Positive Life Response
Giving more attention to anything, including objects and people, attract rapid positive responses from life. 
-One small business owner decided to give attention to his accounts, balanced eight months of back bank statements, and miraculously received $5000 from nowhere the next day.
-A wine seller had poor sales. He decided to clean the stocks that had been sitting for a long time and weren't moving. As a result he suddenly sold all the old stocks, plus six months of sales for his other products.
-A company had just launched a new product, yet did not yet have any sales on the product, despite considerable effort. One day the manager decided to go through the operations manual to update it to the latest information, including procedures related to the new product. He did this late in the work day. Early the very next morning he saw the first order for the product come in through the company's web site.
-An instructor noticed that whenever he gave a little added attention and encouragement to a slower student, the student brightened, became more enthusiastic about what was being learned, and gave the instructor a perfect score at the end of the day.
-Out of concern for the success of his people, a manager decided to train his illiterate workers. As a result of this they became so happy and energized. It permeated the business. Even the machines they were trained to work with on started to suddenly work better (at double their capacity) even though no improvements were made to their operation! Sales also started suddenly doubling!

Lack of Attention, Reluctance
What you are not giving proper attention to is your Achilles heal, and holds back the future. What you are reluctant to do tethers you tightly to the past.

The Miser
The miser earns more by virtue of the infinite attention he pays money when great flow of money occurs in response to that attention. The miser gives MONEY greater attention than to his children. That is a rule by which he grows rich



Attention to Things


All Things Have a Consciousness that Responds to Attention

There is a consciousness in all things, even the most material, which responds to attention we give it.

One man cleaned a machine that had been neglected because it had not been used for production purposes to fill an order in the company. Soon after, the cousin of the owner arrived, took notice of the machine, and used it to create a very successful enterprise.

In another case, a business owner who was going through hard times, was advised to and then cleaned the dead stocks that had been lying dormant, unsold in the basement for a long time. Very soon after an individual came along and bought six months worth of inventory, thereby pulling the company out of the doldrums.

In a third case, an individual decided to give more attention to a neglected machine, which suddenly started working at double its rated capacity!

There are also known cases where individuals have made contact with the essence and "soul," of a material object, only to see it suddenly generate unexpected benefit to the individual.



Hotel Settlement

I was expecting around $400 to be settled back to me from a hotel for a long time. It kept on dragging with the case landing at the hotel's head office. It then went into a loop with many people getting involved and complicating it. As a result, I started losing confidence in the matter

This morning, suddenly I cleaned up my much neglected computer case and cleared off all the dust that was piled up in the keyboard and monitor

Later in the evening, I got the information that the hotel has settled the balance that was due to me, and it involved no effort from my side

This seems to me because of my change in attitude to give some attention to neglected things. (Vijay

Comment: When you take to a higher inner behavior such as giving attention to a neglected item or increasing one's level of cleanliness and orderliness,  you not only evoke a response, but it often fulfills an existing aspiration in one's life, such as the hotel concern.

Care and Sensitivity to Physical Things
It is very true that physical things have a consciousness within them which feels and responds to care and is sensitive to careless touch and rough handling. To know or feel that and learn to be careful of them is a great progress of consciousness. (Sri Aurobindo)

Life Response Power of Attention to Others and Objects

Aside from cleanliness, orderliness, systemization, and maximum utilization of resources, there is one other organizational value that has great life response power. It is giving an object -- whether a person, place, or thing, -- more personal attention.

Those of you who have a pet know how they respond to your attention. Without it, they sulk and become despondent. With it, they spring to life, and express their energy, love, and affection. That is also true for our children, our friends, our employees, and other individuals who depend on us. What is not normally understood, however, is that when we give that attention, good fortune showers down on us as well. For example, one business owner I know of gave more attention to his unskilled production staff, and out of nowhere attracted a sudden doubling of revenues. Even the machines they employed started working at double their rated capacity, though nothing had been outwardly done to improve them! That is the life response power of giving greater attention to people.

