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Well, the answer to the title’s question is easier than you think: this is not a trading tool, not a software; this is a unique trading course that teaches you all Dave Gagne’s, the program creator, secrets to achieve success at forex trading and how to master your emotions while investing. Continue reading this Trading Master Plan review to find out what is it about.

Trading Master Plan review

This course has been designed for all the people interested in forex trading, regardless their level of expertise. The different chapters contain all the relevant information and all the investing formulas developed by its creator, Dave Gagne, clearly explained. Dave is an expert trader, with over 15 years of experience in trading, who after several setbacks developed the more effective forex trading formulas and techniques to achieve financial success at the investing business.

This course, developed after 14 years of investigation and work, consist of a PDF guide with over 200 pages of clearly explained techniques, formulas, expert advice and trading strategies. The material includes tutorial videos, PDF guides, detailed analysis of real trading examples, money management keys, price cycles explanations, forex trading rules and investing strategies.

Trading Master Plan pdf

As I previously mentioned, this is a unique trading course, since it is the only one that teaches you how to succeed at the stocks market by mastering your emotions while trading and by using all the trading formulas and secrets that Dave designed for the average person who wants to become a successful stocks market’s investor.

In this course you will find some formulas specifically developed by Dave, for example:

  • Position sizing formula: it tells you exactly the number of shares that you have to acquire.

Number of shares: Maximum loss / Stop loss price

  • The 5xma formula for uptrends or “extreme profit rule”:

(5 x 20 ATR) + 20MA: exit price

(5 times the 20 period average true range + 20 period simple moving average: exit price)

The motto behind this course is: “If you don’t have your own investing strategy, you’ll invest following the strategies that others have developed for you to fail.”

What Dave teaches you through this course is not only the secrets, investing strategies and forex trading techniques, but also the psychological aspects that you must take into account when investing; specifically, how to control fear and greed, which are the main causes behind your trading fail.

Trading Master Plan Includes

  • Detailed illustrations of the four stages and most important trends that will keep you at the right side of the market.
  • 8 dynamic buy and sell setups.
  • Dave’s 23 trading rules including: money management rules, entry rules, exit rules, etc.
  • The secrets behind Market Cycles and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Extreme profit rule: how to exit near the top of a trend.
  • Japanese Candlesticks.
  • Financial traps you must avoid to achieve trading success.
  • How to create your own trading plan in 8 steps.
  • Tips to improve trading management and performance.

Trading Master Plan Program

This course delivers all the knowledge, strategies and techniques that you need to become an expert trader. It teaches you how to reduce risk by adjusting the amount of shares that you acquire through the Position sizing formula, specially designed to that end. That way, you will prevent losses and make a maximum profit while drastically reducing risk.

It also teaches you how to be at the right side of the market and sell exactly at the top of the trend. To do so, you must predict in which direction the market’s going to move, to know exactly when to buy and sell. This is crystal cleared explained by the 5xma formula, which predicts the market’s cycles.

With your trading strategy clearly defined and the predicting techniques provided by this course, the psychological aspects are eliminated from your trading routine and trading success is immediately achieve. Trading Master Plan pdf teaches you how to stop being at the wrong side of the market and learn market cycles to buy low and sell high and master your emotions, specially fear and greed, while trading.

Trading Master Plan free bonuses

As a special, limited time offer, this course is offered today with free extra material. If you buy Trading Master Plan today, you’ll be able to download Trading Master Plan free bonuses:

  • The ultimate stock money management calculator – valuated in $47, this PDF guide teaches you how to define how many shares you should buy, calculate reward and risk levels to know exactly when to buy and sell them and accurately calculate stop loss.
  • Members only access to more than 30 tutorial videos valuated in $97. The videos contain crystal clear explanations of all the theory included in the guide and how to implement them.
  • Trading Master Plan Visual Journals valuated over $150 a tutorial including real trades explained step by step, as study cases.
  • Super bonus! Trading Master Plan Deluxe Upgrade worth $99.95, including more than 5 hours of audios, the exit strategies webinar and the smart scan formula.

Trading Master Plan Benefits

  • Unique course with trading formulas and techniques.
  • The only available trading course that teaches you how to master your emotions while investing.
  • Easy to understand, since it’s been designed for average people.
  • Trading Master Plan free bonuses, valuated over $530.
  • Absolutely guaranteed product.
  • 60-day trial.
  • On-line customer support.
  • Trading Master Plan is a scam detector: it will teach you how to avoid all this market’s tramps!!!
  • Save your time and money. Make huge profits without investing all your saves and without being stick to the computer’s screen all day.
  • Many positive Trading Master Plan reviews from toher users all around the world.

Trading Master Plan download

You can acquire the entire course, plus the free bonuses at the official web site, https://www.tradingmasterplan.com/ for a one-time fee of $49. Once you’ve selected the bottom “ADD TO CART”, you’ll be redirected to a secure paying page. The available paying methods include: Credit Card, PayPal and Discover.

After the payment, you’ll receive and order confirmation with the download link. Thanks to its PDF format, you’ll be able to start reading it immediately after the purchase, without shipping costs or delays. This product is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and with constant, on-line, customer support.

Trading Master Plan review’s conclusion

The reason I decided to write this Trading Master Plan review is because this is the most serious, complete and effective trading course that I’ve found out there. I regard as remarkable the fact that it takes into account the psychological factor when investing. No one takes into account the fact that people is conditioned by their emotions, even when doing business. This course is the only one, so it provides you with all the knowledge, strategies and technical support you need to eliminate that factor.

And there’s another reason why I would completely recommend this product: this is an absolutely risk-free investing. As I previously mentioned, this product is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, for 60 days, that means that you will be able to test and try this course by yourself, and, if you’re not completely satisfied with it, all your money will be refunded, without any delay or complication.

I also advise you to read other Trading Master Plan reviews and find out what other users have to say about it. I found it very useful before I tried it myself.


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