1Password vs Dashlane: The Ultimate Mac Password Manager Showdown

As Mac users, we know the importance of security. It‘s not just about protecting our devices; it‘s about safeguarding our digital lives. And in 2023, that means using a robust password manager. With so many options on the market, two heavyweights consistently rise to the top: 1Password and Dashlane.

Both promise to lock down your online accounts with strong, unique passwords and help you stay safe on the web. But which one truly delivers the best experience on macOS? In this comprehensive comparison, we‘ll dive deep into the features, performance, and Mac-specific perks of 1Password and Dashlane to crown the ultimate password manager for Apple users.

Compatibility and Integration: Playing Nice with macOS

When it comes to password managers on Mac, seamless system integration is key. Both 1Password and Dashlane offer native macOS apps, but let‘s see how they stack up in terms of platform compatibility and feature parity.


  • Universally supports macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Integrates with Touch ID for biometric authentication
  • Supports system-wide hotkey for quick access
  • Offers Safari extension for easy in-browser auto-fill


  • Supports macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later
  • Native support for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Integrates with Touch ID for biometric login
  • Provides Safari extension for seamless password filling
  • Offers standalone web app for access on any device

Both password managers provide robust compatibility with recent versions of macOS and take advantage of Apple‘s latest hardware features. However, 1Password‘s universal binaries and system-wide hotkey give it a slight edge in native Mac integration.

User Experience: Designed with Mac Users in Mind

A password manager is only effective if it‘s easy to use. Let‘s explore how 1Password and Dashlane cater to the needs and preferences of Mac users.


  • Clean, intuitive interface that feels at home on macOS
  • Supports dark mode for comfortable viewing in low light
  • Offers customizable categories and tags for organizing logins
  • Provides Watchtower dashboard for monitoring password health

1Password Watchtower Dashboard


  • Polished, user-friendly design that integrates well with macOS
  • Automatic dark mode support based on system settings
  • Includes customizable categories and filters for easy navigation
  • Provides Security Dashboard for actionable password insights

Dashlane Security Dashboard

Both apps offer a streamlined, Mac-centric user experience with intuitive navigation and useful organizational tools. However, Dashlane‘s automatic dark mode support and more actionable security insights give it a slight advantage in day-to-day use.

Password Management: Generating, Filling, and Syncing with Ease

At its core, a password manager needs to excel at creating, storing, and filling passwords. Here‘s how 1Password and Dashlane handle these critical tasks on macOS.


  • Generates strong, unique passwords with customizable recipes
  • Offers system-wide auto-fill using the 1Password Mini app
  • Supports biometric authentication for auto-fill on compatible Macs
  • Provides iCloud sync for seamless access across Apple devices
  • Includes Watchtower for monitoring breached or weak passwords


  • Creates complex, unique passwords with adjustable parameters
  • Enables system-wide auto-fill via the Dashlane Mini app
  • Supports Touch ID for secure auto-fill authentication
  • Syncs passwords across devices using encrypted cloud storage
  • Offers automatic password updates for supported websites

While both password managers handle password creation and filling effectively, Dashlane‘s automatic password updates give it an edge in proactive security. However, 1Password‘s iCloud sync may be preferable for users deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Sharing and Collaboration: Working Together Securely

In today‘s connected world, password sharing and collaboration are increasingly important. Let‘s see how 1Password and Dashlane approach these features on macOS.


  • Offers family and team plans with unlimited shared vaults
  • Supports granular permissions for controlling access to shared items
  • Provides admin controls for managing team members and permissions
  • Includes Activity Log for auditing shared vault actions


  • Provides family and team plans with secure password sharing
  • Supports customizable permissions for shared folders and items
  • Offers admin console for managing users and monitoring activity
  • Includes built-in onboarding and offboarding tools for teams

Both password managers offer robust sharing and collaboration features suitable for families and teams. However, Dashlane‘s built-in onboarding and offboarding tools give it an advantage for business users.

Security and Privacy: Protecting Your Passwords on macOS

As Mac users, security is paramount. Let‘s explore how 1Password and Dashlane safeguard your sensitive data on macOS.


  • Uses AES-256 encryption to protect your vault data at rest
  • Offers end-to-end encryption for secure sync and sharing
  • Supports two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • Includes Watchtower for alerting you to breached or exposed passwords
  • Provides a secret key feature for enhanced encryption key derivation


  • Encrypts your data using AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit
  • Offers zero-knowledge architecture for secure password storage
  • Supports two-factor authentication via TOTP, U2F, or Yubikey
  • Includes Dark Web Monitoring for alerting you to exposed credentials
  • Provides VPN for secure browsing and Wi-Fi protection

Both 1Password and Dashlane employ strong encryption and zero-knowledge architecture to protect your data. However, Dashlane‘s VPN and Dark Web Monitoring provide an extra layer of privacy and security in an increasingly digital world.

Pricing and Value: Getting the Most for Your Money on macOS

When it comes to choosing a password manager, price and value are key considerations. Let‘s compare the pricing and features of 1Password and Dashlane for Mac users.

1Password Pricing:
| Plan | Price | Features |
| Personal | $35.88/year | Unlimited passwords, 1 GB document storage, 2FA, Watchtower |
| Families | $59.88/year | 5 family members, unlimited shared vaults, permission controls |
| Teams | $19.96/user/month | Unlimited team members, admin controls, activity log, 5 guest accounts |
| Business | Custom pricing | Advanced team controls, Active Directory integration, dedicated account rep |

Dashlane Pricing:
| Plan | Price | Features |
| Essentials | $35.88/year | Unlimited passwords, secure notes, autofill, 2FA |
| Premium | $59.88/year | Advanced 2FA, secure file storage, VPN, Dark Web Monitoring |
| Families | $89.88/year | 6 family members, family dashboard, private accounts |
| Business | $48/user/year | Admin console, user management, SSO, activity reporting |

Both password managers offer competitive pricing, with plans suitable for individuals, families, and teams. However, Dashlane‘s Premium plan provides additional value with its VPN and Dark Web Monitoring features.

The Verdict: Crowning the Best Password Manager for Mac Users

After an exhaustive comparison, Dashlane emerges as the top password manager for Mac users in 2023. While 1Password excels in native Mac integration and offers a streamlined experience, Dashlane‘s proactive security features and added privacy tools give it the edge in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Dashlane‘s automatic password updates, VPN, and Dark Web Monitoring provide a comprehensive security solution that goes beyond basic password management. Its intuitive interface, seamless auto-fill, and robust sharing options make it an ideal choice for both individuals and teams using macOS.

However, 1Password remains a strong contender, particularly for users deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem. Its iCloud sync, customizable password recipes, and secret key feature make it a compelling choice for Mac users who prioritize simplicity and native integration.

Ultimately, the choice between 1Password and Dashlane depends on your specific needs as a Mac user. If you value a pure, Mac-centric experience and don‘t require advanced security features, 1Password is an excellent option. But if you‘re looking for a more comprehensive security solution with proactive protection and privacy perks, Dashlane is the clear winner.

Regardless of your choice, using a password manager is a critical step in safeguarding your digital life on macOS. By leveraging the power of 1Password or Dashlane, you can ensure your online accounts remain secure and your sensitive data stays protected in an increasingly connected world.

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