This same principle applies to physical objects, such as machines and utensils. When we clean, fix, test, or otherwise attend to and improve their working condition, not only will that object function better, but positive conditions will suddenly come our way. Here is one powerful example.

One day, a management consultant friend of mine was called in to help a proprietor who needed some sound advice on running his business. In analyzing the firm, the consultant noticed that one of the machines at the company was in a sorry state of disrepair. It had reached that point because the owner thought it was not worthy of any attention. After all, he reasoned, the machine was not being used to generate income, so why bother with its upkeep.

Familiar with the subtle workings of life -- including the life response power of organization -- the consultant asked the proprietor to go ahead and give the machine attention anyway. Specifically, he asked him to repair, repaint, and otherwise keep it in perfect working order: maintaining it as if it were actually being used for production purposes. When the proprietor heard this suggestion, he laughed, and told the consultant that the machine had been idle precisely because there were no orders that required its use; and, therefore, it was a complete waste of time and money to restore it. Instead, he would repair the machine only after his company received such orders.

Naturally, the consultant believed the owner was looking at things in the wrong way. He told the proprietor that if he kept the machine ready for production, and if he genuinely wanted the machine to yield profits, orders would come on their own. Uncertain of this extraordinary claim, but still trusting in the consultants advice, the owner followed the suggestion. 

A day or two later, the owners cousin, an engineer, suddenly appeared at the factory. For some reason, the newly painted machine attracted his attention. The cousin then told the proprietor that he wanted to start a new business, and, if the owner was willing to part with the machine, he would use it in the new venture. The cousin then told the proprietor that he could generate revenues and profits from the new enterprise within a month, and would gladly share in those earnings. As a result, an agreement was struck, and in a short order, the machine became a moneymaker for both individuals.

In this incident, we see that when you give an underutilized and unattended resource more attention, it has a funny way of attracting luck -- in this case, the sudden and unexpected arrival of the cousin who took an interest in the machine and turned into a serious moneymaking venture. That being the case, why not look around and see where you can give objects and individuals more attention. If you then make that effort, you will not only generate practical results, but powerful life response ones as well!



Attention to People

Attention & Affection

Attention is the physical version of affection, which is a quality of Spirit. (MSS)

Social Personality of Individual that Responds to Attention
The individual is more than just an animated and intelligent machine functioning independent of others. Each person has a social personality that responds to attention and recognition from others.

Focus Generating Power
Wherever you put your focus, life will generate power.

Attention & Response
Attention to details in a work is a key to perfection in that work, which attracts a great positive response from life.

Life Response Example of Attention
A 39-year-old wealthy American businessperson lost all 60 of his employees, and was prepared to file bankruptcy. At a relative’s suggestion, he and his wife practiced the psychological and spiritual disciplines of greater attention to things, higher levels of cleanliness, bringing about greater higher harmony amongst the individuals, and soft speech. Two years later, he was in a financial position to retire for life.

Attention & Overcoming Wastage
The thing we want avoids us. For example, if we want more money, and we are currently squandering money we already have, then money will not come to us. If a businessman wants more sales, but has piles of inventory he hasn't made an effort to move, increased sales will not come. If he makes the effort to move the neglected inventory, the sales come. If he makes an effort to organize his money and not squander it, money comes to him from out of nowhere. This is a Life Response. 

Incident of Life Response Involving Giving Attention
ometimes physical things, such as stored away objects or stocks of inventory in a business, are ignored or forgotten. If one makes an effort to give it a new level of attention, life can miraculously respond. Consider this true incident:

A wine seller in Asia had very low sales. A consultant had noticed that the wine seller had ignored stocks of old wine that had been lying dormant in the cellar. He asked the seller to make a full effort to clean those stocks, even though on the surface of things it did not seem that such an action could possibly bring about the sales the seller needed to improve his condition. The seller agreed. Within a few short weeks the seller not only found someone to purchase his old stocks, but got orders for new sales equal to a whole half years worth of sales.


Strategy for Attention
Consider what things and which people require more of your
attention, and make the commitment and take the necessary actions to see it through.

