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CB Passive Income Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on March 2021

Features of CB Passive Income License Program 4.0

Patrick Chan is the creator of the passive income system. He wrote many books among which the best-seller WakeUp Millionaire is the most widely known. Besides, he is recognized as an internet marketing authority that has been in the business for more than ten years. He developed a program to generate profits from online marketing and many relevant training courses. Said program has been tested and proven successful, and most important of all it can even produce automatic earnings in the long run.

So basically, the system, that concerns this CB Passive Income review, is a great software to make money from the Internet. No way to regard CB Passive Income is a scam for it is literally a replica of Patrick´s own business to make money online. The system works for both newbies to get started and for skilled marketers to increase their income.

With this software, there is no need to think about content, create courses, pay hosting, send emails, provide customer service, do research on products for instance; everything will be done for you. You only need to get a CB Passive Income license, and then follow the instructions of the course to produce a passive income from affiliate sales.

The software and the training course are sent to you when you become a subscriber with an exclusive link, through a covert web page. So every time the system sends an email your associated link will be attached to the promoted product in the email and consequently you will earn an affiliate commission from it. You will get affiliate commissions from different companies.

When you become a licensee, you will be trained to effectively promote, and just promote products that bear your exclusive link. You have to sell nothing. Through the training, you will be guided to learn different techniques to obtain traffic, even from social media, such Facebook, Tweeter for instance and paid advertisements. You will always be promoting, driving traffic to the products on promotion, not bothering your contacts with emails. You can also bring subscribers to your system, and those subscribers belong directly to you.

In 3 simple steps you will start to earn money from the Internet. Step # 1: You subscribe to cbpassiincome.com system and your list-building page will be created in seconds; Step # 2:  You promote and send traffic to that list-building page of yours; and Step # 3: You receive your affiliate commissions.

From CB Passive Income reviews and testimonials of subscribers, it is clear that the program set up an innovation in affiliate marketing. It has been developed to be used by beginners and experienced marketers. It has successfully proven methods to gain traffic to build up a profitable online business in a short time.

Other things CB Passive Income reviews point out are the valuable tools, products and support received along this journey. The qualified back office support is always present and ready to help.

In order to make the system work, as said before, you only have to promote your webpage. CB Passive Income pdf eBooks will teach on how to promote your own internet business. You will be introduced to video and social media marketing methods as new means of promotion.

The version 4.0 of CB Passive Income is now available. This version has been generated for mobile web browsers as millions of people around the world use smartphones. It introduces the optin feature to get emails easily from your page visitors, which in the end will mean more subscribers, more traffic, more sales, and finally more affiliate commissions paid to you.

Additional Bonuses – A plus

When you buy CB Passive Income 4.0, you also receive 3 unique CB Passive Income free bonuses carefully developed to speed up the success of your own internet business. Summarizing what CB Passive Income reviews describe as a well organized and complete package, in the following explanation you will find the main content of each bonus in particular:

  • SPECIAL BONUS # 1 – THE DIGITAL COVER CREATOR SOFTWARE – You will need to create an attractive image or cover for your products or brand to get the attention and trust of visitors and prospective clients. This advanced software will assist you to produce outstanding 3D book e-covers with amazing fonts, original vector images and solid graphics. Even if you are not a design expert, your e-book covers will look very professional.
  • SPECIAL BONUS # 2 – THE TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE HOME COURSE –This video training CB Passive Income download will explain you how to obtain traffic from the main web browser optimizing the use of SEO positioning strategies. This course will present you an exact idea of the effective keywords that will allow the products of your E-business and E-marketing brand to stand out deliberately in the first positions of the main search engine on the Internet.
  • SPECIAL BONUS # 3 – THE EMAIL ASSASSIN HOME COURSE – You will make money from email marketing, that is the main objective of the present course. You will learn to use to your benefit strategies, methods, tactics and techniques that will make you an email marketing professional of online sales.
    When you download CB Passive Income bonus # 3 you will find that this course comprises 14 modules. From handling and getting email lists to keeping them responsive, from writing catching subject lines and content to producing offers, follow-ups and promotional emails, from the basics to the advanced use of the secret elements to produce the most effective and profitable E-business and E-marketing mails, everything you need to know about emailing is fully covered.

There are also 2 new opening CB Passive Income free bonuses to consider:

New opening bonus # 1 – The CB Passive Income Accelerator Training – It is an online progressive training, composed of 3 CB Passive Income pdf modules that last 2 hours, to get money, lifetime commissions or passive incomes, from the association with Clickbank that will surely speed up your business.

New opening bonus # 2 – 6 Months of Insider Training & Tools Membership – It offers free access to high quality marketing training and software tools to build up your online business and make it profitable getting more traffic to it. In addition, for 6 months you will receive via email the latest mystery products.

Order CB Passive Income

The whole package of CB Passive Income Program is payable with major credit and debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover- and via Paypal as well. Your purchase is fully protected with 100% money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the results for whatever reason, you are entitled to request a complete refund of the purchase price, no questions will be asked.

There are two payment options: a) $47 per month (Billed monthly, no set up fee) and b) $97 one-time investment (Billed only one time, access for lifetime with no set up fee). In both cases you are allowed instant access as soon as you confirm your order.

Final assessment

As a closing opinion of this CB Passive Income review, I would like to say that the system has certainly proved to be successful for thousands of people but there is no magic. In order to make it work for you, you have to put time and effort. You will have to dedicate to it as if it were a full time job so as to achieve the objective of financial freedom making the system work for you.

If you follow and implement the sound training guidelines and use the tools provided by the program, you will surely succeed in getting online consistent automated passive income. Do not let this opportunity go, grab it! You will not be disappointed.


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