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Fx Incognito Review 2020 Updated

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a big fish of investing business overnight? Do you want to boost your trading experience and start making profits like never before?  Continue reading this Fx Incognito review to find out if this tool for MetaTrader4 can really help you to make your dream come true.

About this trading tool

Fx Incognito is a manual forex trading system, created to trade on MetaTrader4 platform and designed under the premise that the only valid indicator in forex trading is price. Unlike all the other currently available forex trading tools and MetaTrader complements, this wasn’t designed under the logic of speculation, which has nothing to do with the real market and how it functions.

Fx Incognito Program premise was to back to the trading roots, when the only indicator that a trader was able to follow, was price. After several market investigations, the team behind this program concluded that price continue to be the main indicator that the important traders, such as banks and financial institutions, follow to make their investing decisions.

For that reason, this trading tool is based on a simple method: it allows you to follow the price trends as the main and only indicator. The variants you have to take into account when investing are related with price: opening price, closing price, highest price and lowest price. These are the only factors that the big traders consider when investing and this is how the trading market started, before the computer era, just by simply following the price movements, to know when to buy and sell actions and commodities. 

How does Fx Incognito works?

As I already mentioned, this tool only uses one indicator to follow the market’s trends: the price. Other trading tools are based on complex and specific indicators, such as Moving averages, MACD, oscillators, doji candlesticks. Such indicators can only be used for precise periods and under certain market conditions. But market conditions are so volatile, that they need to be updated all the time in order to adapt to sudden and unexpected market changes.

Using a market momentum secret formula, Fx Incognito is the only available trading tool that sticks only to one indicator and that make it the most accurate and simple to use available trading software. Thanks to the OHLC technique, this program allows you to recognize the market’s trends with a simple colored boxes’ system.

·       What is OHLC Technique

By using current, real-time price information, OHLC Technique shows you the market fluctuations through an easy-to-understand system of colored boxes. You simply must wait until a new box opens and the color of that box will indicate you whether the price is increasing or decreasing.

Once the first, big box opened, smaller ones open inside it, showing the price trends. A positive price trend is showed in blue and a negative one in red; as the big boxes are longer than the ones indicating the price trends, you know in advanced what the trend will be. Whit OHLC Technique, trading is as simple as that.

This price action strategy shows you the real and current market conditions, through it most important indicator, price. But thanks to its boxes system, you can also use it to backtest investing strategies and predict future trends.

The steps to use it

You can start using this trading tool in a few minutes, at the comfort of your own house and without leaving any other thing you are doing, by following these simple steps:

·       Download and install Fx Incognito at your computer, cell phone or any other electronic devise.

·       Add FX Incognito as a MetaTrader4 complement.

·       Configure the alerts to receive all the relevant notifications, without being stick to the computer’s screen.

·       Enter the trade of your choice and start seeing the profits! 

Fx Incognito pdf benefits 

·       Uses a simple, innovative and effective manual method which goes back to the trading roots and allows you to make good business / investing decisions, based on price.

·       Based on a market momentum secret formula.

·       It doesn’t repaint.

·       You will be receiving up to 100 pips a day.

·       It can be used in all currency pairs and in multiple timeframes. 

·       Affordable than other trading tools and expert advice.

·       It doesn’t require constant updates and the license is permanent.

·       The boxes system allows you to analyze current market conditions as well as future trends and backtesting.

·       Fx Incognito free access to future software’s upgrades.

·       Includes user’s guide for free.

·       Fx Incognito free and constant customer support.

·       Designed by professional, experienced traders along with the best web developers.

·       A lot of positive Fx Incognito reviews for free on specialized web sites.

·       Without extra charges or hidden fees.

·       100% money back guarantee.

Fx Incognito download

You can download Fx Incognito from the official website: https://www.fxincognito.com/, the download takes just a few seconds. As I previously mentioned in Fx Incognito pdf benefits, this tool is more affordable than expert’s advice and more effective than other trading tools.

This product is offered today with a special discount and you can acquire it for a one-time fee of $99. The purchase price includes the software, the user’s guide and permanent, lifetime customer support. The payment is processed by Clickbank, and the available paying methods includes PayPal, Discover and credit card.

You will be able to download and install the program immediately after the purchase and you won’t have to pay any other fee or extra charge. The official web site also counts with customer’s testimonials and a Frequently asked questions section.

Fx Incognito is a scam?

For all the previously mentioned in this Fx Incognito review, we can easily conclude that it isn’t. I tested the program for months and I’ve tried to be as extensive as possible in my review. My advice is for you to buy Fx Incognito without hesitation, since it is a 100% guaranteed product and this guarantee extends for 60 days; that means that you can test and try this trading tool for 60 days and, in case the software doesn’t live up to your expectations, all your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Other thing this program offers for free is technical support, you can be in touch with the technical team, 24/7 through the support e-mail: support@fxincognito.com. Whenever I contact them, they kindly and swiftly respond all my questions and they’ve helped me resolving a few technical issues.

Fx Incognito reviews conclusion

After all the facts previously analyzed, I must conclude this Fx Incognito review by qualifying this tool as a worth trying one. If you’ve already given your first steps as a trader, you must know that this is a market in which you can make money as well as losing it. And I think nobody starts a new economic activity with the idea of losing money, but at the same time, and I’m speaking from my own experience now, it is almost impossible to make substantial profits out of investing business without years of experience, professional advice or an effective trading tool.

Taking into account all the benefits that this program brings about, I think it completely worths the $99 invest. But not everybody has to think like me, of course, and I’m not expecting you to take my word as a grant either, that’s why I strongly recommend you to read other Fx Incognito reviews before purchasing it. Thanks to this product’s guarantee you will also be able to try it by yourself and decide on your own whether this is a useful trading tool or not. I’m completely sure that your answer will be yes.



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