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This product review was uptated on May 2021


Hello everyone, and welcome to my financial advisor blog! My name is Johnathan Marcus, some of you may already know me; for the ones that don’t, I will briefly introduce myself, before starting this Traders Elite review.

About me

I had been working in a big sales company for over a decade, when, out of the blue, I was fired about two years ago. I had to work as a waiter, in order to make some money while I clarify myself about my future.

One day, I overheard some customers talking about how they were making amazing amounts of money in forex trading, and I thought it was exactly what I was looking for: after more than a decade working full time for others’ profit, I wanted to make real money in an independent way.

So, I decided to get involved in investing business, about two years ago, without any clue about this business. I made many mistakes and I know exactly what it feels like to be a beginner in trading. But I finally got away with it, and nowadays, besides being a full-time trader, I devote myself to financially advice others.

Traders Elite review

I become a Traders Elite’s member last year and by doing so, I clearly saw that trying to make big business out there alone was just like swimming with sharks in the middle of the ocean. I had not a chance to survive. I was investing all my money, my time and the knowledge I was acquiring, only to keep my finance afloat. It was obvious that I was failing somewhere…

When I joined the Traders Elite Program it became crystal clear: I lack both the experience and the tools to succeed in such a volatile and unpredictable business. But suddenly I was surrounded by all those sharks… which invited me to become one of them! And my trading adventure completely changed…

About Traders Elite

Settled by a group of veteran forex traders in 2011, this investing community gathers today more than 7 thousand members. There are not vacant positions today for new members, actually, but don’t freak out! You still can subscribe and I’ll tell you how further on, but let’s continue with the Traders Elite review…

Traders Elite pdf creator

Michael Nurok, the community’s creator and current president, has been developing trade management smart tools for the past 15 years. His success leads him to gather an expert’s forex trading team and create a trading community in which all his tools and experience could be used for and enlarged by their elite members.

The premise behind this team is as simple as that. Michael expertise and tools allow him to detect low-risk, high-profit investing opportunities. The team he gathered is constantly looking for such market opportunities and, whenever they appear, are instantly notified to all the community members.

But it isn’t all about signs here: members are provided with constant expert’s investing advice, complete strategies, tutorial videos and downable PDF guides.

Traders Elite signals

One remarkable thing about this community is their focus in communication between members. Many technological communication channels had been created in order to instantly get to all the members and notify them about profitable, low-risk investing opportunities. Such investing opportunities are notified to the community members by:

  • E-mail
  • Push-up cell-phone notifications
  • Members area at the official web site https://traderselite.com/members/
  • Social media

With every signal, members receive all the needed trading information, with a milliseconds accuracy, including:

  • Entry points
  • Stop loss
  • Targets
  • Exit points

Accurate market information and perfect timing, determine your success at the investing business. Something that, as far as I’m concerned, no one can do by their own. That’s exactly how joining to this trading community can improve your trading experience for good.

Traders Elite Profiteering strategies

  • Trend Catcher strategy

Rumor has it “Price always goes with the trend”, but, what does it mean? This strategy will teach you how to identify possible trend change’s, the most profitable entry points and optimal stop loss levels, so you never miss a profitable investing opportunity.

  • Price Flip strategy

How to detect when the market is likely to reverse? Learn it through this candlestick technique and grab the key to know exactly when to enter and retire from a trade. Thanks to this price-action system, you will be able to identify crucial reversal points, buy low and sell high!

  • Macro Level strategy

The key to understand support and resistance market’s levels. This strategy relies on the fact that support and resistance levels acts like invisible force fields and are the signals that traders use to invest, following the motto: “buy above support levels and sell below resistance levels.”

Traders Elite download

You can subscribe today, simply by entering your e-mail address at the official web site. You will be able to download Traders Elite app for free and try the program by yourself.

The following list enumerates the support you’ll be receiving after joining:

  • Traders Elite free tutorials
  • Traders Elite pdf reports and strategy guides
  • Traders Elite free and proven trading indicators
  • Trading signals by e-mail or push-up notifications

And it doesn’t stop there: you can buy Traders Elite premium membership at the official web site, and become one of the elite’s members. By doing so you will be receiving all Nick’s support and advice and all the trading tools specially developed for elite’s traders. You have the option to become a member using both a demo or a real account.

The payment is processed by ClickBank and it can be made through credit card and PayPal. This product is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you can try it for 60 days, and if you decided that you’re not completely satisfied with it, the only thing you have to do is contact the client support team and all your money will be automatically refunded, no questions asked.

Traders Elite review’s pros and cons

If you’re still thinking whether to grab this opportunity or not, I think the following pros and cons list will be of great help.


  • Free subscription.
  • Free tutorials, reports and strategy guides.
  • Sophisticated trading tools to detect low-risk, high profit trades.
  • Accurate signals via e-mail and puss up cell phone notifications.
  • Multiple currencies and timeframes.
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Constant support and advice.
  • Positive Traders Elite reviews


  • Premium subscription is a bit pricy.
  • Only available for on-line purchase.

Traders Elite review’s conclusion: Traders Elite is a scam?

I’ve been talking about my personal experience in forex trading and you might think my opinion about this product is biased. And it certainly is, since this elite trader’s community has been a life saver to me. Well, at least to my personal economy. But, if I must talk straight to you: my only advice is to make your own experience. Because the investing business is just like this, you must learn from trial and error and find out what works for you. There are no shortcuts not magic solutions.

Nevertheless, I consider that this trader’s community could provide you with all the means to become the successful trader you’re potentially now. And when it comes to make intelligent investing decisions, you’re offered a free subscription and a 100% money back guarantee here, so you can try it without hesitation, since you have literally nothing to lose.

Hope you’ve found my review useful, and have a successful investing day!


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