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How To Create Luck in Your Life

by Roy Posner

When we normally speak of luck we seem to be referring to a force that is beyond our control. Yet, we have found that one can bring about luck, enabling sudden great fortune to enter our lives.

In our own research we have seen that there are three essentials for enabling great achievement in life. First, one needs to have a clear aspiration and direction of what one wants to achieve. For that to occur, the details of what we want to achieve must clearly be organized and spelled out. Second we need to gain the sanction and endorsement of our emotions to see our vision through. If our goal is merely an idea devoid of our passion, will, and a decisive inner intension that this is what I really want to achieve, then the results we seek will never come about. Finally, one needs to make the tireless, persevering effort to see it come about. A half-hearted attempt to carry out our vision, will meet with half-hearted or no positive results. If these three elements are in place, then you have created the essential conditions for substantial success in life.

Still great success in not guaranteed, even with this full integrated effort. From your side, you may do all that is right and perfect for achievement, and still might not attain what you had hoped for. This is the case because life may simply not cooperate with your efforts. External circumstances, otherwise referred to as '"events that are beyond our control," can simply cancel our efforts. Such events are considered "luck." Can we not invoke our own luck, and gain the cooperation of life so that our goals are royally fulfilled?

By the author of this article, Roy Posner
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For example, let's say that you are a trainer. Even if you are fully equipped to perform a class -- i.e. you are fully organized, have all of the necessary skills, have the energy, the determination, will, etc. -- external circumstances may still block your way to success. E.g. the students may arrive late disturbing the smooth flow of the class. Or, the power in the building may suddenly go out. Or there is an emergency which prevents a key contact person from observing the class which could have led to substantial other work. If we had the cooperation of life -- what one normally one refers to as "good luck" -- then the achievement we had hoped for would undoubtedly come about in full.

How can we then gain control over life's circumstances; i.e. how can we attract the necessary luck and good fortune of life so that we can achieve our goals and moreso?

The answer is that we need to call on some other power that can gain the cooperation of life; that can create luck for us.  Does such a power exist? We believe it does. It is the power to use Spirit in our moment to moment lives. If we call in the spirit just before starting an action or event, we will see thereafter how life wonderfully cooperate, how everything works out smoothly and surprisingly. We will have invoked our own luck into the situation, propelling us to the heights of achievement.

Let's say that in this class you as the instructor open to spirit, life will suddenly cooperate. Perhaps the students will all arrive on time. Perhaps there will be no distracting interruptions from the outside. Perhaps your concern that the students might ask very complex questions that you might not be prepared for. Perhaps a person of high position will be in the class who will observer your fine efforts and recommend you to the highest officials for abundant high-paying new work, or new opportunities you might never have imagined. The possibilities are endless.

If at every step of our undertaking we open ourselves to the higher power, to the Force above and around us, life will thereafter begin to cooperate. Situations and circumstance will suddenly move in your favor. Opportunities will arise from seemingly out of nowhere. Cooperation will arise from the most unlikely sources. In summary, life will respond with sudden and abundant good fortune in response to our organized efforts for improvement. This is an indicator that you have attracted luck into your life. This conscious invocation of our own luck through the utilization of the Force elicits life's cooperation, clearing the way for great success, as the infinite potentials of life come streaming your way.

How to Create Luck

What humans call "luck" is not the conscious evocations of it; but unconscious. it is fortuitous, but uncontrolled. We want to evoke luck on demand, shifting us from the unpredictable luck of man to the persistent Luck of the conscious, evolved personality. This is the Higher Luck that we can be masters of and evoke when we so choose.


How then do we create this Higher Luck? The Higher Luck issues forth as a result of the following: a clear idea of what you want to achieve, a great will and determination to make it come about, the organization of the details through strategies, including the adoption and implementation of appropriate values, a full persevering effort that is matched by skills of execution and a supremely positive attitude. To insure the cooperation of life, you offer the matter to the spiritual force. Then you will produce luck, i.e. Life response, i.e. Instantaneous miraculousness.


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