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For a lot of people knowing which are the outs and which are the ins to be able to optimize their websites the best way possible to be able to get a better visibility in any search engine can turn out to be a rather tedious and overwhelming task. In addition, it could happen that for many people to do all this could be expensive, especially all those people who have several personal sites, or even small companies.

For all those people who want to save time and money by changing the visibility of their websites in any search engine, then it is advisable to search the internet for some free SEO tools to help them with this task.

The only bad thing to have all these free tools offered on the internet is that the vast majority of them are useless or too basic, but people can always find a product within the sea of ​​products that are offered on the internet that can save time and money from many people.

There is a desktop-based software (which can be obtained in its free version or in its Pro version) which is on par with a lot of paid software offered on the market today. What is this product called? It is called Traffic Travis, and it is a tool that will help a lot of people so that their online businesses get a high position in any of the search engines that exist today.

People can find a lot of Traffic Travis reviews on the internet, the vast majority of all those Traffic Travis reviews are negative although there are a few that speak in favor of this product.

Unlike all those Traffic Travis reviews that ensure that Traffic Travis is a scam, this Traffic Travis review will assure people who take the time to read it that this program will be a great help for them.

In this Traffic Travis review people will find the necessary information about the product and what can be done with this besides ensuring that they do not have to be afraid to invest their time and money in it because it is not a scam that harms those who own it.

What is Traffic Travis?

The Traffic Travis program is a SEO software that can be obtained both for free and paying for it. In addition to all the functionalities that the software has, people can get tools that they can use to search which domain names are available and can greatly improve their PPC performance and even boost the earning they may have with Adsense.

It was, and still is, one of the most acquired products and it helped a lot of people to achieve what they wanted. The software can function as a well-maintained and professional developer for people’s website.

What this program offers is a complete blog analysis that is fully automated (a big difference with so many other SEO tools). It has the possibility to manage a large number of projects simultaneously, which will be of great help to all those people who own a large number of websites.

The application that allows the keyword research of this tool to work in the best possible way is Google AdWords, which means that anyone who wants to get more keyword suggestions in addition to searching for other keywords should connect their Google account with this program so that they can get as much data available as possible with AdWords.

The program also detects all those backlinks that direct other people to the website of whoever is using this program. The link finder that the program uses may suggest some websites that are relevant to the area in which one is proficient in to help, in this way, people to create more backlinks.

The support center of this program offers its users a blog and a forum in which all basic and necessary information about the product can be found, which means that no Traffic Travis pdf can be downloaded with the program. People can fill out a form with their email if they need to contact the customer support center for any questions they may have.

What is Traffic Travis able to do?

Some things this software can do are:

  • Achieve correct and automatic SEO health checks for the website.
  • Be able to access the backlinks of the website for being able later to analyze them in depth.
  • Get in and search for all competitors websites that exist in addition to all SEO competitions for keywords.
  • Help the person to improve the on-page.
  • Analyze and determine the position in the ranking of keywords in sites such as Bing, Yahoo and Google.
  • Search for any new keyword in order to find a term that can be tested and ranked for.

How is Traffic Travis used?

Although it is a desktop-based software, this program needs an activation code to be able to activate all the functions of the product. The only thing people should do is enter the name and an e-mail address so that the program sends them an e-mail with the activation code. Once this code has been received, people should click on the Traffic Travis download option through which the product can be installed on the computer and then activated.

People need to be connected to the internet to be able to download Traffic Travis. Once the installation has been successfully completed, the only thing people should do is go to the part where it says “projects” and add new projects providing the details that are needed. In addition, they can add keywords that can be monitored by users.

The country where the person is can be added to the database of the search engine to achieve much better results. Sitemap links should be added as well. Once all the settings are in order, people will have to click on where it says “save project”.

The dashboard is where users can find vital and necessary information about the website. The program contains several sections, each one as important as the other, such as “my site”, “SEO”, “research” and “PPC”.

The section called “my site” works to be able to do a complete analysis of the web page. This is where people can find backlinks, keyword ranking and page rank, among many other things. The only tedious thing about this section is that keywords need to be added manually, but it will be worth the time spent on it.

The section called “SEO” is the section that gives power to this program. In this section people can analyze the competition as well as being able to see what the most important details that other competitive pages have are.

The section called “research” allows the person to do a domain research or a keyword research from the desktop if a keyword search tool is being used.

The section called “PPC” allows people to find pages if they are using Adwords or AdSense that allow market people’s business to grow.

Is Traffic Travis free?

Yes, this program has its free version. Anyone who wants to have the program can:

  • Get Traffic Travis free version, or
  • Buy Traffic Travis for as little as $97, and they have the guarantee that if they are not satisfied with the product within sixty days of having bought it, then the money will be returned.

The only comment this Traffic Travis review may have about this product is that it does not come with a Traffic Travis pdf that helps people to use the system. It does not matter how easy the program is and even if people have a forum where the basic questions are solved, it is always necessary for most people to have some manual that will help them to understand a program better.


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