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If you’re thinking of doing business and investing at the stocks or forex trading markets, or if you’re already doing so and want to know more about backtesting tools and stocks market softwares, you should better take a look at this Trademiner review, in which I’ll describe my latest acquisition…

Why are backtesting tools so important for stocks market and forex trading?

It has been proved that stocks, futures and forex pairs behaves in a cyclical way, following the same profit patterns that repeats year after year. The journal of finance presented the following evidence about the predictable behavior of security returns, in 1990: “Stocks tend to present constant returns every year in the same periods. This pattern can be recognized in every stock, future and forex pair across all the existing market.”

In other words, stocks follow a behavioral pattern, repeated year after year and being able to uncover and interpret this pattern, would help you to find the most profitable future market cycles by analyzing the past trends and invest in the most intelligent way.

What is Trademiner?

Would you believe me if a told you that you can see which stocks have been historically giving profits at this exactly moment of the year? Would you like to count out with a trading tool that indicates what day is profitable to buy or sell a particular stock or forex trade, based on the historical behavior of it?

Well, that’s exactly what this tool does.

Trademiner is a downloadable software, which you can install at your computer, cellphone or tablet, designed with an easy to use platform that scans stocks, future and forex markets historical data and identify profitable trends in the past, that are likely to be repeated in the future. This tool makes the full analysis of such trends and give you the results through easy-to-understand graphs.

As we previously mentioned, stocks tend to behave in the same way at the same time of the year, so such analysis of the past behavior of stocks, based on historical market data bases, became a prediction tool for future invests.

How does Trademiner pdf works?

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to make business and invest at the stocks, futures and forex markets like never before.

  • Set the searching criteria

You can create custom groups, select the stocks, actives and forex trading pairs you’re interested in and the program will only show you the results of those selected options.

  • Scan historical trends

The first thing this program does is a quick scan of the historical market data and identify historical trends that adjust to your searching criteria.

The searching criteria that you can define includes the following items:

  • Specific symbols on a monthly base.
  • Minimum historical accuracy.
  • Amount of trading days.
  • The amount of years back to find historical trends.
  • Overlapping trends.

After these two simple steps, you simply have to select Dig Now and Trademiner will quickly search through the historical database and provide the trends that corresponds to the defined criteria. Such results are ranked showing the stocks with higher historical profit and less investing risk at the top, with a green signal. The rank is organized on an easy-to-understand scale and with 3 different color signals: green, yellow and red.

  • Visual Graphics

You can also consult graphics with additional details, in order to make comparisons between different charts. The graphics that you can see and analyze includes these different options:

  • Historical equity graph
  • Historical risk vs reward
  • Year-by-year comparison
  • Year-by-year trading details

Trademiner pdf includes:

  • More than 40 years historical trading data.
  • 1 year of current trading data.
  • Scoring platform to detect historical profitable stocks.
  • User’s manual and on-line training module.
  • Constant customer support and free tutorials.
  • 100%, 30-day money back guarantee.

Trademiner Pros and Cons

I would like to include in this Trademiner review a list of advantages and disadvantages, in order to help you taking the best purchase decision. As you will see, this software has really few setbacks in comparison with all the advantages it presents.

Trademiner reviews Pros

  • Saves your time! This is an easy-to-use platform and perform in-depth historical trading analysis in a few seconds.
  • Helps you taking wise investing decisions: this program shows you the historically most profitable stocks and the point in time in which such profits are higher.
  • Provides the market knowledge your looking for, thanks to its access to huge amount of information and historical data bases.
  • Covers all the different markets: this tool can be used to accurately backtaste stocks, future and forex markets.
  • Developed by Gecko Software, a renowned company which has been developing trading software for the past 20 years.
  • Trademiner free and constant customer support by phone and e-mail.
  • Training support: video tutorials, FAQ section, webinars, user’s manual and many other educational materials which extensively teaches you for free how to start trading and how to use the program.
  • Trading alerts: Trademiner program notifies you by e-mail before the historical season trends starts for your chosen stocks, so you don’t miss a single investing opportunity.
  • Money back guarantee: this product is offered with a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with it, all your money will be refunded.

Trademiner reviews Cons

  • Does not cover all the stocks. The following stocks are excluded: DJIA, S&P 500, and NASDAQ 100.
  • No free trial period offered: even though the software is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee, unlike other trading tools, there’s not a Trademiner free
  • Monthly subscription for New data trades: although you can acquire this software through a one-time fee, and it includes a year of new trading data, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $129 to receive new data trades after the first year.

Trademiner download

You can download Trademiner from the official web site: https://trademiner.com/. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linus and you can complete the download and software’s installation in a few simple steps.

System requirements

You only need to have Java and a valid 5.0 code at your computer to install the program.

Purchase information

The price of the program is $97. The official web site works with ClickBank, Mcafee and Norton, so you can buy Trademiner in the safest available way. The enabled paying methods are: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and Amex), PayPal and Discover.

Trademiner review Conclusion

Let’s face the truth, business and investing is a ruthless environment in which you can lose all your money in a single day. There’s nothing new under the sun here: you know it before start trading as I did when I first started. But even so, I had to learn it the hard way, by losing a huge amount of money. When I started incorporating professional advice and trading tools, I finally started making profits, and let me tell you, the tools are much cheaper than professional advice and are always at hand.

If you want to know if Trademiner is a scam or not, I suggest you reading other Trademiner reviews, there are plenty of them on specialized web pages, the ones I read before purchasing it were all really positive ones. My advice is to try this tool to start investing with the best, more reliable and accurate backtesting information, based on historical trends and market cycles. I think this is a worth trying tool, that will completely boost your investing experience.


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