Attention and Non-Scarcity
Waste, neglect, over-utilisation are ways of life that are unconscious. Prudence, attention, maximum utilisation are conscious ways of life. Human life on earth is a record that speaks of the infinite resourcefulness and infinite creativity of man. He must grow conscious of his environment and his own inner capacities to discover that there is no real scarcity in the world other than what man has created by his own unconsciousness. (MSS)

Attention in Business
An even greater way to show commitment to people [in a company] is to simply give them maximum attention. If you look closely at companies that continue to perform at high levels year after year, you will find that these are companies which knowingly or unknowingly believe in the power of attention and encourage their managers to shower it on their people for their growth and the growth of the company. Certainly managers can learn these skills if they don't have these in full. Also, it should be pointed out that there is also a subtle and important distinction that should be made between taking interest in employees for the sake of accomplishing work and taking interest in them for their own sake as individuals.

Attention is Movement Away from Ego
Attention moves one from one's ego-sense and separateness to what is outside one's self, enabling higher unity and harmony with life.

Response to Attention
There is always a response to attention. If the person does not respond, life responds through a vibration representing the person.

ARTICLE on the Importance of Giving Others, Things Attention
Give others, things more attention, and watch life miraculously respond.


Appealing to the Consciousness of Material Objects

Consciousness & Essence of Objects
All objects have a consciousness and essence. When we appeal to it, we bring out the best in that object.

On Attention and Response
We enjoy receiving attention wherever it comes from. Plants and animals too equally enjoy attention. Inanimate matter smilingly responds to attention, defying the rules of material functioning. The more superior the attention, the richer is the response. (MSS)

How Physical Objects Like a Home Have Feelings and Responds to Inattention or Rejection
I live in a rented accommodation in ground floor right opposite to the MSS building. It is an old building with a floor level that is lower than the road. Though the accommodation is not satisfactory (only one bed room and hall plus kitchen), I have chosen to live here as it is near my father’s residence and office. I also take very good care of the house and carry out repairs as and when required without deducting from my rentals to the house owner. So the house owner is very pleased with me as a tenant and is likely that he may keep me as his tenant for many years to come.

One big inconvenience I face here is the seepage of water through the floor during the rainy season. In the rainy season during the year 2006, daily seepage of water through the floor forced me to shift my residence to the second floor of MSS building for more than three weeks. After two weeks of not being in my own place, one day the calling bell in my house started ringing continuously. I had to call the electrician who said that the bell has become defective and has to be replaced which I did so. In 2007 also during the rainy season the same seepage problem reappeared forcing me to shift to the second floor again. Again after two weeks the calling bell broke down and started calling continuously and had to be replaced.

This made me wonder why the calling bell should break down during the rainy season when I choose to shift residence. Then it dawned on me that perhaps my house was protesting my departure and calling for my attention in the only way it knew which is to call me by ringing the calling bell continuously. I spoke to my father about this and concurred with my views. He said “Since you are taking very good care of the house, it obviously enjoys your attention and wants you to keep staying there in spite of its inconveniences”.

It looks totally unscientific to say that a house notices its owner’s absence and demands his return by ringing the calling bell. But its protests and demands were very real to me. Last year the seepage problems were much worse than the years 2007 and 2006. In deference to the sentiments of my house I chose not to shift residence and paid my driver and watchman hundred rupees every time for clearing the water out of my house. And my clearing expenses alone came to more than two thousand rupees. I have decided to raise the level of my floor before the rainy season commences for this year.

For all its inconveniences, such as shortage of space, frequent repairs and rain water seepage this house has more than repaid my services to it by raising my prosperity level to ten times higher than what it was when I entered as a tenant in the year 1996. It has what Appa calls a Rasi for prosperity though its appearance does not fit its Rasi. How to believe that a thirty year old building demanding frequent repairs can repay with gratitude the tenant’s attention to it by improving his income beyond his expectations. But that is what it has done and I see the power of what attention to physical objects like house can bring to those who give that attention. (N. Asokan, MSS)



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