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All those people who are accustomed, so to speak, and write content for their own blogs (or for any other blog) know how difficult it is to be able to write an article on whichever theme is chosen of good quality (especially when they have to upload articles on a daily or regular basis). In addition, the time it takes to write one of these articles is between three or four hours.

The most difficult thing is not to write content but to be able to write something of good quality that catches the attention of all those people who are reading the article. Most people have no idea how to create quality content.

For all those people who spend many hours a day writing and editing articles to upload to their blogs the solution had come, a program that is called Content Teacher.

People can find a varied amount of Content Professor reviews on the internet that speak both for and against this wonderful product. Most of those Content Professor reviews are extremely negative and claim that Content Professor is a scam, but people should not pay attention to all those lies.

This Content Professor review will clarify any doubts that readers have about the product so that they can decide to invest their money in it and avoid spending all that time they used to spend writing and editing articles themselves.

What this program is going to do is: once the person has found an article on the internet that is to their liking, they can put it in this program that will change the place of some words, paraphrase different paragraphs and look for synonyms to create a lot of varied articles, which will be a great advantage for any blogger.

This tool began to be used in the year 2009 and since then it has been helping a lot of people, more than 30,000, so they can perform their articles with greater speed in addition to having a good quality after paraphrase and accommodate words in different ways.

What is Content Teacher?

Content Professor program is the best program that exists today on the web that is able to spin any article in the most simple and smart way so that it can be re-written in different articles online. It is a program thanks to which many writers benefit with.

People can get a huge profit thanks to this software in their online business.

Only those people who write articles for that market know how exhausting it is to do them and the amount of time that is lost in doing them (if people try to create good quality articles and not something quick and easy to get out of trouble). All these people can save a great amount of time when making articles thanks to this program.

In addition to spin articles, this program is a PLR search engine.

One of the best qualities of this software is that once people download Content Professor (although the Content Professor download option is on the product page, it is not actually downloaded) they will have the possibility of accessing an immense section of the program where they can find a lot of free articles that will allow people to upload them to their blogs without the fear of infringe any copyright.

The program generates articles that are unique after modifying the original. There is the possibility that people themselves may choose some synonyms (and can add as many synonyms as they want) before the program generates new articles. The ability of a text to be readable and the possibility of being unique will depend on the number of synonyms used. It is not necessary for people to add synonyms because the program itself will do so automatically, but sometimes it is advisable that people indicate what synonyms they want to use to create a single text and without infringing any copyright.

It is recommended this program to be used by those people who like to write, but who do not have a good command of English, because it will make things 100% easier. As much as these people who have little command of English like to write, they may feel that the results are not good and are not the best articles to be published in their blogs, and that is why this program will make things easier and allow them to publish articles that are at the reading level that readers want.

What are some of the features that can be found in Content Teacher?

Some of the features that can be found in this program are:

  • The program is a web-based tool that does not need to be installed on people’s computers after it has been downloaded (as noted in a previous paragraph). The only thing that writers and editors should do is turn on the computers and open the browser in order to access the software through the information required to log in. Programs that are downloaded to the computer may have some installation problems, update problems or compatibility issues.
  • The software has more than 100,000 articles in its database that are located in different categories like relationships, internet marketing, make money online and weight loss, along with many other top and most required topics on the web. All those users who are subscribed to the program will be able to obtain these articles and then transform them into a new one with the software of the program.
  • The most important feature of the software is that it has an extremely rich synonyms dictionary. Why is it the most important feature? Because the person must know when to add the necessary synonyms so that a text can be modified, in addition to having intelligent software that does it for them. The program is one of the best tools to be able to transform a word or phrase into another one that has equal meaning but that prevents the article from infringing any copyright.
  • The software has the ability to import database (i.e. synonyms or anything else needed to make new articles) from other programs. The people can integrate any database with their own database of the program. For this to be done, the list of synonyms and database must be in csv or txt format.
  • With this software people will be able to set what percentage they will allow to detect any duplication of content that some of their articles may have (i.e. that another person uses the same article).
  • This tool is so simple to use that even someone who starts writing articles will be able to learn how to use this software correctly and quickly. Appropriate information about its use can be obtained thanks to a small Content Teacher pdf manual which contains the five steps necessary to be able to use the software in the right way. Despite being a Content Professor pdf so small, people will not need more than that to learn.

Is Content Professor free?

People who want to buy Content Professor have two options to do so:

  • The Standard plan is completely free, but unfortunately has its limitations (this is why the Pro plan is recommended).
  • The Pro plan has two payment options:
    • If people opt for the quarterly plan, then the price is $9.99 per month.
    • If people opt for the monthly plan, then the price is $19.95 per month.

It is expected that this Content Professor review has been enlightening for all those people who have taken the time to read it.

Unlike the many Content Professor reviews that can be found on the internet, what this Content Professor review tried to achieve is that people feel confident investing their money in this program because it will be of great help in creating those articles that take so long.


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