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Tick Data Suite Review 2020 Updated

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If you’re currently trading with MetaTrader 4, you must already know that, even being one of the best available forex trading platform, it has some defects that prevent it from giving accurate backtesting results. Through this Tick Data Suite review, I’m going to present you with a newly released tool, specifically developed to give you the most accurate backtesting information.

What is backtesting?

We all know that the investing business is a highly volatile one. Every time you invest, you know you are exposed to lose your money and the lack of confidence isn’t exactly a desired attitude when it comes to investing. But surely there are lots of people out there making millions of dollars every day at the forex market. So, what is the key to success?

I been trading for years with professional traders, a few months ago I started working as a professional trader too, and I must tell you that the only key to success in this business is to be able to make the more accurate predictions. To do so, you need to count out with accurate information and the best predictive tools. That’s all, you don’t have to be a super skilled person or devote years of your life to learn about this business, you only need to manage the proper information and tools.

Backtesting is the analysis of trading strategies based on historical data. By testing the historical development of different forex trading strategies, you can predict their potential for future profit, before investing. Such analysis is made through the so called “ticks”. Ticks are indicators of the degree of upwards and downwards movements in the price of a security and of the price changes of the same security, from trade to trade.


Why do I need Tick Data Suite to trade?

As you can imagine, such indicators must be extremely accurate to be useful, since a minimal variation makes a big difference in trading. The currently most used trading platform, MetaTrader 4, lacks the accurate results you need to succeed at your invests, since the data it stores isn’t based on the real ticks from the broker’s server and the backtesting results it provides are based on the average of ticks generated every minute. For that reason, the result is a fixed, randomly generated backtesting, when you certainly need a variable and consistent one.

If you trade using the backtesting information provided by MetaTrader, you are not using the accurate information you need to take the correct investing decisions. And that’s why you need a tool like Tick Data Suite: because no one trades to lose money! This tool has been specifically designed to give you the most accurate available ticks in order to help you making money out of trading, instead of losing it.

How does Tick Data Suite pdf functions?

This is a highly sophisticated trading tool, developed by a team of expert traders and outstanding system engineers with the aim of providing the most accurate ticks, based in real trading information and exact price data. Birt Ltd., the company behind this product has been developing trading tools since 2011.

Tick Data Suite downloads free historical data for forex and process all the information, tick by tick, to analyze in depth the trading strategies. Then it storage it in a centralized data base, to allow you fast and simple access to all your backtesting information. Thanks to its advanced settings, you can configure this program to accurately run backtests without manually handing files and without complicated and multiple process.

Tick Data Suite benefits

As we’ve been examining so far, this is an indispensable tool when it comes to correctly backtesting. But it also adds some other technic improvements to your trading work.

If you download Tick Data Suite, you’ll be able to:

  • Store all your financial data in the same location, using less computer memory, thanks to its compression algorithm, that allows a faster program’s response.
  • Simulate trading strategies: introduce slippage in your backtests to make sure that your chosen strategy succeeds even at the worst market conditions.
  • Understand and manage backtesting easily.
  • Adjust the software settings at your convenience.
  • Adapt the program to all the broker’s softwares you’re already using.
  • Save time thanks to the fast and clearly understandable results.

Tick Data Suite pdf includes:

  • Tick Data Suite free Integrated tick Download Manager: thanks to this feature, the software grant access to multiple tick sources, such as Dukascopy and TrueFX. The download manager instantly processes all the download information.
  • Tick Data Suite free tutorials and constant customer support so you don’t have to experience any difficulty while using this tool.
  • Premium support: you can access to a monthly support subscription to get the best customer support, provided by the developers themselves and with an average time response of 1 hour.
  • Constant updates: the team behind this software is constantly working to improve it and once you buy Tick Data Suite, you’ll get all the software’s upgrades by a minimal monthly subscription.
  • Money back guarantee: this product is offered with a 100% money back guarantee. You have 60 days to try the tool and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with it, all your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Tick Data Suite download

You can download this software from the official website, eareview.net/downloads. The latest available version is 2.2.4, and it was released on June 2017. It is compatible with MT4 build 940 – 1090.

You can also download a free trial license from the official website, eareview.net/trial, by simply completing a form. This trial includes all the original software’s version features and lasts 14 days.

The price to get Tick Data Suite program is $97 and you can get the monthly subscription to premium customer support and updates for $10. The pay is processed by ClickBank, using the safest encryption methods to guarantee you a safe purchase and the available paying methods are credit cards and PayPal.

Tick Data Suite reviews

You may be asking yourself if Tick Data Suite is a scam. If you want to be investigate more about this product before buying it, there are plenty Tick Data Suite reviews at the internet, both at specialized web pages and at the official’s web site blog: eareview.net/blog.

But, as I previously mentioned, you can also get a 14 days free trial, and your purchase is risk free, since this product is offered with a 100% guarantee.

Tick Data Suite Review Data Sheet

  • Kind of product: Software
  • Area: Business and investing
  • Sub-area: Forex Trading
  • Application: Backtesting
  • Developed by: Birt Ltd.
  • Official web Site: eareview.net
  • Latest released version: 2.2.4
  • Release date: 17/06/2017
  • Price: $97 Monthly support and upgrades subscription: $10

Tick Data Suite Reviews Conclusion

I hope you’d found this Tick Data Suite review useful. I did my best to include all the relevant information about this program. Regarding my personal experience, I can tell that since I started using it, I’m doing business like never before, since I count out with the accurate backtesting to invest in a confident way.

I think this tool worths your time and money, since it guarantees investing success and provides all the technical support to allow you trading in an efficient and confident way. I think you can give it a try without hesitation, since, as it has been previously mentioned, this product is 100% guaranteed and offers a free 14 days trial.

There are few things out there that can guarantee you success at the trading market, and Tick Data Suite is certainly one of them.


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