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Welcome to my Magicbreakout review. My name is Mia Woodrow and I’ve been working as a financial adviser for the past 12 years. I devote some of my time to review financial tools, investing strategies and business opportunities, in order to help all the members of the financial community.

This forex tool pleads to give its users the key to decrease losses, while increasing profits amazingly, through an infallible and automated investing strategy. Let’s find out together if this tool can really guarantee your financial freedom and success.

What a Breakout is?

There are two different types of breakouts: one takes places when a price which has already been increasing experiences a sudden increase; the other is exactly the opposite: a sudden lowering of a price which has already been decreasing. The key for a successful trade is to detect breakdowns beforehand, and place buy-stop and sell-stop orders depending on them. But a false breakdown could mean significant loss.

The financial strategy behind false breakouts

Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin, Magicbreakout Program’s creators, are two experienced forex traders that discovered the truth behind false breakouts: they are the financial strategies used by banks and large investing groups, which are able to manipulate the market for a while. They invest millions of dollars with the aim of elevate the price when it normally would have to decrease, due to the natural rebound. By elevating a price that has already increased, they move the market some pips up.

This false signal, cause a lot of demand, but when they achieve it, they sell all the actions that had previously acquired and the price collapses. By doing so, they earn lots of money, just by strategically causing false breakouts.

How Magicbreakout helps you not to fall in this forex trap

Julie and Tim developed an infallible method to avoid false breakouts and their consequent losses: by using the Commodity Channel Index (widely known as CCI Indicator), they were able to detect winning trades and enter the market before the breakdown.

Once they’ve found the correct strategy to avoid false breakouts, they automated it by developing a software that detects definite profitable market opportunity, filters false breakouts and allows it users to enter the trade before the crowd. That way, you’re able to buy at a very low price and remain in the trade for a longer time, until the breakdown, when you have the chance to sell at much higher price, like the big traders does.

About Magicbreakout

Powered by Fibonacci levels technology, this software has been developed as a MetaTrader 4 complement and through an easy-to-understand interface it shows the customers “a wave”, based on an indicator conformed by three different exponential moving averages.

The moving averages of the price determine the Wave’s different levels: Wave-top, Wave-middle and Wave-bottom and are shown in different colors, so the users can easily recognize them.

The movement of the price along these levels, determines the market’s trends:

  • Uptrend: the price crosses the Wave upward and is above the Wave-bottom at this moment.
  • Downtrend: the price is trending down and is below the Wave-top at the moment of reference.

How to operate with Magicbreakout pdf

By following these simple steps, you will be investing at the forex market like a professional trader:

Buying strategy

  • Wait until the price enters the Wave by crossing the Wave’s top downwards.
  • Check CCI Indicator: it has to be below the +100 line.
  • Check the market’s trend: price must be above the Wave-bottom.
  • Buy!

Selling strategy

  • The first signal is that the price has crossed the Wave-bottom upward and is below the Wave top.
  • Check CCI Indicator: CCI indicator was above the -100 line for the las 5 bars and now is lowering.
  • Check Market’s trend: price must be below the Wave top.
  • Sell!

Thanks to this method, you will be able to catch real breakouts, without getting stuck in false ones, that cause you to lose your money when the price suddenly falls. The Fibonacci algorithm behind this software helps you to invest suppressing the “intuition” factor, avoiding that way the risk factor of false breakdowns, since, as we’ve previously analyzed, some market’s trend may look as breakouts but turn out to be big financial deceitful strategies.

All Traders, even professional ones, lose money. It’s simple: you must invest to start trading. The secret behind trading success is simply to increase profits and reduce loss to its very minimum.

That’s exactly what Magicbreakout pdf helps you to do: you can start trading with a small invest of $200.

Magicbreakout review benefits

  • Conservative forex strategy: as the amount of money invested is really small, loss is diminished and profit increased, this software allows you to invest at the forex trading market, without risking big amounts of money.
  • Predicts profitable trends: thanks to its predictive algorithm, you will be able to buy before the breakout and quantitatively enlarge your profits.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface, with colored indicators, so you don’t get loss in an ocean of numbers.
  • Profits guaranteed: this software not only shows you how to invest in the most profitable way, it also detects bad trades, in order you avoid them and diminish loss.
  • Avoid the “intuition” factor, that leads you to fail: powered by Fibonacci levels, you can rely on the technology behind Magicbreakout and invest in a secure way.
  • Magicbreakout free alerts: this software will automatically notify you of every profitable market opportunity that arises, so you never miss an investing chance.
  • Save time: the work is already done for you. This software makes a permanent and automatic market’s analysis, identifying the profitable signals and the false ones, and advising you where to place Stop Loss.
  • Magicbreakout free bonuses:
  • Magic Breakout Plus: E-book valuated over $97
  • True Money Management: money management PDF manual, valuated over $132
  • MetaTrader 4 complements: Wave, Upper Wave, Color CCI and Magic Entry.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • User’s Guide and free costumer support.
  • Plenty positive Magicbreakout reviews.

Magicbreakout download

You can download Magicbreakout from the official website: https://www.magicbreakout.com. This product is today offered with a special discount; you can acquire it today for a one-time fee of $87, including all the free bonuses and a 60-day money back guarantee. You won’t have to pay monthly fees or extra charges.

The download is immediate, you’ll have to complete your MetaTrader 4 account number to buy Magicbreakout. The available paying methods include Credit Card, PayPal and Discover.

Magicbreakout review’s final verdict

I guess that the main reason that leaded you to read my Magicbreakout review was to figure out whether Magicbreakout is a scam or not. Well, let me tell you you’re at the correct place: as a financial advisor, detecting financial scams is one of my duties.

My aim is to give an objective verdict: as an investing business professional, I certainly don’t believe in magic, nor in people becoming rich overnight.

I think this software is worth trying and it can really help you to trade in a more effective way, since is based on a Fibonacci algorithm that can really detect profitable trades, but I don’t think the only thing you must do is buying it: I would recommend this tool for traders that already have some sort of experience at the forex trading market and are familiarized with MetaTrader complements. Otherwise, it would be a really complex tool to use.

I would also recommend to every trader that acquire Magicbreakout, to read the e-book included as a free bonus, True Money Management, since it will help you to define a consistent investing strategy.

My last recommendation is to read other Magicbreakout reviews before purchasing it.

I wish you an excellent trading journal!


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